Progress! Just two centuries later, such chores fell to The Beatles… “It has been said, that he contracted this grievous malady from his nurse. His mother yielding to the superstitious notion, which, it is wonderful to think, prevailed so long in this country, as to the virtue of the regal touch; a notion, which our kings encouraged, and to which a man of such inquiry and such judgement as Carte would give credit; carried him to London, where he was actually touched by Queen Anne. Mrs Johnson indeed, as Mr. Hector informed me, acted by the advice of the celebrated Sir … Continue reading Progress


Once there was a guy (I knew from the 1980s) who posted on my Douchebook about Venezuela. While pretending to keep an “open mind” about Chavez (before They eliminated him) , he posted lots of critical sentiments about the man, sentiments which originated with a friend of his… sentiments that supposedly had more weight because this friend of his is an actual Venezuelan. He lives there, he must know… right? But what kind of Venezuelan are we talking about? White, middle class; a professional with a nice villa at which this former Douchebook friend of mine vacationed, occasionally. Yes, just … Continue reading CONTEXT

thoughts on craig raine’s gatwick*

thoughts on craig raine’s gatwick as if according to wiccan principles or karma’s schoolyard tit for tat, old craig raine’s latest hornéd spree of underworked verse in the LRB called forth the curse of hissy twits from the red-sash brigade,  critiques of little greater wit than raine’s parading of his need to word-fuck every wrinkle-free chick within his neck-chained reading glasses’  fucking range as if the disparity in age is why the pome bit. well do old dogs still paw buried memories of gnawing lust like treasure bones? if yes who else should write such pomes? or is lit’s report … Continue reading thoughts on craig raine’s gatwick*