But first, a correction, of sorts.

Let’s get this straight.

“The Gubmint” does not “hate” The Right.

TFIC* don’t “hate” Right Wingers at all, though  TFIC’s Big Media appear to demonize The Right during this tumultuous transitional moment.

TFIC don’t “hate” Right Wingers, though, of course, many of their pseudo-Lefty, Useful Idiot minion-administrators do, which lends verisimilitude to The Great Pantomime .

This minion layer of Useful Idiots is not in the loop. They really believe in magic bullet theory, and that Global Recessions aren’t both engineered and named with sly mendacity, and that, say, NATO was in Iraq “to win”. They have no knowledge of the double-bluffing reverse psychology that is used, quite effectively,  to manage The World’s Human Cattle. They are passionately ignorant in their Normative Beliefs. They have no idea that their “Progressive” masters are Right Wing to the core: always were, always will be.

“Elites”**  who manipulate the masses of the Earth’s human population with the merciless sang-froid (or mild disgust) of Cattle Farmers…  slipping  chemicals of convenience into the dirty feed, cutting corners on the generally cramped and toxic housing, cyclically culling the herd  and smirking at the very notion that any of the human cattle should have genuinely  inviolable rights… are, by definition, Right Wing and by any metric that conceivably matters.

No, TFIC don’t “hate” The Right (and the Right Wing did not originally hate TFIC; the Right became the Alt Right and began hating TFIC when The Right appeared to have all of their privileges, such as they were,  stripped away…  when it had appeared that TFIC redistributed these privileges to “Minorities” and “People Who Menstruate”. When The (non-plutocratic)  Right are eventually re-gifted some degree of privilege, they will support TFIC as staunchly as the pseudo-Left does now. This will happen when the pseudo-Left’s transformation is complete to the extent that the pseudo-Left is no longer distinguishable, in all the ways that count, from classic Pik Botha, minus the old school race-shit.  The New and Triumphant Super-Right will be a Rainbow Coalition of Corporate Cock Suckers in thrall to their Gazillionaire Warlord  CEOs… and the new racial antagonisms will be between GMO-people  and us second class Natural Humans; I got my first taste of apartheid, since I was 4 years old (in 1963), in 2020…  but I digress, as Dave McGowan used to say).

No, TFIC don’t “hate” The Right.

It’s just that the Right Wingers were pretty much already where TFIC need them to be. It was the anti-corporate, anti-war, anti-aristocracy Left they had to infiltrate, disorient and destroy.

TFIC destroyed The Left by infiltrating and seducing it via its thin rims of overlap with crypto-conservative Liberalism, which was always poised to revert to the Puritan pleasures of witch hunts, banishments  and free-thinker-targeting taboos. Right Wingers like The Clintons (and their media magnate friends like Arianna Huffington nee Stasinopoúlou*** ) refashioned themselves, in the 1980s and 1990s, as Liberal-Lefties, using Clinton-mentor Daddy Bush, and his ilk, as complicit foils. When “The Establishment” appeared to attack Clinton over his blow job from Monica Lewinsky, that was Clinton’s big branding moment (if the sax playing and “first Black President” meme didn’t quite do the job); what Liberal-Lefty Baby Boomer male didn’t think hey, a President getting a blow job in the Oval Office? What’s not to like? Shades of JFK!  What difference does it make? Uptight conservatives!  Maybe the Republicans should pay more attention to the economy than a charismatic leader’s romantic escapades!  It was the Liberal Left’s “Leave Britney Alone!” moment years before Britney needed to be left alone (one hopes).  The Trojan Horse was well within the city walls and full of muted  snickers.

[sidebar: compare Britney’s Wikipedia entry (word count, minus end-references: 14, 679) to Philip Roth’s Wikipedia entry (word count, minus end-references: 4, 629]

So the Clintons with their racist (“super predators,”  Sister Souljah moment) dog whistles became flagship Liberals during the Thirty-Something, STAR TREK TNG, Seinfeld and Friends  Wonder Years of honey-roasted Propaganda. The Nazis generated Propaganda which made their target demographic loathe Jews. The Bushite  Clintons presided over Propaganda that made the target demographic love their granola in their lovely breakfast nooks while listening to their beloved NPR before hopping in their beloved Subarus and blasting out Alanis Morisette while 500,000 Iraqi kids were being starved to death in wailing agony under the authority of those Clintons and their Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, who later famously asserted that half a million starvations, of children under 5, were “worth it“.  Worth what? Is that enough of a shift to the Right, for Liberal discourse, do you think?  Which brand name Propaganda… Hitler’s crude tar brush or the tasty, chewy, vitamin-fortified Clintonian snacks of the 1990s… do you suppose got more bang for its inflation-adjusted buck?

As it happens, Madeline Albright died, mere hours ago, as I write this, a fact revealed to me as I Googled the harpy for info to support this text. Liberal proto-feminist flagship Billie Jean King tweeted a photo of herself and bloody Maddy cheek to cheek,  with the caption Madeleine Albright, the 1st woman to hold the position of U.S. Secretary of State, has died. I’ve had the honor of spending time with her over the years. She possessed a brilliant mind & a trailblazing spirit. My deepest sympathies go out to her loved ones.” With war-crime-embracing Liberals like that, who needs Leni Riefenstahl (who can be seen cozying up to Mick Jagger in various vintage snaps and who boogied in Studio 54, the blackmail/surveillance Disco for the Stars in which Henry Kissinger liked to fish for power-titillated pussy. Ok, wait, maybe Riefenstahl never disco’d but she definitely had lunch at least once with Andy Warhol)?

“It’s worth noting that on 60 Minutes, Albright made no attempt to deny the figure given by Stahl–a rough rendering of the preliminary estimate in a 1995 U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report that 567,000 Iraqi children under the age of five had died as a result of the sanctions”… writes a suitably pissed-off commentator with a suspiciously Arab-sounding name. What a loser.

Read this from a Winna instead:

“We lost one of the most important voices [and] greatest humans to walk this planet,” tweeted celebrity chef and important voice in her own right, Rachael Ray, soon after learning that Madeleine Albright had died on March 23. “I’m heartbroken at the loss of such a force of peace; especially now. Now we need to pay attention. Now we need to be the likes of her,” Ray concluded, but not before offering a brief and ever-so-lowkey shoutout to Albright’s clever use of brooches throughout her diplomatic career.”

This quote from some other site (which must have been written in Urdu, originally, and translated by vintage bots) captures the pseudo-Lefty ambiance of the occasion well:

“Barbra Streisand was one of many first to precise her grief on Twitter, writing, “I’m so unhappy about shedding an excellent pal and an ideal girl on this fragile world of ours. Could you relaxation in peace expensive one…” Streisand was joined by a refrain together with Maria Shriver, Billie Jean King, and Senator Amy Klobuchar.”

500,000 is a difficult figure to wrap one’s head around. In order to get some perspective, if you are a parent, simply imagine one of your children being starved to death, before your very eyes, cheeks sinking and ribs protruding,  arms and legs like sticks, eyes and belly bulging on the child you used to give shoulder rides, and sing Old Macdonald with, this child distorted beyond recognition; no more bedtime stories or college plans; until your child becomes a creature-type thing, clinging to piteous life for a few days while whimpering and shitting gruel. And then multiply that notion by the relevant factor until you reach 500,000, give or take another 67,000.

Right Wingers infiltrated the mood boards of the Liberal Left  for a couple of generations but it all ramped up when Social Media made Propagandistic Mind Control a heretofore-unimaginably powerful tool for anyone owning or hiring the Big Media platforms the content from which Social Media distributes with frightening degrees of reach and saturation. The Legacy Media vs Internet arguments of the early-2000s seem so quaint, now. How did we ever imagine the two nodes were in opposition? How did we ever mistake The Internet as being “ours”? Is it possible to have a “double-edged sword” in which the one side is three feet long and the other is slightly less than two inches?

Legacy Media was always like granny over-spraying a poorly-ventilated living room with a gag-inducing lavender-scented   “air freshener” because gramps took a toxic dump in the adjacent WC with the door ajar. Social Media is the same atrocious lavender “air freshener”  delivered via  IV drip… forever. You are no longer at liberty to avoid the lavender by simply walking out of the room, though you are free to drag your IV rig through a mall of your choice. Until you are intubated.

With this metaphorical  IV drip device,  TFIC leveraged certain sacred principles of The Left in order to destroy other sacred principles of The Left. See how clever that is?

They baited the trap with powerfully Virtue-Signalling inducements and respective endorphins.  That is to say:  Hey Kids,  let’s destroy Racism/ Sexism by forbidding Free Speech and punishing Thought Crime! Let’s address Healthcare Inequality by uncritically embracing  (Global Corporate) Pharmaceutical Products and destructive Bottom Line Hospital Protocols and by erasing the Nuremberg Codes against forced medical procedures! Let’s destroy Misogyny by erasing the biological concept  of Women! Let’s save the ecosystem by demonizing one of the most fundamental and life-giving and natural molecules within the ecosystem (C02), a molecule we each exhale in great quantities thousands of times every day and night and which plant-life, conversely,  breathes! (But let’s leave the most profitable super-toxins totally alone, especially if Bayer owns the patent on it or excretes it non-stop as an industrial by-product! Let’s not even worry about the IQ-reducing,  neuro-toxin Fluoride in your drinking water,  commercial beverages, drinks in general, table salt, the groundwater…!)

The Nazi prank of the Sophie’s Choice gambit on the life-and-death platform beside the cattle cars to the future:  you can either have Post-Racism or Free Speech… you can’t have both!  You can either have Human Rights or Global Health… you can’t have both!  You can either have the Crudely Regressive Right or the Batshit Post-Human Techno-Totalitarian Left… there is no middle ground! It’s not about Facts or Logic, it’s about destructive dystopian binaries by sadistic fiat. But those are your choices… can’t have it both ways!

Who sez?

Well, see, this false dichotomy jazz  appeals to certain subconsciously self-loathing and gratuitously punitive and hierarchy-addicted attitudes we’ve learned to exploit, after decades of surreptitious psychological testing,  pre-and-post Internet,  in Duh Masses, who already suffer from being soaked in centuries of brutal Desert Religion undercoating, so… yeah. WE sez.

Once you’ve destroyed those decent and former pillars of Left-Think, your New and Confused pseudo-Left**** are now near enough to being effective Blank Slates to have them parrot any slogan you care to feed them in the intubation/drip chambers of their rudderless, compassless, lives.

What does a human without a rudder or a compass need most?

A Master, of course.




*TFIC = The Fuckers in Charge

**We’ll know it’s safe to come pouring out of our bunkers, and caves, when “Elite” is defined in the OED as “parasite”.

*** “Huffington, the former wife of Republican congressman Michael Huffington, co-founded The Huffington Post, which is now owned by BuzzFeed. She was a popular conservative commentator in the mid-1990s, after which, in the late-1990s, she offered liberal points of view in public, while remaining involved in business endeavors  In 2003, she ran as an independent candidate for governor in the California recall election and lost.  In 2009, Huffington was No. 12 in Forbes first-ever list of the Most Influential Women In Media. She has also moved up to No. 42 in The Guardian‘s Top 100 in Media List. As of 2014, she is listed by Forbes as the 52nd Most Powerful Woman in the World.,” quoth Wiki.

****Though, admittedly, much of the Old Left was confused (and Oedipally-bedeviled) enough  already. Like, what sort of Liberation-minded Free Spirit embraces motherfucking Communism, which is, clearly, in any case, under its flimsy façade of noble/depressing  rhetoric,  a commissioned tool of globe-straddling, Robber Baron Capitalists? A stealthy war-tool when inflicted on a rival state (eg what Germany and England did to Russia, shortly after 1900, with a proto-Color Revolution) and a comprehensive system of collective control, as in the case of China, where we find Multi-National Capitalists at the very top and Communists in the bottom 9.9/10ths of the pyramid.   Is China really your idea of…  oh, never mind.

____________________     ______________   ___________________________________  ____


MICROFACEBOOT presented this letter (below) as a memory, this morning, reminding me of its existence, and I was glad: this was one of the best Fuck Off letters I’ve ever dashed off to anyone. More importantly, and relevant to this post, and prescient, in a way:  the essence of this kiss-off is a resolute Fuck Off to almost all the Liberal “friends” I made in the 1980s and 1990s (mostly in the epicentric Upper Midwest) who have outed themselves, since 2020, as a smiley-faced Borg of Collaborators.  The stiffest penalty I can wish on any of them is retroactive shame.                                        

*****Open Letter to a Facebook Dick: A lesson about Art and Other Things***** 

(March 24, 2011)

(I’ve been acquainted with fat cat Chan P.  since the 1980s, but never knew him well. He was in my Facebook. Now he isn’t. He’s been mildly irritating recently, but I “ignored” it; then I sent him a link to a story and he responded with one very strange sentence…)

Chan: Do I appear too harsh? I mean beyond the picture… Let me say that I have a respect and admiration for you and I really think it’s quite worthy of mention that we still have a mutual (i hope) friendship despite our long separation geographically.

Me: Not “harsh”, Chan… strange.

I use this Facebook to keep in touch with people I haven’t seen in years (with the exception of my very close friend P—, who I see several times a week, but who is often out of the country… the FB chat is convenient as hell). In some cases, there are people here I didn’t even really know that well back then… the danger is that I sometimes face moments of unforeseen and awkward incompatibility (eg, when good old Joe P. suddenly manifested his Tea Partitude).

Now, I had it coming in this last case: that was quite a leap of faith on my part, sending a link to that story, because I *assumed* (owing to one stray Pynchon ref from you) that you’re in the same ballpark re: taste (a word I deploy minus value-judgment)…. and I presumed that you know the protocol when an acquaintance shares Art. This is the protocol: if you genuinely like it, and have the time to discuss it, by all means initiate a discussion. If you don’t like it, be vague in your response (“interesting!”), or don’t respond at all… grownups who have spent thirty years making Art pick up on these subtle clues and won’t be hurt or bothered.

Your response was a violation of protocol on a few levels: 1) it was rude (the kind of rudeness you could just about finesse IF you knew the target well), 2) unsolicited “critiques” from non-critics/non-practitioners are always irritating and never useful 3) an unsupported one-liner is not a “critique”.

“Verbosity” is a relative term that says more about your taste (or your vocabulary) than anything technical about the text. And to use “run-on” as a pejorative reeks of the ever-dreaded middlebrow. That’s me being “harsh”.

Again: my mistake for sharing; I was aware of the risk but I thought it was minimal. The strange thing about you this past week or so (to return to the opening of this kiss-off) is how apparently dedicated you’ve been to being irritating and/or offensive! Have I not fulfilled my half of the social contract by leaving friendly/cute/complimentary comments on your picture-posts?

Listen: I was NOT sure how to respond to your embarrassing offer for me to play the second banana in your I-Spy joke (of last week), despite my eminently-qualified skin color. I tried to “laugh” it off; you pressed the point! I haven’t dealt with that kind of chummy racism since college and it’s not something I “friend” people on this account in order to enjoy. As fun as it is.

And your little fit of Pissant Pedantry a couple of days back…. did you really take a red pencil to a word (“topnotch”) in a Facebook messenger note ? What was I supposed to make of that?

Chalk it up to experience! The Past is a distant country and all that jazz. Let’s both retreat to the safety and comfort of The Present with which we are most familiar.

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