A FEW MORE SPURTS of LOGIC’S HOLY WATER (to Exorcise your Social Media)

logic spurts


It has come to my attention that there are people out there who accept (even believe in) the concept of a Bearded, Vaguely-Levantine, Anus-Free Sky Giant

…who sent His only Son (who was simultaneously He, Himself, btw) to be nailed to a cross-beam and torture-murdered in a loincloth as a representative of a negligible Bronze-Age tribe on a tiny speck of a planet in an unremarkable Solar System on the rim of a bog-standard Galaxy… in a deal to “cleanse” the Tribe (and its general Species) of its Design Flaws (called “sins“)… though it was the Bearded, Vaguely-Levantine, Anus-Free Sky Giant who designed them before, uh, arranging for himself to be killed by them in order to, uh… (wait: what?)

And that quite a few people who accept as “true” and “normal,” this bizarre notion, use, on the other hand,  the pejorative term “Conspiracy Theory” to damn what they consider “implausible” beliefs …!!!

Can this possibly be true…?


A few days ago I needed to dust the tops of the books on the top shelves of the bookcases in my office. Since I had these asinine (mandated for public transport) masks here anyway, I strapped one on and dusted extensively.

When I removed the mask, there was a pattern of dust around the bridge of my nose under where the mask had been, of course, because these masks are not hermetically sealed (or sealable) to the face. The stronger the force of suction, caused by the attempt to inhale through the mask, the stronger the flow of the undesirable particles directly through the laughable pseudo-seal where the mask touches the face. Using the mask to filter out macro-scale particles (dust) was better than nothing, but using it to filter out micron-scale particles is absurd (and superstitious in a very faith-based way).

Micron-range particles (eg viruses) will flow easily through the front “filter” (in and out) and through the gaps, where the top, side and bottom edges meet the face, even more easily, following the flow of the air-pressure (positive or negative). Even worse, the moistness and warmth of the masks are perfect for actually trapping ambient viruses/ bacteria into a nutritive culture from which they will then enter the respiratory system from the concentrated breeding-ground you have helpfully strapped to your face.

It seems that the more we Modern Citizens of the Social Media Planet make passionate references to Common Sense, Logic and Science, the more we defy all three. My Logical suggestion: wearing a crucifix offers more protection, and fewer corollary risks, than wearing a mask (unless you’re dusting or tagging).


1-Since v R-D

Yeah: sneakily (or ignorantly) eliding the difference between Science and R&D (esp. R&D in the context of the bottom line of an industrial process) is quite popular these days. “Science” is a practise now being anthropomorphized into an Authoritarian Figure who lends stern credibility to the R&D (Research and Development) activities of vastly-profitable industries such as, oh, you know:  Big Pharma.  Science and R&D are cousins at best.

R&D doesn’t always care how a process or end-result works (or even how toxic to humans it may be); what usually counts is that it works (more or less) or appears to or can be claimed to, backed by “Science” (the Science of Propaganda). There’s not even scientific consensus on the validity of Bernoulli’s Air Principle (the traditional mainstream theory I was taught, in the 1970s,  regarding how hydrofoils produce lift): to quote Scientific American (Feb 1, 2020):

  • On a strictly mathematical level, engineers know how to design planes that will stay aloft. But equations don’t explain why aerodynamic lift occurs.
  • There are two competing theories that illuminate the forces and factors of lift. Both are incomplete explanations.
  • Aerodynamicists have recently tried to close the gaps in understanding. Still, no consensus exists.

… which hasn’t held back a century of industrial design in aviation.

Did “Science” produce the copper coil IUD? What was the “science” behind the creation of Thalidomide, a dangerous (famously birth-defect-causing) drug used in wildly-diverse applications (anti-morning sickness, anti-leprosy, anti-depression, anti-cancer, anti-HIV, anti-Tuberculosis, et al) for which it was not originally designed? To quote Wiki:  “The precise mechanism of action for thalidomide is not known, although efforts to identify thalidomide’s teratogenic action generated 2,000 research papers and the proposal of 15 or 16 plausible mechanisms by 2000.”  If no one understands how it sometimes appears to almost work in some applications (or can, at least, be promoted as doing as much) why is it even used? The obvious and irrefutable answer: because it is profitable. Which has far more to do with Lamborghinis and swimming pools than it has to do with Science.

[Sidebar: “A teratogen is an agent that can disturb the development of the embryo or fetus.”]

Claiming “Science” as the godfather of every dodgy product Big Pharma would like to market is like claiming the same authority for the Big Mac, or the latest iteration of Coca Cola. Yes, there is a certain amount of measurement, and trial-and-error, involved on both sides of the aisle, but the Science side of the aisle is, ideally, concerned most of all with adding to the ever-evolving database of experiment-derived Facts we can refer to, in aggregate, as Natural Truth. The R&D side of the aisle can’t afford to be that fastidious. Anything marketed with billions of advertizing dollars is clearly best understood as a Product and not as the latest thing Science has to say on the matter. In fact, it is precisely when Scientific conclusions are so wrong, that people die (unintentionally) as a result, that Science learns and adds that lesson to the literature… unless, of course, the Marketers forbid the disclosure.


This “chart” appeared in my FACEBOOT feed a few weeks ago.  Do I really need to debunk it? What’s the year, again? I’ve forgotten. Is it 1100 AD?  I know it’s the DARK AGES out there but what’s the exact year so I can calibrate my Stonehenge … ? (Eats a massive cucumber because it resembles his …. )



insect burgers

“Freeing up land for nature” means A) more golf courses and B.) more hunting grounds for the aristocracy and C) more sprawling estates with high walls behind which “elite” recreational evil can flourish while virtue-signalling Serfs, outside the walls, in their urban hives, twitch through ever-shorter, ever-nastier lives. The most irritating aspect of all these anti-meat  campaigns is that it’s quite clear that the Ruling Classes will be eating the finest grass-fed beef/ venison/ everything they want… while they’re feeding us plant-genome-derived Frankenfoods and/or insect patties (aka cheap cattle-feed). Welcome to the Smiley Faced Dystopia.


Omer R. sez:
Aren’t ‘repurposed’ cows just as harmful to the environment as normal cows?

Steven Seven Augustine sez:
Cows aren’t harmful to the environment (any more than North America’s strategically-slaughtered buffaloes* were)  but paper mills and steel mills (to give just two examples) are. I mean, it’s pretty hilarious: picture a major factory going at top production capacity, using a river of water every day and shooting tons of pollutants into the sky every minute… and then picture a field of cows.

Omer R. sez:
Pictures are nice but they don’t tell you the whole story. Cattle is #1 agricultural source for greenhouse gases.
The natural solution (even if not the only one) is to breed less cows, but giving them other purposes won’t help

Steven Seven Augustine sez:
Picturing a factory is a visual aid. The fact of the factory is even more powerful. Comparing cows to factories (versus comparing cows to, say, marshland) is much more instructive. And lots less popular. The reason why this is so is obvious: the bottom line of industrial profits. Cutting the cow population to a tenth of what it is won’t save the planet, or change much of anything about the Ecosystem at all, but eliminating most factories would revolutionize Life on Earth for all of the Earth; the Ecosystem could be as reborn. I’d gladly give up all of our extraneous products. I deliberately use a “dumb phone” (typing this on an old PC). If no one else used hand-held-phones, I could stop using a hand-held-phone and be much happier. We don’t need 90% of the crap we have and if we forced the manufacturers to make better versions of the  products we need, making said products last longer, we could cut down on factory production, and factories, even further. You have been cleverly mislead or, even better: bamboozled. You remind me of the old people who run after pennies on the sidewalk while saying nothing about the CEOs and Politicians who gamble away their pensions. That’s the rule of thumb, in fact: if a cause is “viral” it’s to hide a far more necessary cause from the attention of the general public.

Now, further regarding that “Carbon Emissions” trope:

At the center of the solar system is the largest “clean” thermonuclear reactor in the solar system, and it produces more energy, every day, than a hundred Earths could need or use in a year. It will continue to do so for  billions of years. For decades, we have had the technical proficiency to dip into this mindboggling surplus of energy  in order to meet all of our energy “requirements”.  For example: a network of  dozens, if not hundreds, of satellites (for which there would be no “night”) could beam the Sun’s microwave-converted “free” energy,  from the unobstructed  Sun to the earth’s surface, continuously… in concert with a myriad  other clean and clever local alternatives to toxic Oil-Dependent Energy. So why isn’t this much better system, of harvesting the Sun’s ultra-natural, super-abundance, in place? Quite simply, as we know: because Big Oil rules the governments ruling the earth.

Educated Negative Popular Opinion regarding petrochemical energy has been around since long before the (political) “energy crisis” of the 1970s: it’s empirically obvious that the electrochemical process of converting billions of tons of petrochemicals into heat and noise and physical movement, on national levels,  generates massive amounts of collateral pollution (regarding the “Acid Rain” headlines of the 1970s, the term “Acid Rain” was first coined in 1872). In order to pre-empt any organized grassroots movement to depose and abolish Big Oil and resort, finally, to the infinitely superior (and rational) Vast Solar, Big Oil very cleverly waged a long-term psychological campaign to make the Big Oil cabal-economy appear to be ecologically and socially “sustainable” through regulation (which is somewhat like making wife-beating “sustainable” via tougher sentencing). The genius of the campaign being that no one would guess, at first glance, that Big Oil is behind the “Climate Change” panic.

Every educated student of world-historical despotism knows about the old “leading the opposition” trick but few have extended their thought-experiments far enough. What better way to “lead the opposition” than to anticipate, create and fund it? Speaking of “leading the opposition”:

Wind and solar have reached a point where they’re impossible for the world’s largest oil and gas companies to ignore. But it’s not yet clear how the majors will choose to capitalize on this growing market, having wavered on clean energy in the past.

A new report from Wood Mackenzie examines the threat that renewable energy poses to legacy oil and gas operations, as well as the opportunity for wind and solar to diversify and future-proof fossil-fuel-heavy portfolios.

Replace the words “capitalize on” with “sabotage”

The Global Carbon Credit Market not only fronts a sinisterly brilliant transnational system of control that will be headed, in perpetuity,  by the usual Anglo-American suspects with ties to Big Oil (the various “exotic” faces conscripted to front it notwithstanding), nor is it merely a speculative system of virtual wealth-generation for plutocrats  (“With a US-EU engine established as a core, the global carbon market might rival some of the established commodity markets in the world. This implies that the EU ETS and US ETS, linked, could be an unstoppable force almost independently of any global climate framework.”); what the notion of a Global Carbon Credit Market system does, most of all, is provide the illusion that the ecological (and geopolitical) depredations of Big Oil can be regulated into profitable harmlessness in order to “save the planet”. Who cares about Sulfur Dioxide when we can reduce CO2… aka Air for Plant Life? And who cares about Monsanto’s “terminator” seeds? Just reduce that  CO2, the naturally-occurring molecule Big Oil can do the least damage to its own bottom line by whipping you into a frenzy over (water vapor, a greater “greenhouse gas,” than CO2, by orders of magnitude, would have been a much tougher sell as a boogieman).

Big Oil pays an extra “tax” or two (which will circulate back into its coffers, filtered by the national governments under its control,  anyway) and it buys the reptilian serenity of knowing that tens of millions of Serfs will opt for that toxic placebo instead of doing something forceful boycotting the gas pumps. The illusion of control (for those one aims to control) is always good for heading off restiveness and genuine change.

[SIDEBAR: concerning my use of the terms “Left” and “Right” in the following passages:  the current “Left” is the Old Right on LSD. My definition of “Left” is anti-War, anti-Corporate, anti-Social Hierarchy. There is no room in my concept of a “Left” for the crypto-ruling-class-machinations of Marxism, despite how predictably the Oedipal Bourgeoisie of Academe eats it up.]

The perpetual failure of “The Left” is Hubris. “The Right,” which is clearly more clever than “The Left” is allowed to think it is, seems quite content to be thought of as “dumb” in exchange for continuing to Rule The World. Which irony, strangely, makes me think of “Communism,” a system supposedly lethal to Capitalism… which has been made, and kept,  famous by Capitalist media, in Capitalist nations, for more than a century. Our self-described Owners are nothing if not Tricky**. Where was I ..?

Every passionate debate about “Global Warming” (or “Climate Change” or, coming soon, “the Global-Warming-Driven Ice Age Crisis”) is a debate during which no one is talking about, more the less demanding,  the absolute necessity of switching from Big Oil to Vast Solar. The irony there being that not only is the Sun the most rational solution to the problem of most of our energy needs for the next billion years… it is, quite obviously, the overwhelming source of electromagnetic energy, at the center of our solar system, its fluctuations driving the climates of all of its dependent planets.

How do we not know this?

*This is a very important parallel. The buffaloes were deliberately removed as a food-source, for North America’s Aborigines, so they’d be forced to depend on the Invading Gubmint to survive. 19th century psychopaths blatantly slaughtered the herds and let the corpses rot. 21st century psychos are slicker. Either way, our food sources are targeted.

**Google “Three Mile Island” and “The China Syndrome,” forget the spin and come to your own (hopefully-unbrainwashed) conclusions. The poster for the “The China Syndrome’s” premiere reads: “Today, only a handful of people know what it means… soon you will know.”  As if by magic, twelve days after the premiere, an event occurred that must have curled the toes of all the Coincidence Theorists of the era. It was “right out of the movie”, eh? 1979, at the height of the Big-Oil-connected (geopolitical) “energy crisis,” after the coordinated double-whammy of The China Syndrome and Three Mile Island,  a deeply shaken audience must have gone out and hugged the gas pumps.

Perhaps Jesus loves Big Oil?

logic spurts 2


FACEBOOT is a Hive of picture-memes. Many of the picture-memes support Mainstream Stupidity that falls apart under 5-minutes of Intelligent Scrutiny (yet, who has 5 minutes of Intelligent scrutiny to direct toward any topic in a World of Box-Sets to get through?). Sadly, just as many of the picture-memes of silliness, or half-arsedness, or inaccuracy are from the “Resistance,” a group that (quite clearly by design) cannot seem to acquire enough Informational Unity to develop any kind of Momentum. I want to make more FACEBOOT friends of those who oppose the push toward Nuremberg-Law-violating forced medication (with toxic, experimental Big Pharma profit-juggernauts)… but too many of those otherwise good, or clued-in, people, often also believe in guns, Jeebus, infantile numerology or astrology or that viruses and dinosaurs are “hoaxes,” or that Elon Musk is a “hero” and cringe-inducing bullshit of that nature. Educated by the very Gubmint they rightfully fear, though can’t define.

Here’s a recent,  subtly inaccurate picture-meme from the  “Resistance” Ghetto on FACEBOOT (suggested “friends,” I’ve found, in my case, are both A) often wacky pariahs and B.) living in other countries: in this way the algorithm prevents meaningful organization among the opposition):

3-being moral-

The “conscience” is no north star of goodness; many were shunned/ banished from communities (at times when being shunned meant starvation) for uttering “heresies” or for screwing out of wedlock, when such behavior violated the “good conscience” of members of those communities.

Many in North America were guided by their consciences to oppose abolition, suffrage, integration, legalizing weed, and so forth. Many follow their “conscience” to passionately “defend the right” of pre-teens to opt for irreversibly destructive gender-reassignment surgery. The moral authority of the conscience is a wobbly thing.

We each define its boundaries from personal perspectives which, when taken in aggregate, are bound to clash. Can a conscience be evil? Arguably. Because a “conscience” can be just as brainwashed as any other component of a personality.

I don’t use my “conscience” to justify my positions: I use Logic and Facts. My “conscience” wouldn’t think it right to kill a man for belonging to an “enemy” ideology, but that’s not how I would justify not doing so, even given the opportunity to kill him with convenience (as in, erm, participating in the herd-action of depriving him of his livelihood, thereby driving him to suicide or starvation using a “pandemic” as the excuse). The “conscience” operates on the level of a “gut instinct” but justice requires more, and more analytical, deliberation. The “mind” versus “heart” pseudo-dichotomy is all a part of the effort to turn us all into extremely emotional creatures easily manipulated via the short channel of our feelings. Many of my “feelings” and “emotions” are just dumb thoughts. I feel them freely but act on them sparingly.


—Life is sex and food,  and everything that follows is as a result of an interaction between the two, the processes sometimes granted a transcendent quality, to varying degrees,   by Love and Love’s illegitimate stepchild, Art.
—When you are Happy you have something to lose.

logic spurts3


As I always say: it’s not about the people-numbers, it’s about the resource-consumption. So who’s consuming most, we Serfs (and as little as we generally have, Third World Serfs have far less and recycle what they have with impressive efficiency)… or greasy-fingered psychopathic Robber Baron-emulating technocratic Lords? Billion Gates consumes more, via his many compounds and estates (and no doubt secret million-acre Xanadus), every year, than 100,000 of us Actual Humans.

Imagine how much water (now wasted cooling mainframes) you could free up, for reasonable human use, by shutting down the wholly unnecessary, paranoia-created Utah Data Center? And all such facilities around the world! Imagine turning the million-square kilometers of underground NATO command centers (and apocalypse bunkers) into warehouses for storing seeds, or for storing refrigerated food for immediate redistribution to the world’s hungry? Imagine planting forests on golf courses! Cleaning up this wasted-resources problem could be immense fun and deeply satisfying, like the Big Picture analogue of freeing up space on your hard drive.

The Earth is overpopulated with thousands of greasy-fingered psychopathic Robber Baron-emulating technocratic Lords and their Parasitic Fixers and their ugly ways and sick ideas. But there is room enough for all of them on a renovated (drone-patrolled) Alcatraz, where they could even have miniature golf to keep them busy until, one by one, they generously contribute to the easing of the problem.








Hmmmm. Recently “friended” someone who seemed to be rational and against All The Nonsense. Well, she had the phrase “PhD Immunology” on her channel’s leading page, so I thought she might have some kind of an education. I commented positively on a few posts and she sent a friend request, upon the acceptance of which I discovered she wasn’t a highly technical researcher of some sort: she’s a kick boxer. Oh well. Oh well, I shrugged.
This morning this person posted something about Angelina Jolie using “adren*chrom*”. I tried to control the urge to roll my eyes (long enough to type a comment) and sweetly offered the opinion that Jolie’s apparent youth most probably had more to do with make-up, flattering lighting and Photoshop…  than drinking the blood of children (not that it’s impossible that some sickos do that; anything on this Earth is possible if it is within the realm of the laws of physics; morality is not much of a limit). I observed, further, that if this evil “fountain of youth” were real, surely, powerful types like The Clintons and Bushes and Kissingers and Murdochs (et al) of this world would have access to the horrid elixir before celebrity actors would. And, yet, look at the rotting old Plutocrats: they look their ages and then some. Sharon Stone took the brave step of demystifying her brand and removed the make-up, avoided the Photoshop and looked “shockingly” old… her actual age. So, yeah: people seem to keep forgetting about Photoshop while selling extremely entertaining tales of “adr*no*hrome”. Which was the essence of my carefully-argued comment. Well, Logic appears to be as popular on the  “Resistance” side of this War as it is on the Ruling side, so my comment was disappeared (how many times will this person use the term “Orwellian” in the next week or so, I wonder …? Her fingertips should burn a bit when she types it out.)
Listen: to all the “radical” Facebooters out there hoping to generate massive followings they can monetize with “skeptical” entertainment: taking money for such work is the first step to A) selling out and B.) becoming a Liar.
Just so you know.
[NB: I have fucked with the presentation of the word “ad*enochr*me” because I do not want to attract that idiotic kind of traffic]

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