(Even-Handedly Smarty-Thinky Stuff about) KANYE’S NIGHTMARE

  To be frank: how many “average” Jews could the West Formerly Known as Kanye actually know? The Jews that Kanye generally knows have a contractual relationship with him, or they know him via Jews who do, and the power dynamic, in most of these relationships, confound Kanye in a way that has confounded many Pop/ Rock/ R&B Stars before him.  Prince complained about these things and so did Michael Jackson. Talented musicians are rarely gifted negotiators. As I’ve said elsewhere: if you can’t read Postmodern Literature, you can’t read a contract. To be under contract is not the same … Continue reading (Even-Handedly Smarty-Thinky Stuff about) KANYE’S NIGHTMARE


1ABORTION: THE IDEOLOGY At 20 weeks the fetus is about the size of a hamster, though it’s not as developed as a hamster. At 26 weeks the fetus is teetering on the edge of being a Proto Human. Facts, common sense and nuanced thinking indicates to me that aborting an unplanned/ unwanted fetus, soon after one has discovered that one has missed one’s period (this would be the speck-to-tadpole stage) is a useful or necessary medical procedure with no moral or ethical ramifications. Aborting the “hamster” at 20 weeks would be sad or even tragic. Aborting any not-malformed, non-life-threatening fetus … Continue reading ABORTION: UP THE SLIPPERY SLOPE

i’m into buried information

  I’ve posted this before. I get the feeling that not many people have read it; I get the feeling that it somehow failed to go viral the first time it was published. Narratives are always being shaped and public opinion is aimed in certain directions to hit certain targets. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that Woody Allen is a total creep (where any of us late Boomers  ever got the notion that Allen is “progressive” escapes me; he made five or six great films… that is all I know), but the gap between “creep,” and the awful … Continue reading i’m into buried information


I’ve never been a swooning fan of Cornel West’s presentation (like those other On-Camera Academics, Slavoj Zizek and Camille Paglia, West’s branding tics… in Paglia’s case it was demotic gum-chewing, in Zizek’s case the tics are literal…  are as lurid as a Professional Wrestlers’ masks and capes) but the man has tried to maintain a consistent, coherently dissident  presence, against tremendous odds, for quite some time. Since 2008, at least, he has struggled: almost a decade of swimming against a terrifyingly lockstep crowd. The tremendous odds against which West had to set himself were generated by the Charismatic Obama Regime … Continue reading WHAT IS LEFT


The problem with the Nanny Fascist bludgeon of choice (Twitter) is that it privileges dumb jokes and inarticulate rage (Hitler’s appeal was in his irrationally emotional and passionately gestural speeches, no?) over reasoned discourse. It only takes 140-letters (or fewer) to write something stupid, whereas publishing a thoughtful essay,  addressing every pertinent side of an issue, would require well over 1,000 fragmentary Tweets: Stupid wins. And don’t doubt for a moment that Twitter would have been a key element in the Klan’s lynching parties had the tech existed in 1911. The Brown Shirts, McCarthyites and Stasi would all have loved … Continue reading STILL ABSOLUTELY GERMAINE


1. GENDER BULLSHIT Solidly-mediocre purveyor of Normative Pap, Hollywood asset Matt Damon, recently took the risky step of addressing the hot topic of sexual servitude in Hollywood with what he obviously thought was a carefully-calibrated non-statement that nobody could reasonably take exception to. However, an article at The Guardian (and what exactly are they guarding, I’ve often wondered, beyond the obvious?) now  informs us: Damon said there was “a difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation. Both of those behaviours need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated.” He added … Continue reading THREE MINI-ESSAYS on GOURMET VARIETIES of ABSOLUTELY PREPOSTEROUS BULLSHIT


Any Propagandist with a highly-visible (possibly-well-paid) gig probably can’t wait until all Facts are finally made illegal.  Facts will be outlawed, soon enough,  for threatening national security, sales figures and the overall happiness of the Consumer. As a person accustomed to expressing Strong Opinions… and as a very cautious commenter who won’t press an argument without being in possession of enough factual information, or direct experience, to support the argument… I honestly can’t remember the last time I was involved in a heated debate in which my opponent cited facts in order to “counter” my argument(s). This is as true … Continue reading THE AWFUL PERVASIVENESS of LIE CULTURE


I was raised on a weird cusp between a crumbling World Order and several Emergent World Orders. Being born in this particular historical moment had, and has, a variety of implications. One way in which this cusp-birth affects me is my view of Women. I think  it’s self-evident that Women are capable of doing, and have a right to have, whatever Men can. But I’ve also been raised to be chivalrous… to hold doors for Women, offer my seat to older women on the U-Bahn, and be generally protective of Women… which is a hold-over from the days that Women … Continue reading FEMINISM meet FRENEMISM


1. SELECTIVE INDIGNATION Mike Brown and Eric Garner, as we know, were casually murdered, on the street, in 2014, by paid representatives of the State. Neither man’s killer was punished for the killing and both killers, in the end, profited with lucrative media contracts (among other income opportunities) for each respective murder; if Darren Wilson hadn’t shot a fleeing Mike Brown in the back (and head and other places) he’d be at least a million dollars poorer today and unlikely to see such a windfall for anything else he might have otherwise done with his life. Brown and Garner were … Continue reading MURDER and TRUTH