(Even-Handedly Smarty-Thinky Stuff about) KANYE’S NIGHTMARE

  To be frank: how many “average” Jews could the West Formerly Known as Kanye actually know? The Jews that Kanye generally knows have a contractual relationship with him, or they know him via Jews who do, and the power dynamic, in most of these relationships, confound Kanye in a way that has confounded many Pop/ Rock/ R&B Stars before him.  Prince complained about these things and so did Michael Jackson. Talented musicians are rarely gifted negotiators. As I’ve said elsewhere: if you can’t read Postmodern Literature, you can’t read a contract. To be under contract is not the same … Continue reading (Even-Handedly Smarty-Thinky Stuff about) KANYE’S NIGHTMARE


1. TRUMPMANIA   Friends, seriously: please listen: they’re all Evil Shits. . Both sides of the pseudo-divide between Republicrat and Demoblican: shitty with corruption, shitty with contempt for “The People”: both sides are out to gorge on wealth and power at the expense of a naive and numbed-out citizenry. The distraction of Trumpmania (those who hate him and those who love him are partners in the same pointless business) is there to hide the REAL divide, which is between the Autocratic Psychopaths running the show (THEM) and the Serfs in the audience (US). The figurehead in the POTUS chair is … Continue reading MISSIVE 2 AMERIKA, #1