Excerpt from THE BOMB COLLECTOR (a novel)

In early 2008 I finished a 41,000-word novel called The Bomb Collector. I wrote it with the goal in mind of writing a book with a secret layer, a secret layer that would remain absolutely detachable from a “normal” reading of the book. That is, one could get quite a lot (I hope) out of the book without needing to uncover its secret. Which is like Life itself, no? You can eat your favorite meals, argue facetiously with your colleagues, go swimming on Sundays and collect door knobs or key-chains quite happily without guessing at any of the twinkling layers … Continue reading Excerpt from THE BOMB COLLECTOR (a novel)


  [The Bomb Collector is a Novella featured in THREE POSTMODERN MURDER MYSTERY NOVELLAS] The only thing I like more than packing a suitcase is unpacking a suitcase; the former indicates an adventure to come and the latter an ordeal survived. My pleasure would be magnified in this case by unpacking my suitcases in an absolutely empty flat. Just walls, floor, windows, doors and ceiling. A ritual I was, however, too exhausted to enjoy before getting a little sleep. In the top layer of suitcase number one was a cloth-covered air mattress I’d purchased from a bankrupt Army Surplus store as … Continue reading THE NOVEL EXCERPT: from THE BOMB COLLECTOR