The doctor  tells his patient “I have good news and bad news.” The patient says, “Tell me the bad news first, doc.  I can take it.” The doctor says “Well, after an exhaustive battery of expensive tests, I’m forced to conclude that I  no longer have the slightest excuse to charge you massive amounts of money for supposedly treating the terminal disease that  I previously jumped to the conclusion you may conceivably have begun to suffer from.  Without an excuse to treat you,  this also means no juicy kickbacks for needlessly exposing  you to incredibly toxic drugs that would  guarantee … Continue reading (J)WOKE  J(W)OKES  and THE BEASTS


[originally published Nov 16, 2019 ] The New York Times, with glistening basset eyes, says, of Lydia Davis (the sensible one in the otherwise airheaded subliminal ménage of Paul Auster, Siri Hustvedt and Davis): “The story “Collaboration With Fly” consists of a single sentence: “I put that word on the page, but he added the apostrophe.” Another, “I’m Pretty Comfortable, but I Could Be a Little More Comfortable,” comprises seven pages of minor irritations — a loud clock, a dry orange. In 2009, her landmark “Collected Stories” was published; 30 years of her writing life (minus her novel, “The End … Continue reading CHOCOLATE AND BACON: A DANCE and a RANT (A REPRINT)


1-LOWER MATH   Today’s winkingly pseudo-progressive racialism award goes to Eric Ross Weinstein, who coyly tweeted, the night before Xmas (emphasis mine): My scientific take on Race & IQ has nothing to do w either Race or IQ: Let X(p) be any continuously varying measurable scalar that can be defined for every person p in any population P_i. Then I would never expect m(X(P_i))=m(X(P_j)) where m is the mean & P_i, P_j are distinct. Speaking as a p, P_i and P_j are distinct in what quantifiable and non-trivial way(s), precisely… the median quality of their extravagant toupees? Have we all already casually forgotten … Continue reading LET X=


Part Two-C: The Passive-Goebbels function: “The sexual revolution,” he says, “was the greatest social change I lived through. It was a tremendous break with the past. You could feel it in the air. You knew something was happening. It was scary and intoxicating and definitely new. Suddenly you felt all these restraints were lifting and you were wondering how you were going to navigate this.” For boys this navigation could be fraught. But “the girls had to make all the difficult choices. And the girls suffered and some of them got a bit twisted out of shape. It was a … Continue reading THE FICTIVE IN A SIMULOCRACY


  By any objective standard this, in itself, is enough to place Heidegger’s entire, tortuously-padded, pile of work under suspicion (and I already saw, in college, that his vaunted “Dasein” was nothing but the cornerstone of eugenic apologia): “In the Black Notebooks Heidegger’s misplaced reverence for Being qua “destiny” occasionally reaches absurd proportions. For instance he attributes numinous power to names that begin with the letter H: Heraclitus, Hölderlin, and Hegel. But Hitler would also seem to belong to the list, as would, of course, Heidegger. Heidegger also indulges in baseless numerological prophesizing, conjecturing that a final “decision” (Entscheidung) on … Continue reading HEIDEGGER SCHMEIDEGGER