THE WORLD OF TOMORROW will belong to level-headed people who can separate facts from fantasy and who mature at a relatively young age, enabling them NOT to fall for shallow, ugly, decadently wasteful and narcissistic kitsch like “Burning Man,” which is a Last Gasp of the self-deluded Vampire Consumerism that inspired it. What is this BURNING MAN  ritual, in the end, but a messy montage of meaningless visuals decorating a dark hunger for New Sensations and Special Powers and Elite Significance? One of the first symptoms of Fascist Contagion is one of Scale: inhuman, post-industrial, resource-commandeering scale.

Q: What’s the flip side of “Burning Man”?

A: all of the sprawling tent cities of the homeless spreading across America.



The 2-Part Koan

“Why is there something rather than nothing?”
Because Nothing doesn’t exist.


Here’s a thing called a SARCO:

“The Sarco suicide pod aims to take assisted dying out of doctors’ hands with AI and 3D printing”

But let’s address, momentarily, the “AI” part of this headline. “AI” means “Artifical Intelligence” but the people working in this field,  and the owners for whom these workers toil, know full-well that “AI” is no such thing, it is no such thing that we are nowhere near and not only that: why would the Control Freaks even want to cede Control to anything or anyone, even if they control it, nominally? “AI” is really “AA”… an Algorithmic Alibi. The Algorithm will ordain increasingly objectionable and inhumanely horrific things and TFIC will be able to shrug and say it’s out of our hands; the Super Brain has decided that this is the only way!  So there’s that..

I have an idea for a sexier version of the SARCO: the KEVORKO 3000

You’re strapped to a couch, in a pod a bit larger than a Sarco, and a Sex Droid (big 3D-printed tits/  huge carbon fiber dick/ celebrity face-plate optional) fucks you to death. Choose from a vast library of license-free soundtracks and newly-legalized narcotics! Choose from a menu of  jurisdiction-transcending post-coital Deaths (Strangulation? Crushing? Rupture? Gassing? Electrocution?  Vertical Bisection?  Horizontal Bisection? Quartering? Force-fed 15ML Cyanide Cum Shot? Decapitation? Flash Freezing? Incineration? Industrial Shaking? Liquification? Sudden-Decompression-Inversion? Bespoke… ? )  Proceeds from the video can be used to defray the purchase price and energy costs of the KEVORKO 3000 : give that final loving financial gift to grateful Loved Ones! Your Death won’t be in vain,  it will be productive and  it will be HOT. If it’s a good show you might even achieve IMMORTALITY (for a few years). PLEASE NOTE: you will need to make sure to include the premium 4k or holo-cam camera in your pre-order of the KEVORKO 3000 ™!



Teetering on the terrible precipice of Mount Genre, overlooking the acid-pink Sea of Kitsch, the young, physically-attractive, cash-poor writer trembles…






“Dylan once told us that he decided to test his security guys one day and jumped over the fence and fell and broke his arm. His security guys never showed up, so he replaced them all.”





ANDRÉ GIDE WROTE: “I was more easily disgusted at twenty, and I was less satisfied with life. I embraced less boldly; I breathed less deeply; and I felt myself to be less loved. Perhaps also I longed to be melancholy; I had not yet understood the superior beauty of happiness.”





The Actual World superimposed by The Reported World is how you get Ghosts, Myths, Cults,  Bigotry, Patriotism, Religion,  Hits, Rumors, Hype and Mass Hallucinations.

NEIL Young got the Grammy for this lazy nonsense (clip below). Lazy lyrics, weak singing and the guy hasn’t developed ANY guitar technique since 1970, playing open chords on an electric guitar and letting all the inappropriate notes ring. Why did they need a serious studio and Daniel “Psycho” Lanois and the gifted Mark Howard to record this shit? Well, they recorded a few takes and laughed all the way to the bank, I guess, but it goes to show: Society is fucked from Top to Bottom. You will see this and smell this and hear this kind of tasteless-yet-hyped catshit EVERYwhere in a corrupt (hemispheric) society. Never more so than in the absurd reaction of Young’s adoring fans to his embarrassingly talentless warble-noodling. GAK. Show me ONE famous Arab or African or South American or South East Asian musician, with millions of worshippers,  THIS bad.


Young and “legendary” entertainers  like him have mastered the art of playing the Faux Rebel. Where did Billy Idol get his cartoon sneer if not from Neil Young?  The pose is one of pointing out “hard truths” but the lyrics of this particular song are aimed at no one, and nothing, and Young (after years of practise) knows that nobody really dangerous to his person or livelihood could possibly be irritated by it.  On the other hand, it’s precisely the sort of thing his worshippers can lazily feel is “unfiltered” and “brash” and singing “truth to power”. The Symbiosis between Faux Rebel and his Sloppily Unobservant  Worshippers.  It’s as edgy as a Twinkie. Read these fastidiously fence-straddling lyrics; they don’t mean a fucking thing:

Some see life as a broken promise

Some see life as an endless fight

They think they live in the age of darkness

They think they live in the age of light

It’s an angry world

And everything is gonna be all right

Yeah, it’s an angry world

Yeah, it’s an angry world

Some see life as hope eternal

Some see life as a business plan

Some wish some will go to hell’s inferno

For screwing with their life in Freedom Land

It’s an angry world

For the business man and the fisherman

It’s an angry world

And no doubt everything will go as planned

Yeah, it’s an angry world

Yeah, it’s an angry world





I visited the last professor

who had his own bio lab in

Norway. Very interesting. it’s like

oooold old 1930’s stuff in there, with

vials and flasks and herbariums and old, outdated electron

microscopes and so on. It was hard

to miss the bottle labled

ANTHRAX and the glove

box labled WARNING: EBOLA xD The guy

was soon done

at uni, but told me that once

he got his pension, he’d

build a new lab

in his garden




Anyone who has taken more than one peek at my writings knows I used to be an irascibly critical cynic who believed that cultural standards in Art, Lit, Music and Cinema were generally rotting away within the context of our Civilization itself being a kind of preposterously corrupt farm of human sheep, cows,  crows, goats, chickens, ticks and earwigs. The sinister farmers of this enterprise, I once reasoned, were preoccupied with the massive task of keeping all the human livestock (and appended parasites)  from realizing that they are, in fact, livestock on such a farm. These farmers (I had assumed, bizarrely)  were profoundly contemptuous of the livestock as individuals yet frightened of them as a very large living mass. This living mass (as I once believed) outnumbered The Farmers by such orders of magnitude that any freakishly clarifying and precipitating incident which served to unify the livestock into a purposeful stampede would mean the end of The Farmers.  So I believed (in my deluded state) that The Farmers  considered avoiding such a stampede to be paramount. I believed  they spared no expense of effort or (imaginary) money to control  the livestock in order to avoid  such a stampede. I believed that others, who believed that The Farmers were preoccupied with anything else (with the exception of clinical immortality) were naive.

Then New Year’s Day arrived and I indulged in my god-given freedom to indulge in the sacred rite of the New Year’s Resolution and it’s as though the scales, they fell from my eyes, and I resolved to STOP THINKING and I saw as a CHILD again, infinitely accepting, infinitely vulnerable to manipulation and harm.





  1. Am Montag, 3. Januar 2022, 19:32:04 MEZ hat Steven Augustine Folgendes geschrieben:


(ME) Shit: we forgot B-vitamins, too! Must get them tomorrow….


  1. On Monday, 3 January 2022, 19:33:11 CET, Mrs. Steven Augustine wrote:


(WIFE) oh we retards.


  1. Am Montag, 3. Januar 2022, 20:12:32 MEZ hat Steven Augustine Folgendes geschrieben:



two retards in love

dumber than mud

on the roof of a hut

two globs side by side

not special or bright

but happy all night

in the rain…


  1. On Monday, 3 January 2022, 20:17:40 CET, Mrs. Steven Augustine wrote:


(WIFE)  haha thats good !.


  1. Am Montag, 3. Januar 2022, 20:26:46 MEZ, hat Steven Augustine Folgendes geschrieben:


(ME) I wrote it spontaneously in tribute to our retarded love..


  1. On Monday, 3 January 2022, 20:30:31 CET, Mrs. Steven Augustine wrote:


(WIFE)  cool






“Drink certainly has a very exceptionally destructive effect upon negroes in their native countries; and it was alleged to have a peculiarly demoralising effect upon negroes in the United States; to call up the passions that are the particular temptation of the race and to lead to appalling outrages that are followed by appalling popular vengeance. However this may be, many of the states of the American Union, which first forbade liquor to citizens, meant simply to forbid it to negroes. But they had not the moral courage to deny that negroes are citizens. About all their political expedients necessarily hung the load that hangs so heavy on modern politics; hypocrisy. The superior race had to rule by a sort of secret society organised against the inferior. The American politicians dared not disfranchise the negroes; so they coerced everybody in theory and only the negroes in practice.”





GLADYS KNIGHT was ranked as #101 in Rolling Stone’s recently released “BEST SINGERS of ALL TIME” list. Why didn’t they just hire someone to piss on her instead?

Above the prodigious GLADYS KNIGHT  on this list of singers are ELTON JOHN (100), BOB MARLEY (98), USHER (97), CHUCK BERRY (96),  STEVIE KNICKS (93), ANITA BAKER (92), JIMMIE  RODGERS (88).DIANA FUCKING NOT-REALLY-A-SINGER ROSS (87), MICHAEL JACKSON (86), JOHNNY CASH (85),  AMY WINEHOUSE (83), STEVE PERRY  (82), EMMYLOU HARRIS (79), JANIS JOPLIN (78),  BRUCE SPRINSTEEN (77), MUDDY WATERS (72), ROY ORBISON (71), RONNIE SPECTOR (70),  RIHANNA (68), MINNIE RIPPERTON (65), BJORK (64), ROBERT PLANT (63),  GEORGE MICHAEL (62), LADY GAGA (58), BRIAN WILSON (57), BARRY WHITE (56), TINA TURNER (55), WILLIE NELSON (54),  MIRIAM MAKEBA (53), MICK JAGGER (52), SADE (51), ROD STEWART (49),  TONI BRAXTON (48),  LINDA RONSTADT  (47) , JAMES BROWN (44),  ARIANA GRANDE (43), ETTA JAMES (41), AALIYAH (40), LOUIS ARMSTRONG (39), CURTIS MAYFIELD (38),  VAN  MORRISON (37), KURT COBAIN (36), DUSTY SPRINGFIELD(35),  THOM YORKE (34),  DAVID BOWIE (32) , HANK WILLAMS (30),  DOLLY PARTON (27),  PAUL MCCARTNEY (26), MARY J BLIGE (25),  GEORGE JONES (24), FRANK SINATRA (19),  ELVIS (17), PRINCE (16), BOB DYLAN (15), FREDDIE MERCURY (14),  PATSY CLINE (13),  JOHN (sorry John I love you but fuuuck)  LENNON (12), BEYONCE (8),  MARIA CAREY (5)… just to cite (and/or doubly-or triply-emphasize) the most egregious absurdities in this hierarchy.

“Keep in mind that this is the Greatest Singers list, not the Greatest Voices List. Talent is impressive; genius is transcendent,” Rolling Stone noted. “What mattered most to us was originality, influence, the depth of an artist’s catalog, and the breadth of their musical legacy.”  Aaaliyah’s catalogue is deeper than Gladys Knight’s?

This is clearly not a Racism-based clusterfuck and it isn’t Misogynistic… I think what it must represent is sheer ignorance blended with a weirdly sneaky resentment of Talent. If they’d low-balled ALL the Huge Talents in this list it would have been  too obvious. So they appeared to take quiet glee in very badly insulting a select few. Because not only was Gladys (who should have been #2 on this list) low-balled but, as far as I could tell,  Levi Stubbs, Mike Patton, Terrence Trent D’Arby, Astrud Gilberto, Eric Burdon, Gary Brooker, Elizabeth Fraser Scott Walker, Mary Wells, Alex Chilton, Mark Sandman, Mark Lanegan, Frankie Lymon,  Cassandra Wilson, Grant Lee Phillips, Nina Hagen, Shirley Owens,  the Roche Sisters  and Billy Stewart weren’t even fucking mentioned.  But Minnie Ripperton is 36 levels higher than Gladys Knight?

You piss on the eyes of the infant of Justice,  in her cradle, and in the ears of the dignified patriarch of Reason, at his supper, Sirs! You are scoundrels!

Cue the goddamned Terminator Comet.

Or the goddamn fucking KEVORKO..





Mature minors and MAID: A deep dive into the issues of the Parliamentary Review

Ah, Look: gentle, sensitive language regarding the issue of Government Officials (in Canada) discussing the matter of EUTHANASIA for any “mature minor” precocious enough to ask for it. So, between toxins being slipped into our foods and mystery injections mandated during curiously mild “pandemics”… and now granting the “right” of EUTHANASIA to moody teens who aren’t even allowed to vote or consume liquor… do you think they’ll start hitting their DEPOPULATION targets by 2050? Meanwhile, check out the soothingly bureaucratic language… (proving, once  again, that the NAZTiES 1.0 were impatient, over-eager, poorly-disciplined amateurs):.

“In February 2016, Parliament’s Special Joint Committee on Physician-Assisted Dying tabled their report on the proposed MAID legislation and what it should address. The Committee recommended a phased approach for minors: the law should be limited to competent adults 18 years or older in the first instance; the government should commit to a study of the moral, ethical and legal issues relating to the concept of “mature minor” and any appropriate standards to determine the competence of those under 18; and the legislation should then be amended to include mature minors.

The Council of Canadian Academies completed a comprehensive study of the domestic law regarding mature minors, as well as a comparative study of assisted dying laws as they apply to minors in other countries, and submitted their findings to the federal government in December 2018.”.

In many jurisdictions across Canada, mature minors already have the right to make important decisions regarding their care. This includes the right to consent to or refuse lifesaving medical treatment. In determining any challenges to the presumption of capacity to make these decisions, the courts look to age, maturity, intellect, life experience and the psychiatric, psychological and emotional state of the minor. They also consider whether the minor is able to understand the short and long-term consequences of their illness and proposed treatment, and the broader consequences of their decisions such as any impact on others.”.

Yes: “Dying with Dignity”. I get the wink, there: this is a lot nicer … lots more “dignified”…than being locked in a gas chamber with a hundred other people screaming and clawing to get out, no? Kids with mild birth defects, “learning disabilities,” “eating disorders,” no friends, no money, no future… will finally have another “option”.

From the same article:

“Sydney Campbell (she/her), MA, is a PhD candidate studying health policy at the University of Toronto in the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. She is also completing a Collaborative Specialization in Bioethics through the University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics. Sydney’s doctoral work aims to generate normative- and empirically-informed evidence to advise the current and future policy discussions concerning MAID for mature minors. Her overarching research program aims to advance perspectives and dialogue on childhood well-being, children’s rights, and young people’s engagement in health care and policy spaces.

Sydney’s PhD work is supervised by a strong committee of experts, namely: Jennifer Gibson, PhD; Jeremy Petch, PhD; Fiona Moola, PhD; and Avram Denburg, MD, PhD.”

The photo of Sydney Campbell (she/her), in the article, looks like a smiling, happy Pop Singer of about 20-years-old.

“MAID” = Medical Assistance in Dying.

ANOTHER page on this site sneaks in a clue to the SLIPPERY SLOPE clause that (they hope) will get the numbers up:

“Bill C-7, which passed in March 2021, acknowledged that “further consultation and deliberation are required to determine whether it is appropriate and, if so, how to provide medical assistance in dying to persons whose sole underlying medical condition is a mental illness”, and limited the restriction placed on these individuals to two years, until March 2023. To that end, the Bill also mandated an independent review, carried out by experts*, to consider protocols, guidance and safeguards for MAID for people with a mental disorder and will make recommendations by March 17, 2022. This review will allow the Government time to consider their conclusions prior to the removal of the restriction on March 17, 2023.”

Note the pure Evil of the language: “how to provide medical assistance in dying to persons whose sole underlying medical condition is a mental illness.”

How is killing someone a form of “medical assistance”?

It seems as though they’re issuing UPDATED dictionaries every six weeks these days.








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