(another letter to old friend, professional Artist and recalcitrant Manchesteronian, ET, who generously provided the fabulous illustration for last year’s  THIS)

I wrote…

ET! I know it’s not even December yet, but the season is already so…  Christmassy… that I feel inspired to share with you something that is somewhat of a Yuletide tradition around our compound (nervously toggles the control on the camera monitoring rear left perimeter) … a video I can’t see without immediately thinking innocently of Santa… elves… adultery… karate moves… peyote…


PS To another friend:

Dear D: I know you’re a KB aficionado but this vid settles once and for all a question I’ve tussled with, quite mildly, with no urgency, since buying the still-wonderful The Dreaming all those years ago (’83?) … a question to do with KB’s… erm…  (“sanity” is far too unsubtle and vulgar a word)…

4 thoughts on “LETTER TO ET

  1. It’s been claimed that the effects of THC mirror those of psychosis. She was, at this point anyway, quite the pothead. I admire any performer who knows the value of not holding back (so the director is spared having to pull it out of them) especially if they happen to be so high that anybody else in that state’d be taking back shit they hadn’t even stolen. Man! This is real! For x-mas and so x-tra over the top. Also, too (as our BLCKDGRD’d say), she is one of those artists whose naivete has served her well.


    1. D! Never would I mock KB with anything but love’s anxious awe! But this vid (which I’d never seen before) was unusual… and more funny for its era-specific sins of tele-mis-production than Kate’s martial arts… I *think*.

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      1. BTW: The Dreaming, the masterpiece that never was, was the only one I’d snagged on vinyl, now lost to moving around. If I recollect right, its creation peaked in the allowance of the aforementioned cannabinoided creativity. This only now just registered: ‘Santa… elves… adultery… karate moves… peyote…’ Ha! You kill me.

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        1. Ach, don’t make me ache over my loss of the same vinyl… I can still see the cover so clearly (I bought two copies, one for a girl I was nuts over that year; I recall her sister saying “I really like Kate Bush but I just DIDN’T GET THIS ONE!” Which made me sneer with the perfection of my own tastes…)

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