“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”

Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

—(I’m taking a musical pause, this weekend, because the guy I’m working on a pre-production with, before taking that track into the Big Studio, is sorting out a Midi issue; being a Compulsive Writer I’m relaxing, in this break, by writing)—



A tried and true click-bait headline one reads a dozen times per day, in the “Alt Right” or “Socialist Left” territory of the ChatterNet, is something along the lines of “Capitalism is Destroying Itself” (I’m looking at you, Chris Hedges),  or “The Last Days of the American Empire,” a false promise poignantly reminiscent of the “These Are the End Times!” placards once popular in Mad Magazine-era Times Square. I’m old enough to remember more than one End of the World Cult that was bold enough to name the day and the time, conning its gullible adherents into investing in bomb shelters and stockpiling spam and potable water, or gathering on some Red State hilltop, for the eagerly anticipated moment that the Cuban Missile Crisis, or the year 2012, or Y2k, was going to wipe the slate clean and reward the Faithful with the gold star of a righteous death. Every time, of course, the slate was not only not wiped clean but gathered another layer of eccentric pentimenti for future Psycho-Historians to sift through.

Last night I stumbled across this headline: “ALBERT CAMUS ON WHY RIGHT WINGERS WANT GLOBAL WARMING,” which would have been a neat trick if its insinuation were true, considering the fact that the suave Cafe Philosopher died (exactly as he would have preferred, like James Dean) decades before even the Freon/Ozone Hole Hoax peaked.

Sidenote: I happened to be reading the Daily Mail (guilty pleasure equivalent to my mother’s monthly sheepish mid-20th-century National Enquirer check-out line purchases) and it featured, mid-page, a feverishly pink and reddish projection map of the globe under the banner “SECOND HOTTEST OCTOBER in 140 YEARS,” and, finding a very pink Germany on the map, I had to chuckle to remember that this October (along with most of September and most of July) was as cold as I had ever remembered one being: it didn’t even get shirt-sleeves warm this year, in Berlin, until the middle of July and October 1st was so cold that I caught myself promising Daughter that she’d be waking up to a  snow-covered vista any day now…  we had morning ice but no snow, sadly…

The Camus-hijacking article began with:

“It’s occurred to me that conservatives aren’t global warming deniers. Rather, they know global warming is a reality, yet they welcome it. They’re a suicidal death cult. Catastrophe brought on by climate change means they’ll not only get to shoot people (like they did during Hurricane Katrina), but that their suicidal, life denying impulses will take us all down with them.”

And went from there to quote the cig-sucking Albert himself (excerpt):

“This logic has carried the values of suicide, on which our age has been nurtured, to their extreme logical consequence, which is legalized murder. It culminates, at the same time, in mass suicide. The most striking demonstration of this was provided by the Hitlerian apocalypse of 1945. Self-destruction meant nothing to those madmen, in their bomb shelters, who were preparing for their own death and apotheosis. All that mattered was not to destroy oneself alone and to drag a whole world with one.”

Let’s ignore, for now,  the more-than-plausible likelihood that (whispering) Hitler didn’t kill himself, in Berlin,  but ended up (not unlike Jeff Epstein) enjoying his Bavaria-themed ranch on the Pampas…  I commented on this post:

This is quite a naive take on things. The people who got to “shoot people (like they did during Hurricane Katrina)” weren’t the invisible super-wealthy who own and control everything, like Caligulan Cattle farmers, it was the minions of their minions, ie: poor people (police) who (delusionally) saw themselves as better than the poor people they shot. A “suicidal death cult” would have been done with the job by now, not living and breeding on vast estates you and I will never get within 30 miles of;  exclusive real estate all over (the most habitable) parts of the planet. Why do you think they want to wean you off of red meat? More golf courses for them! You think “a suicidal death cult” would bother plotting out the major tectonic shifts,  in the psycho-sociology of the global masses, decades in advance, with the help of ThinkTanks comprised of the brightest (most amoral) minds skimmed from the best universities…? Do you think the organizational complexity of, say, the CFR or the Trilateral Commission, is something “a suicidal death cult” would even bother with?

Why do you suppose they are bothering to spend decades patiently and irrevocably herding us (The Vast Unwashed) toward welcoming zero privacy, open borders, digital “money,” Zero Population Growth, “veganism” (and protein substitutes: eg insects), feminized (non-combative) males, et al… because they want to “die”… or because they want to inaugurate a stable, Neo Feudalist, Techno-“Paradise” for their class and “happy” (docile) servitude for such Serfs (greatly reduced in number) as they will need to maintain the system for the next thousand years? Remember: no Robot is cheaper, more sophisticated (and more replaceable) than a human slave… and they (the Vassals and Merlin Class and Lords) will need these cheap “robots” to service the really expensive, fragile machines they rely on to maintain control. Oh: and to shine their shoes. And to fuck them.

“Suicidal Death cult”? Nah. Joyless psychopaths,  more like. Joyless psychopaths with very long lives. Most Serfs will be isolated semi-literates, masturbating to virtual porno, eating insect protein and living in cramped, stacked modules while THEY (the global wealthy) fuck real humans, collect first editions, feast on steaks, breed orchids and horses, stroll across vast estates and push their well-paid scientists to unlock the secret of extreme longevity.

“Here suicide and murder are two aspects of a single system, the system of a misguided intelligence that prefers, to the suffering imposed by a limited situation, the dark victory in which heaven and earth are annihilated.”

Yeah, sure: that’s why they’ve amassed mind-boggling military systems for full-spectrum dominance of the planet: so they can kill themselves. Sarcasm off. Camus, like so many (promoted) writers, had the political sophistication of a teen.

My crystal ball is only the world itself, kids.




I may feel that a (largely white male movement) of TransWimmin invading and colonizing the semantic, social, medical and professional sports territory of Actual Women teeters suspiciously on the edge of merely looking like The New Misogyny, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t find this recent crop of articulate, entertaining, glossy-haired Pretty-Boys with Big Tits cool in a very Sci Fi way. From Right Wingish Blair White to Lefty Intellectual Contrapoints, I’m totally for the Philip K. Dickness of the mainstreaming of it all, and I think that “Human Rights”, as a concept and practise and legal reality, is strengthened by People Doing Whatever The Fuck They Want (Without Fucking Over Others). But (as I just wrote to my Old Friend ET)…

Whether or not you’re ready for this, ET, I come now with the spine-tingling info that the artificial vaginas of TransWimmin who “have the operation” (and pay to have their dicks removed… ) are obligated to use what’s called “dilators,” from time to time, to… are you ready for this?… keep the wound from healing shut. If They are so far from being able to construct a convincing “vagina” in TransWimmin’s former-penis-sites, imagine how crude the fake dicks on TransFellers are (insert picture of Blair’s boyfriend’s suppurating nub: just joking)! Gender PostModernism is churning out genitally-mutilated quasi-Hermaphrodites at best… and even Blair, who looks “hot” from most angles, looks like a guy with tits from one damning angle that HeShe assiduously avoids on her YouTube channel, when she’s in control of the cameras. As PT Barnum once observed, “There’s a (man who thinks he’s a woman trapped in a man’s body, because Twitter told them so) born every minute,”… and a rash of gender-confused suicides looming, in a generation, that “we,” of course, won’t learn a fucking thing from as we hop to the next fraudulently-supposedly-god-like ability to traduce the Natural (you know, people who present as Cats or Dogs).

You know, of course, that (as of now) Blair and Contrapoints have wisely opted to keep their Philips in place? Best of both worlds. Never trust an Ideological Fad that would compel you to chop your dick off.


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