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As I just commented elsewhere, on my posting of another video, “Eric Weinstein is the managing director of Peter Thiel’s investment firm. As much as I am loath to reference Weinstein (who is both crypto-supremacist and the wearer of outrageous toupees), it’s useful, in the conversation about the simulated financier Epstein, to follow Weinstein’s lead and ask some common sense questions about the case…”

Here’s the thing about Weinstein’s following presentation: you will have to pay very close attention in order to get anything out of it. Whatever Weinstein’s other flaws are, he is not a stupid man… and while I’ve caught him, in other talks, trying to razzle-dazzle his audience into dumb admiration, if you work for this information (as presented here), by paying attention, you will probably get something out of it. So please flex those atrophied media-watching muscles and dig in… (with the caveat that Weinstein is not omniscient; the point of this is to open you to the possibilities of critical analysis, not to take on Weinstein’s personal prejudices)…

Key Statement: @16:02 (and easy entry to the clip)








From an email I sent to an old friend (UK Artist ET) in response to a link to an article, that he sent me this morning, written by Billy Bragg, in support of “Cancel Culture”; I wrote:
“I’m always irritated when old people kiss up to young people by going on about “old people”. I love naive self-righteousness as much as the next no-longer-young-person, but I’m not super-interested in the issue of the “hurt feelings” of several generations of brainwashed consumers who are wholly clueless as to where they got the “feelings” (which are now continuously hurt) from in the first place (hint: from the old people in charge of young people’s favorite Hollywood brainwashing supplies). Billy conveniently misreads Orwell’s “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear,” as something closer to “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to force people to think what you would prefer they think,” which is what you get with the univocality of Hurt Feelings as the only valid political energy. Ironically. What I miss is the freedom to gag (openly) in public when a morbidly obese person twerks in a thong in a queue for ice cream, or to snicker when a poorly-styled trannie goes berserk in a betting shop when accidentally referred to as “Sir”… on an otherwise flawlessly romantic date with me. Ah, those were the days.”
(Can you tell i’m getting fed up and impatient with the low level, of simplistic discourse, that Facebook enforces…? I’m a well-traveled 61-year-old man with a relatively high IQ, not some kid who embraces every self-contradicting Absurdity, they send my way, with an unquestioning shrug or smile. If there’s to be ANY space for Adult Discourse on Social Media, we will have to FIGHT for it. Being an obedient pussy won’t cut it. Trusting (mercenary) Media Hacks to inform you is the death of your own hard-won Adulthood. Don’t go down without a quibble.)

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