Young Indie Alt Media Star FKA Twigs appears in a Spike Jonze video, with the lacerating title “Welcome Home,” about the circular route, around the dead rituals of Capitalism’s cheese-in-the-maze worship, to schizophrenia. But can the schizophrenia be monetized? Spike Jonze, the upper class video director who specializes in the mental illnesses of Serfs, addresses this question. In the video’s conceptual top layer, a mouse (trapped in a post-Blade Runner rainscape denied even the decorative mercy of neon lights) returns to her HomePod. Where has she been? Working? Wandering the streets? We’ll never know.  “Safely” within her HomePod again, she … Continue reading APP-ALLING: OVER THE COUNTER COUNTERCULTURE (A COMMERCIAL)


You’re kidding again, right? Right? You’re joking…. you’re pulling my leg… I know when I’m being pranked!  The good old Gaslight, eh? Eh?  Eh? Yep! Har! Good one!  Gooooood one. Hilarious, in fact. You really had me… uh… you really had me going there for… uh… for…. uh… hahaha….. [… chews hand off… ]   No, but, seriously…. what sort of Era is this….? Continue reading MILLENNIALS, PUH-LEASE