Wife and I were out shopping to gather together the elements of tall/skinny Daughter’s finicky,  grease-free, bird-like meals, for the weekend, and after we got the food from one end of the shopping-center,  we remembered that we’d wanted paper towels, too, so into the German equivalent of an American “drugstore,” (which is not what is called, here, an Apotheke),  at the other end of the shopping center,  we slipped. Wife is tall, fit and beautiful and she walks sharpish in her skin-tight black trousers and no-nonsense boots, with great elegance, and I relish these outings, zipping along with her, holding … Continue reading HIERONYMUS PINK


On the way home from riding with Daughter to school, this morning, I received a call from Beloved Wife using an unusually squeamish voice. A hawk was dead in our garden! I’ve had to deal with eternity-shocked (extravagantly plump) pigeons, in our garden, before… but a hawk? I call it “our” garden but it’s Wife’s grand project; she found a place, with a private garden, for us to move into (right around the corner from the medical practise of my intense Persian ex… into whom we bump all the time… one of those Novel coincidences) and Wife cultivated the large-ish … Continue reading WEIRD SCENES OFFSET OUR PLEASURES: BERLIN