1-A COAT OF PAINT It’s as though a Realtor sold you on a house infested with termites but because the Realtor was handsome and smooth, you bought it anyway, ignoring the obvious Red Flags. The problem worsened over the years to the extent that anytime you chose to finally face the problem, you’d be facing an Absolute Nightmare. So you chose to ignore it, and pretend the house was structurally sound, and much-improved, every time you put a new coat of paint on it. But you know, deep down, the problem is still there, and getting worse by the minute. … Continue reading AMERICA: A ONE-ACT PLAGUE


  1THEM TOO The problem isn’t “MEN (eye-roll™)”… the problem always was and always will be that powerful people, men and women, often end up doing monstrous things. What was worse: Weinstein selling fame to starlets in exchange for hideous sex, or Madeline Albright (and the Clintons/ Bushes, et al) conspiring to starve 500,000 Iraqi children to death in order to send a message to former business partner Saddam? If we seriously think that hundreds of starlets, being forced to see/touch Weistein’s penis,  is on the same level as the war crime of deliberately killing 500,000 kids,  we’re all sick. Yet … Continue reading RADICAL RASPBERRIES

Hats off to Denis Rancourt: They’ve Ground him into the Gravel for Years but He is STILL. AT. IT. (UPDATED 6/28/2020)

MACROAGGRESSION needs to be a thing. #macroaggression #obama #BlackLivesMatter #racism — Denis Rancourt (@denisrancourt) January 5, 2018 Is this why people prefer suave, efficient,  high-functioning Psychopaths to the bumbling/ obvious one currently in office…? After you pick up the Nobel Peace Prize (sic), look the man in the eyes, shake his hand, and give him a warm smile, before you murder him and virtually all his extended family (target their residential compound directly), and watch him be killed on your satellite TV screen, visibly celebrating for the USA media cameras with the self-identifying “feminist” Hillary Clinton (I will never … Continue reading Hats off to Denis Rancourt: They’ve Ground him into the Gravel for Years but He is STILL. AT. IT. (UPDATED 6/28/2020)


We live in a bizarrely lopsided Technocracy in which communications (and data-gathering) tech was seen to quite suddenly jump ahead, at least a century, in less than a generation, whereas power stations are still using heat (from nuclear materials) to generate steam, in order to power turbines… a technology only partially beyond Victorian knowledge. The internal combustion engine, powered by oil-derivatives (late-18th century tech: the first gas-powered engine was patented when Thomas Jefferson was 51), still growls and fumes at the heart of the vast majority of horseless carriages on Earth. I can picture-telephone, with almost anyone on Earth, with … Continue reading A.I. , SKY NET and KNOWING KUNG FU