1) TUNE-UP THAT THEORY The culture is awash in two primary types of Conspiracy Theory: A) that which is socially unacceptable because it challenges our cherished sense of the Norm and B) the Physically Impossible.¬† My analytical method involves ruling out the latter (B) from the very beginning.¬† Ruling out the Physically Impossible saves time. Relating to which… Class-Conscious commentator Dave Chappelle knocked me out with this humane and astute and perfectly-delivered bit: Chappelle famously had a “meltdown” (c. 2004?) and “walked away from Hollywood” for seven years. When he came back, he had grown a bit older (he … Continue reading 6IX KWIK KLIPS*


Good stuff. Not quite sure what the “stuff” is but it’s good. An academically-trained practitioner of the bodily-invested postmodern breaks down c. 30% of The Internet for us: extremely funny, nicely horrifying and data-rich with fetchingly honest asides. Highly recommended if you’re over forty and don’t often trawl the paraverse of the toxinet…   PART TWO: My take on the Trans Movement¬†   Authority in self-identification would appear to be a (modern or postmodern) human right, but why is there no analogous (to the Trans Movement), credible, self-determining race-change movement? E.g.: there are lots of people with combined “black” and … Continue reading TRUTH-WIT’S PHLOGISTON

At Least 23 Cases of Mistaken Identity in the Golden Age of the Genome

1. Berlin, 2003. It is winter and very cold. Friday night. I’m walking from cafe to cafe with a close friend, a middle class Canadian with radically-Left-leaning views and a conservative Jewish background. I’m wearing a dark blue watchman cap; lots of the (probably German) men we see that night wear similar caps. “You look like a thug in that cap,” observes my friend. “Does he look like a thug?” I ask, gesturing at a nearby guy, shiveringly waiting for the light to change, in an identical cap. “Well, no…” says my friend. 2. A month later this friend mentions … Continue reading At Least 23 Cases of Mistaken Identity in the Golden Age of the Genome