So, as some of you know, luminary of the Skeptical Fringe, CJ Hopkins, just came out with a book of essays… and had it blurbed by (among others) the blatant liar/ huckster/ counter-resistance shill Catherine Austin Fitts, who sells the most disturbingly ridiculous nonsense, like balls of fresh catshit in a box of very old Milk Duds. One of her shticks: the US, you see, uses reverse-engineered tech from UFOS and also… uh… the US, okay, the US secretly purchased The Moon from Aliens. Yep. What did the US pay for that purchase with, a Dilithium Crystal credit card? Better question: where did the Aliens spend the windfall they scored from  the deal… the Vegas of Uranus?
Well, I posted a thorough examination/ debunking of the conscience-free C.A.F. project in the Substack comment thread appended to the article CJ used to announce the publication of his book. Does CJ… in his ongoing and heroic struggle to champion Truth… give a fuck that he and his work will be tainted by proximity to such an unethical liar and her comic-book-sci-fi empire of fraud? Or, worse: that his proximity will help to legitimize that liar’s “work” for more credulous victims to come? Nope and Nope. Or maybe this is CJ’s version of 5D-chess?
Bottom line: the bottom line. In other words, in any culture,  field or practise in which Money rules, Truth is a very (very) weak effect.  Truth is a deli-lunch belch in a hooker’s perfume- hurricane. If Money trumps Love, Truth, Art, Beauty, Conscience, Empathy and Real Progress (versus the “progress” of Power acquiring and consolidating ever more power), we are kinda fucked, folks (to borrow one of CJ’s salt-of-the-earth locutions). Every little lapse in ethics/ principles is another spoon, or shovel, full of earth scooped out of that shallow grave we’re digging for ourselves. Too often, bullshit Artists like Fitts are included because of their huge audiences, which is attractive to even the most sincere skeptic, unfortunately. If the “movement” of Radical Skeptics can’t be freed of its pied pipers and Judas goats, all of our “awareness” is pointless.
Yes, we all have to eat, but is CJ’s letting his book be blurbed, by that (probably-establishment-supported) dragon, really the difference between him eating or not …?
Check out the comment thread and, pro tip: if you want a “like” from CJ, say something about running out to buy several copies of his book (whether or not all it does is put a mildly sarcastic spin on the “Actually, we are Ruled by Fascists” stuff we’ve all known the whole fucking time)… (and don’t ask yourself why a “Skeptic” with an audience the size of CJ’s hasn’t been cancelled yet)…

–Careful Analysis of c. 20 minutes of a Catherine Austin Fitts video

Start at 21:49, then listen to the bit where Nolan refers, at 23:30, to “non-human tech” and “meeting the challenge of these Other Beings”… do you think he’s talking about hamsters?

–At 28:40, Fitts talks about the Global Economy being NOT closed. Do you understand what she’s insinuating? If the Global Economy is NOT closed, then who is it, Off-World, that we’re trading with?.

–At 30:15 Fitts actually insinuates that we (Earthlings) purchased the Moon. Fitts insinuates it, Nolan (her foil) vocalizes it… and Fitts agrees with what Nolan vocalizes. If English is your first language, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand the conversation..

Again: note the technique: for minutes at a time, Fitts loads the discourse with Financial Jargon that could be about anything. That’s to dazzle the passive listener: it sounds “smart” and “authoritative”. But where’s the proof for the fantastical UFO propositions she suddenly drops into the mix? She’s talking about “Space Ships” bought with the super-secret Black Budget… but if “we” have reverse-engineered Tech from bona fide UFOs, why is the Pentagon still having trouble invading Syria/ Iran? Is Putin working with “non-human tech” too?

–Listen at 31:35: Fitts “steps back” (she constantly jumps around in the narrative thread, usually signalled by a “let me step back”) and fills the space with facts/ details (truths or half-truths) from her actual experience in the 90s. The advantage of reverting to the memory of a more-or-less True experience is that it makes her delivery smooth, convincing and sincere-sounding. So up until about 32:10 she’s dealing with facts.

–At 32:12 she uses this more-or-less factual memory of her own motivations to SLIP IN a little commercial for one of the cornerstones of The Great Reset: Impact Investment. So Fitts tries to make this commercial for The Great Reset seem benign because she stresses how she’d like to remove “Government” from the equation so that “we” (our ordinary communities) would benefit from the optimization of “community” that Impact Investment could produce, but the argument is dishonest: the infrastructure for these schemes BELONGS to our (very human) Overlords, and “we” are the DATA that will generate the profits… not the players monetizing this game. It’s the same as proposing that a race horse could own its winnings at the track!

So Fitts hits one goal there (Trojan Horse the Great Reset as an opportunity for Serfs ) and goes for the next while passing through another more-or-less-factual recycling of common knowledge (see: Gary Webb, John Judge, et al) about the CIA’s Drugs Economy… so far so credible (except for the deliberate misrepresentation of Impact Investment) at c. 38:00. From 38:00 until 41:00: no problem: nothing new but no preposterous bullshit, either.

41:53 “let me just step back”: Fitts starts ramping up the nonsense again.

–At 42:12 Fitts calls back to the 6% (of the world population) vs 50% (of the world’s resources) figure they discussed two minutes before (40:08)… but in a TOTALLY different context. The first time those figures came up, they were talking about Post War Geopolitics.

–At 42:12, when she calls back to the 6%/50% proportion, she’s suddenly talking about UFOs again. Without any rational bridge to the reintroduction of the topic. In other words, none of the more-or-less factual discussion of a few minutes prior to this moment, which seemed to lend credibility to the discussion, can be connected to the UFO material in a rational way: the connection is irrational; it’s impressionistic; Fitts is relying on the passive listener being carried along by her spiel. In the passive listener’s mind, the spiel about UFOs is just as “factual” as the chit chat about the CIA’s Drugs Economy.

–What she says at 42:42: “They were afraid people would be too afraid and things would become too chaotic” (re: “Disclosure” aka “The Looming Reveal about Extraterrestrials”), in other words, is a non sequitur that has been carefully introduced as a logical conclusion to that part of the conversation.

43:00-44:20 Pure (recycled) UFO drivel.

Then she reverts (c. 44:30) to factual material (“The Church Commission” (sic)) which has NOTHING to do with UFOs, but allows her to sound credible again.

45:40 Nolan: “the challenge or threat of these Other Beings that clearly are here”

45: 50 Fitts goes off on a non-UFO-related tangent about North American Chattel Slavery, from a financial perspective, that feels informative while having NOTHING to do with UFOs.

–Suddenly, at 48:42, we get a reference to “Off-World Technology” …

And So Forth.


It’s a masterful technique; Fitts is a very serious con artist. No one could call her A.) stupid B.) unaware of her efforts to defraud the public C) honest or decent. Fitts relies on a trusting audience in order to rake in that money. Whether or not she is working directly for the psychopaths behind The Great Reset, or simply knows that it’s better for her bottom line to sell her victims on the Schwab/ Gates scheme… I’m not even sure that the distinction matters.

Frighteningly representative comments on this video from C.A.F. fans (are they real people or shills, though?):
Blacks Parson
3 years ago (edited)
Her rational for establishing a connection between missing $Trillions and its potential to be used for a parallel / break-a-way civilization is sobering from an economic perspective. “You cannot understand how control is engineered in our society without grappling with the UFO phenomena”.-Fitts
Nick Storey
3 years ago (edited)
What an intelligent show. One of the most credible voices of Ufology today. Namaste.
Barry Hayes
3 years ago
Thank you very much Richard and Catherine, together you are a voice for sanity in the ever-growing Babel. Best tto you both!.


  1. Of note in all such cases, ranging from oof-ology’s Horn o’ Plenty’s Venn color combination (from fringy unkantslable Lob Bizar to mainstream newcomer & SeaAnon Network mainstray, unkantslable Eli Zondo), the comments always aggregate into a wall of hagiogliphics, e.g. what a blessing said persona is to our existence, how desperately we need to get rulers such as these, and on and on, which, quite naturally, is an indication that the broad base support, such as it is, exists entirely devoid of even the plausibility of the claims being made and, as you say, places any passing truths into the same religious canon.

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    1. Ach… the whole Bob Lazar (however it’s spelled) thing is a vexation unto itself. Supposedly some esoterically-qualified Einstein-engineer who sounds suspiciously like a nerdy golden age Sci Fi enthusiast making it up as he goes along… not even using convincing jargon (a symptom he shares with Elon Musk, who couldn’t have done much more than sleep through an Intro to Engineering class in college). I keep getting this urge to spit with exasperation, throw my hands up and say, “Fuck it! Let the nitwits be the nitwits,” but that only works if you can turn your back on the mouth-breathing pageantry and leave the planet… in a UFO. Well, I can still spit. But what does CJ think he’s doing… beyond trying to max his book sales? Why not just sell merch instead and maintain some fucking INTEGRITY?

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    2. PS “And another thing…!” Erm, do people not get the difference between a CJ-type (someone who says stuff you already know, but largely agree with; CJ’s gimmick being that he puts it all through his patented sarcasm box) and someone like… (ooops, most of them have been eliminated) … who informs us as to things regarding which we were previously unaware? Deeply-flawed Allison McDowell taught me something I did not previously know and the lesson had enormous explanatory power: the “Impact Investment” nature of Capitalism’s next big shift. Before that info, I couldn’t make sense of why Capitalist organs like the FT were suddenly lamenting “inequality” (which is the beating heart of Capitalism). Now I know. I didn’t learn about Impact Investment, or the Blockchain Tracking-Gulag, both of these being key to our looming dilemma, from CJ’s mildly-diverting, slightly dated, 20th century sarcasm-box. I guess I’m answering my own question as to why he hasn’t been cancelled.

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      1. Then there’s the messier difference between reveals of specific unknown-knowns e.g. Manning>Assange vs the appearance of Snow’d’n’s general knowns, which are conveniently conflated for countervailing concerns. Whatever the former amounts to, Webb is in my mind the cleaner version whose specific reveals were all the more so considering the continuity of Bubba’s brand’s new crime initiative after his predecessor’s g-man gangsta nexus had climbed to number one with a bullet. Don’t know much about CJ but doubt he’s on anyone’s radar any more than you or I would be.

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        1. RE: Webb: well, that’s the terrifying Purity Test, isn’t it? He’s dead. “He shot himself *twice* in the head”.

          Re: Assange: after Wikileaks was hailed by no less a Freedom Fighter than Cass Sunstein, in Time (or Newsweek?), before anyone had heard of Assange, it was clear that Mendax Assange was playing wittingly in a dirty game of some magnitude or other. I don’t think a single Wikileaks “revelation” was ever useful enough to get a major figure fired or tossed in prison. I know all these local devotees and CCC types; I remember the sexy tumult of Annie Machon and L. Poitras moving to town; I remember the Jake Applebaum Years… I think John Young (Cryptome) had Assange’s number early. So much fishy there. Considering that Assange could *easily* have been eliminated at any point of the arc of this narrative, blaming it on a nut in the org or an outraged Libyan etc.

          “Don’t know much about CJ but doubt he’s on anyone’s radar any more than you or I would be.”

          CJ gets lots of default airtime on OffGuardian, which is on the Guardian’s radar, at the very least, and being blurbed by Matt Taibbi, who must also be on some radars, means he pings on the second-degree-of-separation radars of Taibbi’s Pentagonian haters. CJ is a pea to our grains of sand. I maintain a “friends” collection, on FACEBOOT, of c. 25 people, to keep it do-able (I’ve unfriended at least twice that number over the years) and that means I’m *never* put in FACEBOOT jail, despite the fact, for 15 years, now, I’ve been posting *much* more heretical/ offensive material than my chums who’ve had their accounts timed-out or banned. My strategy, I suppose! Crazy Uncle in the Attic pass! laugh

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