THE WRITER, HIS KILLING and HIS FRIENDS: a brief review of a book and a video

In order to understand DFW’s writer’s block, you have to understand his relationship with Jonathan Franzen; in order to contextualize DFW’s suicide, you should understand his writer’s block… “[f]iction for me is a conversation for me between me and something that May Not Be Named —God, the Cosmos, the Unified Field, my own psychoanalitic cathexes, Roqoq’oqu, whomever. I do not feel even the hint of an obligation to an entity called READER—do not regard it as his favor, rather as his choice, that, duly warned, he is expended capital/time/retinal energy on what I’ve done.” —David Foster Wallace,  Before they got … Continue reading THE WRITER, HIS KILLING and HIS FRIENDS: a brief review of a book and a video

IT’S GREAT TO HATE (sometimes)

An early sign that the culture has entered a grim new phase of propaganda-enfeebled herdthink, in which “feeling” trumps thinking (as though feelings literally originate in the heart while the brain, that elitist seat of mere cognition, should be avoided at all costs), was the hosing-down we all got, some time in the 1990s, with all that Positivity bullshit. I can see Bill Clinton’s sinister, duping-you grin as I type the word. I can see that vacuous fauntlet Prince shaking his ass to it. People felt “empowered” to reject and avoid any and all Negativity while embracing  any and all … Continue reading IT’S GREAT TO HATE (sometimes)


  We all recognize and rightfully-reject the Conservative Prejudices… that (for example) blacks are dumber than whites and criminally-inclined, women are less rational and bad at science, Jews are sneaky in a clever way, white males rule the Earth by divine mandate, etc. But do we recognize and reject the Liberal Prejudices… that (for example) blacks are naturally more soulful and athletic, women are more nurturing and wise about life, Jewish and Asian males are brighter but unsexy, Asian females are “inscrutable” but sexier, males in general aren’t “in touch with their feelings”, Native Americans are noble and “one with … Continue reading PROGRESSIVE RACISM


Under a “Liberal” White House, the only dissident voices are “Conservative”; under a “Conservative” White House, the only dissident voices are “Liberal”… which is the result of the adolescent impulse of “loyalty” inherent to the football-team model of Politics (just one moment of rational reflection should lead us to consider the improbability of the “Democrats” always being right and the “Republicans” always being wrong, and vice versa). But it gets worse: the “Liberal” dissidence under Bush, I noticed, was much, much quieter than the “Conservative” dissidence under Obama. When I was a kid, the loudest voices against LBJ (Dem) and … Continue reading HOW THE BULLSHIT WORKS


  A witty and intelligent Comrade (nah, chum, I don’t want to borrow money or anything, promise!) posted something on his FB “wall”, yesterday, gently mocking this “Ice Bucket Challenge” bullshit that has suddenly been sweeping the Monkey-See, Monkey-Do, Monkey-Post universe. Beyond the fact that the “charity” supported by people dumping (or not dumping) buckets of ice-water over their heads diverts about 50% of all intake to the generous salaries of the upper brass of the “charity”… there is something suspiciously akin to social engineering/ mind control about these herd-thinky fads and memes that so many of us subthinkingly embrace, … Continue reading DOUCHEBOOK*


  During the incident, a neighbouring passenger told a flight attendant: “Look what he’s writing.” This story is really all about the Qunt sitting next to the doodling Christ-figure of this tale; the Qunt’s empowerment to seize on the most trivial detail in order to fuck another human up, hiding behind the Bully State. The Bully State is just the facilitator here. The real enemy of decency here is that deranged quisling Qunt who said, “Look what he’s writing…” (the perfect blurb for a banned book, while we’re at it). I understand what the Bully State gets out of oppression/ … Continue reading TRAPPED IN A NOVEL BY HUXLEY ORWELL… or IN A PLAY BY IONESCO?


I’ve been leaving carefully-crafted (vetted for cogency and style) comments, online, since a few years before 2000, when online comments were essentially digital “letters to the editor” (appearing in the section called Letters to the Editor) and only the best handful of comments could expect to be published. I started my commenting history at places like when was still a dinky little 8-bit novelty. Blogs didn’t yet exist (not in their current, user-friendly form). Because of the “letters to the editor” feel of comments back then, I learned to make my comments short and interesting, in order to … Continue reading ALL THINGS IN MODERATION