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[TIME-SAVING WARNING: If Twitter-sized gulps of text are all you can normally take;  if you usually access the Net via childish screens designed for FACEBOOT or INSTASCAM:  this place is probably NOT for you. Looking for facile trifles with predictable punchlines,  hoary tableaux or pithy snacks of Twee?  Looking to skim what you have already skimmed a thousand times before? Yearning for a Liberal echo-chamber or a nasty Right Wing suppository of rusty Brillo and dubious gold? Roll on, traveler…!]

If you ever read anything hereabouts that feels too scary, always remember: it’s okay, kids, I’m Black! I’ll be your Special Guide to and through The Mystic…!


I publish essays, poems, songs, novels and works of fiction here; the first drafts that I present are very close approximations of their ideal versions, on the first day, subject to continuous polishing as the week wears on. On the third or fourth day the pieces are usually as “done” as they will ever get.


“Only if you’re really independent can you write really well…. I always lived from my own initiative, never was subsidized, no one gave a damn about me, to this day. I am against all subsidies, all patronage….”

–T. B.


PS TO THE FOOD and/or TRAVEL BLOGGERS who keep “liking” my posts (in hopes of building their brands by getting “likes” in return): I am not a part of the “likes” economy. Please don’t bother.

address all inquiries to:  the_augustine_authority at yahoo dot com


    After two hundred years of plebeian toil
    he woke up to find that republics are royal
    and credulity still is its own reward
    and democracyism complete:

    Who’ll come forward to govern
    Das Rebublic of mein
    a doctor, a lawyer, a young Einstein?

    It’s heads still I win and
    still tails you lose
    so what the Sam Hill am I trying to prove??

    That credulity still is its own reward
    and democracyism complete.?.
    ..or the notion of kings is natural
    and only the models are moot:?


        1. Your first appearance hereabouts, long long ago, was polite enough; your next appearance (years later) was surly as an ill-fitted orthopedic shoe. Now you’re playing gnomic agricultural chopsticks on a toy piano. If I were paying you for this service, I’d complain.


          1. Ooof. That had the aural analogue to a caress. You have no business being this hot. Just makes me want to say… over and over again….

            Lysenko. Borlaug. Lysenko. Borlaug.

            The chorus that I want to bring to the Monsanto of my soul. With you contributing a voice to that vast and boundless chorus. ❤️


  2. I had no idea this strange world of off-the-books writing existed until I came across a comment of yours under a Henry Miller interview on YouTube…gives me hope for literature, even if the literary establishment can’t see it.

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    1. Hello K.F.!

      I’m still wondering to what extent this world (of off the books strangeness) exists. I used to feel part of a movement of some kind, c. 2007… now I’m like one of those fabled Japanese soldiers, on an obscure island in the south pacific, unaware that the war was long over! Still, I fight on… !

      Speaking of YouTube: I had my YouTube account cancelled years ago because I dropped links, across five or six YouTube comment threads, linking to this page: that, you see, is “Spam,” (whereas paid-for commercials for “Jawzrsize” are perfectly acceptable! laugh)… that’s one reason this strange world remains obscure. Still, I get a steady stream of visionary stragglers here to read me, so, it all works out! Also, my material is often linked-to, kindly, by other sites, esp. BLCKDGRD, and even Reddit, so: can’t complain! The point is absolute Freedom to ignore bottom-line-propelled Editorial Voices!)


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