1. “Anger with your father IS your father.”  2. “It is notoriously difficult to convince people living in a modern police state that they’re living in a police state… especially when the police state provides cheap doughnuts and free porn.” 3. “The sensitive, the creative, are under prolonged assault from the materialist superculture of the workaday world; Art is a virtual refuge where the at-risk sensibility is protected, validated and rewarded with pleasure. Art is the little cathedral in the big abattoir. I have elected to live there.” 4 .”There is nothing to fear in Life but humiliation, theft, assault, insanity, rejection, … Continue reading COLLECTED APHORISMS and OBSERVATIONS of PASTOR PRIME: A NOTEBOOK


  Got in from the far-distant recording studio a bit later than usual,  last night (sank into bed, finally, at 2am), then woke at about 5:30am, let Beloved Wife sleep late, made Offsprung’s breakfast, accompanied Offsprung across town on public transpo to school (as ever) and was home again shortly before 9am, at which point Beloved Wife playfully blocked me from entering the kitchen. Meaning, I surmised in an instant, that despite the fact that I’m not into the folk ritual of tracking and highlighting the commonest mortal milestone, she had a little store-bought cake waiting in there for me, … Continue reading IDIOT’S GUIDE TO GLEEFULLY-and-FEARLESSLY FLIPPING-THE-SKY-GOD-OFF @ 60


It’s good to see power-drunk psychopaths like Harvey Weinstein fall before they’re too old for the comeuppance to mean anything (or really hurt). Weinstein is at just the right age for the revocation of his droit du seigneur, and the corollary public shaming,  to hurt: too old to bounce back but young enough that he might have continued to sexually abuse Serfs for another ten years,  had his invincibility charm not worn off. Why it wore off when it did we’ll probably never know. Why hasn’t Bill Clinton’s? Or Congressman X’s? The subtleties of the machinations remain esoteric. Jimmy Savile’s … Continue reading ME TOO, TOO

BITS AND BLOBS [updated]

MEDITATIONS ON “LUCK” IN WHITE & BLACK Check out this Orgy of Oblivious Privilege filmed in Capetown (linked below) vs the Voice-in-the-Wilderness comment in the video’s comment thread: “Namibia1 month ago I fully support you and your videos but there can and will never be a greater embarrassment for the black race than the country of south Africa, which is nothing more than crony capitalism and central banking on steroids and can never happen in reverse. There would be race riots in Europe/America if the white people were poor and a bunch of black people lived in mansions and own … Continue reading BITS AND BLOBS [updated]