1ABORTION: THE IDEOLOGY At 20 weeks the fetus is about the size of a hamster, though it’s not as developed as a hamster. At 26 weeks the fetus is teetering on the edge of being a Proto Human. Facts, common sense and nuanced thinking indicates to me that aborting an unplanned/ unwanted fetus, soon after one has discovered that one has missed one’s period (this would be the speck-to-tadpole stage) is a useful or necessary medical procedure with no moral or ethical ramifications. Aborting the “hamster” at 20 weeks would be sad or even tragic. Aborting any not-malformed, non-life-threatening fetus … Continue reading ABORTION: UP THE SLIPPERY SLOPE

VIDEOBITS [an ever-expanding/shifting cabinet of curiosities]

****VERY VERY QOOL     * ****A BRILLIANT LITTLE PILL AGAINST BOREDOM     *  ****POP SOME SITUATIONIST POPCORN AND PUT ON YOUR BRUCE LEE PYJAMAS     *  ****AND “THE MAN” SPANKS HIMSELF Few (Culture-Type) Things are More Sickening and/or Irritating than Hyper-Capitalism’s Disingenuous (winking) little Self-Critiques (with Big Budgets). Bonus points for the oh-so-knowing “yuppies with coke” rant. You mean yuppies who drive BMWs, surely…? BUY A BEEMER AND SAVE THE WORLD! Bill Hicks is screaming into his pillow in Hell…   * ****O WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN This song has been trivialized, over the decades, by Top 40 … Continue reading VIDEOBITS [an ever-expanding/shifting cabinet of curiosities]