(FULL DOWNLOAD HERE) 23. Lola wasn’t the first woman I was ever in love with, of course. She wasn’t even the first German. Sunshine von Schönhauser was my first German and my first and last Hippy, too. A few years back. First trip to Europe. A few weeks before meeting my destiny in London I met Sunshine in Berlin. My God: even the name. Sunshine? But I really liked her. I thought I loved her. I was going through a phase and my first trip to Europe was a conservative gesture toward a journey of self-discovery, the kind of thing … Continue reading 3PSTMDRN MURDER MYSTERY NOVELLAS: AN EXCERPT from NOVELLA ONE


  Five or six or seven of my creations speak for themselves:   *** “To write at all well is to relinquish one’s casual understanding of the world. One’s self-protecting misconceptions of the world. To write at all well is to yank the veil off it. The process changes the writer, and only a changed writer can change the world for the reader reading him. Writing for a complicated, captive, paying audience of con men, arsonists, robbers, rapists, drug addicts, tax evaders, purse-snatchers, brawlers, burglars, bootleggers and sundry uncouth disturbers of the peace, I developed a complicated knowledge of what … Continue reading THAT PANOPLY OF VOICES (in my head)


Sometime around the year 2002 or 2003 I wrote a novella called THE BAD CZECH. The narrative of that novella is a proper Möbius strip in which the narrator dies about two-thirds of the way through. Then I wrote two more novellas, THE BOMB COLLECTOR and JESUS IN VEGAS. They form a postmodern (I’m not ashamed of the word)  trilogy that I’ve collected in one book called 3PSTMDRN MURDER MYSTERY NOVELLAS (CLICK HERE) I painted the Phalli, illustrating this post, in Southern California, during a time the THE BAD CZECH references (the narrator had been living with the female lead of that … Continue reading SEX, DEATH & IDENTITY

JESUS in VEGAS: an Excerpt*

My favorite Allegory in which “Western Culture” is embodied by a schizy serial killer with daddy issues and a trendy identity crisis. Not that any of that is blatantly obvious in the text. Which one is the killer …? (*as found in the collection 3POSTMODERN MURDER MYSTERY NOVELLAS) 2 The Early Days of Television (Part One) The first time Benny saw her was in the produce aisle of the Decatur Blvd Von’s in Vegas and the first thing he said to her was “You look like you come from the stars, sister.” A meteorite-black Nefertiti in white. Who, me? she … Continue reading JESUS in VEGAS: an Excerpt*