(Even-Handedly Smarty-Thinky Stuff about) KANYE’S NIGHTMARE

¬† To be frank: how many “average” Jews could the West Formerly Known as Kanye actually know? The Jews that Kanye generally knows have a contractual relationship with him, or they know him via Jews who do, and the power dynamic, in most of these relationships, confound Kanye in a way that has confounded many Pop/ Rock/ R&B Stars before him. ¬†Prince complained about these things and so did Michael Jackson. Talented musicians are rarely gifted negotiators. As I’ve said elsewhere: if you can’t read Postmodern Literature, you can’t read a contract. To be under contract is not the same … Continue reading (Even-Handedly Smarty-Thinky Stuff about) KANYE’S NIGHTMARE


1-A COAT OF PAINT It’s as though a Realtor sold you on a house infested with termites but because the Realtor was handsome and smooth, you bought it anyway, ignoring the obvious Red Flags. The problem worsened over the years to the extent that anytime you chose to finally face the problem, you’d be facing an Absolute Nightmare. So you chose to ignore it, and pretend the house was structurally sound, and much-improved, every time you put a new coat of paint on it. But you know, deep down, the problem is still there, and getting worse by the minute. … Continue reading AMERICA: A ONE-ACT PLAGUE

about that time i was detained on suspicion of bank-robbing in minneapolis

So Wife and I were tooling around, yesterday, wallowing in Existence, relishing primitive pleasures, getting some shopping done and so forth. Popped into the Apotheke to fill a plant-based, quasi-Hippie anti-allergy prescription for Wife and also to order more spermicide. You have to order the tubes of this precious stuff days in advance because, for whatever reason (everyone else is Gay, on the Pill or celibate?) they don’t stock these tubes on the Apotheke shelves and I have never loved Wife more, this week, than at the moment she asked the Apotheke’s clerk if it was possible to order an … Continue reading about that time i was detained on suspicion of bank-robbing in minneapolis