Let’s talk about the Global Privilege of a Blue-Haired, Self-Obsessed and Trivially-Woke Avatar of the Northern Half of the Western Hemisphere and the Sublime Tragicomedy of “Their” Hobbies & Grievances against the Backdrop of the Labor and Resources Pirated from the Anonymous 4/5ths of Humanity Who Slave & Suffer & Die to Keep “Them” Comfy Maybe as part of a futuristic Rite of Earned Imperial Citizenship  everyone lucky enough to be born under the Pinnacle-of-Creation Umbrella should have to (upon turning 17) explain to a bone-thin child of “The Third World” why He/She/”They” deserves it…? Or maybe a few apocalyptic Natural Disasters … Continue reading CONTRAST/COMPARE


A seedy character with the early-’90s porn handle Rob Bliss has something to do with a seedy video that happens to be going viral at the moment (it’s well on the way to getting 25,000,000 views). The video purports to show what happens when a reasonably (or possibly) attractive (De Gustibus…) woman goes walkabout on the streets of an urban kingdom for ten hours, filmed with a hidden camera. The video’s legend claims that in ten hours she got 100+ “catcalls”, but in the two-minute clip we’re shown a few dozen incidents… in which “Black” guys are rather overwhelmingly over-represented … Continue reading FLIRTS of a NATION