When I was being raised in the 1960s and 1970s, the ambient cultural value I absorbed from books, music and films was anti-business/ anti-square/ pro-Creative/ pro-Sex/ marginal materialism. By the time I hit college in 1977 I was wearing these presets like a behavioral badge and the people I befriended and hung out with seemed to radiate these attitudes as well, attitudes I embodied to such a degree that I drew quite a bit of attention. I was so confident in my espousal of these embodied beliefs that I became a sort of militant philosopher, spreading the word.  This militancy … Continue reading TOTALITARIUM

thoughts on craig raine’s gatwick*

thoughts on craig raine’s gatwick as if according to wiccan principles or karma’s schoolyard tit for tat, old craig raine’s latest hornéd spree of underworked verse in the LRB called forth the curse of hissy twits from the red-sash brigade,  critiques of little greater wit than raine’s parading of his need to word-fuck every wrinkle-free chick within his neck-chained reading glasses’  fucking range as if the disparity in age is why the pome bit. well do old dogs still paw buried memories of gnawing lust like treasure bones? if yes who else should write such pomes? or is lit’s report … Continue reading thoughts on craig raine’s gatwick*