Normative Content Farm The Millions is at it again, reassuring its pajamas-wearing audience that they are still The Norm and that the sky is still blue, grass is still green and barns are redder than ever. Even under Trump. Good Catholic Nick Ripatrazone has just reviewed a biography  (Pale Horse Rider)  of  20th century Parapoliticalist William Cooper, a figure so tonally Other, compared to the standard Millions-reader’s standard fare, that the choice of this book to review can only have been motivated by a perverse impulse to scare said Millions readers into kissing their kids, and their mortgages,  with whinnies … Continue reading PERVERSE CONCEITS of the SO-CALLED NORM


Every Age has its signature follies: from 15th century Europe’s infatuation with the codpiece to the early-20th century radium craze (radium-filled chocolate bars, toothpastes and suppositories were once quite in), historical hindsight eventually makes a fool of every decade, dynasty, century and/or reign. What will “we” be known and mocked for by the super-sophisticates of the 23rd century? It’s always difficult to know as it’s happening  (eg, I’m quite sure I felt that elephant-bells and cork-heeled platforms  were fundamentally sound, at the time), but some trends are so fucking jaw-droppingly moronic that they sort of… stand out. Sticking, for the … Continue reading ANOTHER PICTURE FORMS in the CRACKLING FLAMES of these LITERARY ENDTIMES

generation i: programmed for trivial narcisso-militancy

  Edgy. Righteous. Game-changing. Silly. Let’s see if they get this one to go viral; I like the uncompromising urgency of the voice-over (I keep hearing it in Michael Palin’s voice, though…). We don’t really see very many hip, slick, targeted-at-youth video campaigns about, for example, bringing some US War Criminals to trial, strangely. No, you just don’t see hip young Instagram devotees getting into virtue-signalling meltdown over the flamboyantly genocidal Madeline Albright, do you? Obviously, gender-disparities in Nipple Display Laws are a tad more pressing… “Adwoa Aboah narrates new film about nipple censorship ‘Nipples’ is the latest in Nowness’ Define … Continue reading generation i: programmed for trivial narcisso-militancy


  When I was a kid of the 9th grade persuasion, in Vegas, one of the most embarrassing things you could admit was how tasty the cafeteria food was. Everyone made jokes about the supposedly inedible horrors of the cafeteria kitchen and some of us did, indeed, slingshot the tater tots or pecan pie wedges around the wide room for most of the forty five minutes of lunch break… but many of us were hunched over our plates, woofing the chow down, while the richer kids did the slinging. I looked forward to the cheeseburgers on Thursdays and I didn’t … Continue reading RAGNARÖK

IT’S GREAT TO HATE (sometimes)

An early sign that the culture has entered a grim new phase of propaganda-enfeebled herdthink, in which “feeling” trumps thinking (as though feelings literally originate in the heart while the brain, that elitist seat of mere cognition, should be avoided at all costs), was the hosing-down we all got, some time in the 1990s, with all that Positivity bullshit. I can see Bill Clinton’s sinister, duping-you grin as I type the word. I can see that vacuous fauntlet Prince shaking his ass to it. People felt “empowered” to reject and avoid any and all Negativity while embracing  any and all … Continue reading IT’S GREAT TO HATE (sometimes)


  Duh Masses don’t understand the actual forms and uses of Propaganda (they expect it to look and function like Nazi or Soviet work from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s) but Intellectuals do. It takes years of schooling to evaluate, semi-objectively, powerful subliminal appeals to the most primal emotions (fear, hate, greed) and Intellectuals have this schooling. “Schooling” is a matter of conditioning the mind and one couldn’t expect the unconditioned mind of a child to recognize, for example,  sexual flirtation as a means for career advancement  any more than one would expect the un-schooled to recognize or understand propaganda … Continue reading DUH MASSES VS THE KAPO CLASSES: A 15-MINUTE PRIMER


Part Two-C: The Passive-Goebbels function: “The sexual revolution,” he says, “was the greatest social change I lived through. It was a tremendous break with the past. You could feel it in the air. You knew something was happening. It was scary and intoxicating and definitely new. Suddenly you felt all these restraints were lifting and you were wondering how you were going to navigate this.” For boys this navigation could be fraught. But “the girls had to make all the difficult choices. And the girls suffered and some of them got a bit twisted out of shape. It was a … Continue reading THE FICTIVE IN A SIMULOCRACY


Life is a baklava and/or onion of secrets, open secrets and secret secrets. A good example of an open secret would be George Michael’s sexual orientation while he was famous… or, better, the irredeemable fact of Mortality, itself, which we manage to hide from ourselves to the extent that we bother to do things like develop languages and plan cities and catalogue the heavens. If we, as the species capable of it, faced squarely the abstraction in the fact of Impending Death Unending, would we really bother? With anything? We function at all by keeping this blatant fact a sort … Continue reading A BRIEFER PRECIS of SECRECY

But they’re well-informed enough to vote…. right?

  Americans are enthusiastic about the promise of science but lack basic knowledge of it, with one in four unaware that the Earth revolves around the Sun, said a poll out Friday. Continue reading But they’re well-informed enough to vote…. right?


The question of exactly who is controlling the language has changed since the advent of electronic media. It used to be the pastors, who borrowed their authority from a conveniently mercurial God. The etymology of pastor passes through late Middle English from Anglo-Norman French and has to do with sheep. The pastors (and their kapos, the Sunday school teachers) were the Thought Police in America for the longest time; it wasn’t until the end of the 19th century that Harvard’s presidents weren’t either Clergymen or graduates of the divinity school: all but one of the first twenty, starting in 1640, … Continue reading THE REVERSE-NATIVITY


  During the incident, a neighbouring passenger told a flight attendant: “Look what he’s writing.” This story is really all about the Qunt sitting next to the doodling Christ-figure of this tale; the Qunt’s empowerment to seize on the most trivial detail in order to fuck another human up, hiding behind the Bully State. The Bully State is just the facilitator here. The real enemy of decency here is that deranged quisling Qunt who said, “Look what he’s writing…” (the perfect blurb for a banned book, while we’re at it). I understand what the Bully State gets out of oppression/ … Continue reading TRAPPED IN A NOVEL BY HUXLEY ORWELL… or IN A PLAY BY IONESCO?


FIRST PRIZE WINNERS   affirmation without exception we’re all exceptional for exception’s the rule   affirmative acting they never lower the bar without then matching the ceilings, suckers   trigger #1 “her breasts” expose those words as unacceptable   authenticity #1 condition  those kids: polite, erudite, prepared: not their attributes   SECOND PRIZE WINNERS   witness the war criminal’s vagina resulted in many painless deaths   guidelines “morbidly obese” is a hurtful description use “relaxed-fit” graves   warning appropriation’s cross-culturality is often too playful   trigger#2 without permission regardless of intention erection is rape   THIRD PRIZE WINNERS   positivity … Continue reading THIS YEAR’S WINNERS of the ERIC BLAIR MEMORIAL IMPERIAL HAIKU AWARDS


Change The Premise. Things will begin to make sense when we Change The Premise. Example: The War on Drugs: no progress after decades… how can this be? And why do they concentrate on the bottom of the pyramid, giving small-time dealers and users merciless sentences? We scratch our heads!  It makes no sense! But if we change the premise from “the War on Drugs is a sincere effort to cripple the Drug Economy”…  to…  “The War on Drugs is actually an effort to go through the motions while A) keeping the prices high and B) consolidating a monopoly on the … Continue reading CHANGE THE PREMISE

thoughts on craig raine’s gatwick*

thoughts on craig raine’s gatwick as if according to wiccan principles or karma’s schoolyard tit for tat, old craig raine’s latest hornéd spree of underworked verse in the LRB called forth the curse of hissy twits from the red-sash brigade,  critiques of little greater wit than raine’s parading of his need to word-fuck every wrinkle-free chick within his neck-chained reading glasses’  fucking range as if the disparity in age is why the pome bit. well do old dogs still paw buried memories of gnawing lust like treasure bones? if yes who else should write such pomes? or is lit’s report … Continue reading thoughts on craig raine’s gatwick*