Let’s talk about the Global Privilege of a Blue-Haired, Self-Obsessed and Trivially-Woke Avatar of the Northern Half of the Western Hemisphere and the Sublime Tragicomedy of “Their” Hobbies & Grievances against the Backdrop of the Labor and Resources Pirated from the Anonymous 4/5ths of Humanity Who Slave & Suffer & Die to Keep “Them” Comfy Maybe as part of a futuristic Rite of Earned Imperial Citizenship  everyone lucky enough to be born under the Pinnacle-of-Creation Umbrella should have to (upon turning 17) explain to a bone-thin child of “The Third World” why He/She/”They” deserves it…? Or maybe a few apocalyptic Natural Disasters … Continue reading CONTRAST/COMPARE


Whereas Science is the Logical Method for extracting reliable rules/ explanations for observed or deduced phenomena, Psyinz is the deliberate repackaging of fresh hot catshit by wrapping fresh hot catshit in Science’s aura of objective truth and social authority. Science is the shy giant behind the gregarious wizard of Engineering and the two are responsible for everything from the Internet to genome mapping to frozen pizzas and indoor plumbing, so it’s the gratitude and sheer awe we feel, consciously or not, for Science/ Engineering’s enormous victories that Psyinz hijacks for the sinister purposes of those who deploy it. Psyinz, for … Continue reading PSYINZ 2DAY