Let’s keep wrapping our heads around the spectacle of McCarthyite Lefties until it feels right! Let’s empower Women by saying that a Woman can be any Man who feels that they are a Woman; can we do the same fun thing with Race? How can young girls being mercilessly bombarded on all media fronts, 24/7/365, with the diametrically-opposed messages to both A) snack for social fun and status and B) get skinny to be sexy (for social fun and status) have actual eating disorders…  what are their underlying issues we can struggle to understand? Let’s keep encouraging kids … Continue reading 21 UNFORGIVABLE ONE-LINERS


Increasingly, the Serfs bifurcate as though along the tracks of a ten-thousand-mile zipper: Pre-Literate Masses to the Right… vs… (on the Literate Left) Feminized Men and Idiosexual Women. These social changes, which have accelerated with digital urgency since the turn of the century, hurried along by the full-spectrum dominance of Social Engineering Media, and the opportunistic traumas of the 9/11 Wars, are laying the groundwork for a Revolution-proof Reich that could last centuries. Where will the Will to Smash the fortifications of the Ghost-Kings of the i-Corporations come from? From a revolutionary cell of Selfie-Masters in bondage gear they ordered … Continue reading UNMANNING THE BARRICADES


  I was looking through my notebook and found the following text from last year; I’m not sure which book it’s quoting ; in fact, I’m remembering now that this is from a webpage in which its author reviews and cites a book about Lincoln). What’s important is the propaganda-free picture of Abraham Lincoln it gives us (often citing his own words). We have been fed nothing but nonsense about Lincoln about everything from his youth to his marriage to his execution. Only bits and snatches of the Truth (the bits he himself uttered or recorded for posterity) are clear … Continue reading LINCOLN WITHOUT FILTERS


Masson, J.M. (1985) (Ed.) The complete letters of Sigmund Freud to Wilhelm Fliess, 1887-1904. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. March 8, 1895 Dearest Wilhelm, Just received your letter and am able to answer it immediately. Fortunately I am finally seeing my way clear and am reassured about Miss Eckstein and can give you a report which will probably upset you as much as it did me, but I hope you will get over it as quickly as I did. I wrote you that the swelling and the hemorrhages would not stop, and that suddenly a fetid odor set in, and that … Continue reading EMMA’S NOSE