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Today’s winkingly pseudo-progressive racialism award goes to Eric Ross Weinstein, who coyly tweeted, the night before Xmas (emphasis mine):

My scientific take on Race & IQ has nothing to do w either Race or IQ:

Let X(p) be any continuously varying measurable scalar that can be defined for every person p in any population P_i. Then I would never expect m(X(P_i))=m(X(P_j)) where m is the mean & P_i, P_j are distinct.

Speaking as a p, P_i and P_j are distinct in what quantifiable and non-trivial way(s), precisely… the median quality of their extravagant toupees?


Have we all already casually forgotten that pseudo-Scientific Race Hierarchy was the defining gig of the Third Reich… before the defining gig became Taylorized death camps? And why not test for a “scalar” for Spirituality as long as we’re ranking populations according to unfalsifiable quanta of consciousness? Why not a scalar for Temperament (call it TQ), which we know varies widely from person to person, yet never seems to come up in discussions of Generalizable Racial Characteristics… because: why? Is every variable between individuals scalable to a Racial Mean? Are Asians more superstitious than Europeans? Are Latinos more sincere than Scandinavians? Who but a Racist wonders these things and who but particularly driven Racists want to establish a “scientific” argument to support the gut feeling…? Are some populations, now that we’ve gone this far, more genetically-predisposed to Racism than others? If so, can we quantify that mental disposition as a scalar called Nazi-Q?

Is Eric counting on general innumeracy to keep his nasty tweet secret?

These people never rest, friends. While you’re happily writing your sonnets, painting your kitchens, wooing your dream-partners or saving up to order vintage orgone boxes on Darkweb Ebay, a seething cabal of restlessly creepy arsenozzles are working on realizing  Huxley’s vision of  a “scientifically” stratified Dystopia. Guess who the Omegas will be? And guess what the women of all strata will do to keep busy in Dystopia? You know there’s a “DNA” argument regarding Women and Math, right? The pneumatic ones will pretty much do what they’ve been doing since the advent of the Media Age… and before. Come to think of it: I was born an Omega… what difference could one more insult,  from pseudo-Scientific Racism,  really make? [editor’s note: Well, the next Anne Frank is already Muslim, so…]

The interesting shift in the look and feel and sound of this looming Huxwellian nightmare as it slowly, possibly,  comes finalized,  probably, is demographic: Huxley no doubt pictured plummy post-Anglicans as most of his Alphas. The character Bernard Marx, on the other hand, is a psychologist whose physical development was stunted in the artificial womb and bedeviled by an inferiority complex; he would seem to be a thinly-veiled artifact of Huxley’s antisemitism. Bernard is closer to the type tweeting plausibly-deniably-racist comments (cloaked in sly mathematical prose) in 2018: progress for the Bernard Marxes in this brave new paradigm.

They can’t define Race but they’re pretty confident about the accuracy of their observations regarding hardwired Racial Differences, eh? It would be standard to now invoke Santayana’s “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” but isn’t it more the case that “Those who learned from the past are ahead of the curve when it inevitably comes to repeat itself”… ? Ahead of the curve and buying up psychic real estate.

Which is no excuse for squeezing into that spiffy uniform, Eric.




*models flipping-off the camera

*“immigrants brought crime to our innocent industrial nation” 

*gratuitous  pronoun invention/ reassignment

*promotional wardrobe malfunction

*deafening hype followed by eerie silence

*flat earth/ Paul is dead/ Mandela effect

*doubling down as new spacing out

*competitive virtue-signalling

*sudden viral decision that “the male gaze” is not a key component in the reproductive mechanism of the species

*shady astronauts

*evil politician obituary disconnect

*beloved-comedian-to-evil-clown transformations

*“immigrants are costing our innocent industrial nation money” (which is going straight into coffers of opportunists of same industrial nation in zero-national-loss transaction)

*culture-wide tights ‘n capes blockbuster cinema discourse

*“thank you for your service” (said to anyone other than nurses, teachers or drive-thru window personnel)

*bewildering fashion models

*grammar school gender fluidity

*badly reanimated ’90s techno-pop

*badly reanimated ’50s McCarthyism

*badly reanimated 17th century Puritanism

*2+ hour podcasts

*beta,  cuck  (PC versions of “Ghey”)

*Lil _____

*Lil/ Li’l/ ‘Lil/ Lil’ confusion

*Christian Truthers

*PC warmongering

*feces as new “erotic” frontier (expect graphic memes in 2019)

*toddlers flipping-off the camera

*your/you’re/ur…  it/its/it’s…  they/their/there/they’re/ there’re confusion

*niceeeee, thankyouuuuuu

*tho/ doe

*venus of willendorf goals

*too-pretty novelists/poets/performance artists/ alt right talking heads/ statutory rapists

*deciding it’s not worth it to make eye contact

*hot days = global warming proof, cold days = whatever

*nothing much said about Monsanto

*nothing much said about Fukushima

*where’d all the beheadings go? (new team in the WH?)

*Putin/Rasputin confusion

*schoolyard taunts as standard Atlantic/ NYT/ NYer  political discourse

*copycat celebrity doorknob suicides

*retirement-age new wave acts formerly valued chiefly for their youth and physical beauty onstage again

*mick or keef first wagers vs joni or bob first wagers among friends even sicker than all four

*elderly flipping-off the camera

*“immigrants will bring dangerous traditions to our innocent industrial nation” (not fitting in with our hair-trigger, snuff porno, generational incest, whole-family-gun-murder, dehumanizingly materialist drug culture)

*jibe/jive, slither/sliver confusion

*girls kissing as “edgy”

*boys kissing as “edgy”

*girl-and-boy kissing as “rape”

*spooky total homogeneity of critical opinion

*spooky total homogeneity of Facebook gifs

*2+2=5, 24/7, 365, 1000


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