The food is pretty good in this Civilization, and indoor plumbing is great, but I can’t help wondering what it might have been like to be born into a world that isn’t made almost entirely of the sinister, self-serving lies of the people in charge of almost every source of “information”. Some of the lies (like “Jesus” or the various historical “reasons” for War) are so preposterous and old and influential that they clearly set the stage for many of the lies to follow;  the passive receptacles of all this Lying (that’s us, folks) are so attuned to a Lie-Based Reality that most of us have forgotten some of the simple methods for evaluating the bullshit we’re fed all day, every day, every year. People claim, proudly, “Advertizing doesn’t work on me!” but it’s working on somebody; perhaps “Advertizing” defines itself more cleverly than many of its targets understand?

The truly monstrous threats to your Health and Safety and the Future of the World… for example, the interrelated demons of Big Pharma, Narcotics, Booze, Junk Food, Monsanto; how many alarmist headlines on those topics are you exposed to every day/ week/ year?  Um, Very Few? Yet you trust the same Media bringing you Doom & Gloom on the matter of Plant Air (a chief ingredient in the Eco-System’s production of Human Air)? You don’t find this bizarre inconsistency telling? When a Lie Detecting Test is calibrated, what is the calibrated baseline used as a standard against? Inconsistencies, no?

When a red-faced man in a shiny suit is screaming in your face to “SIGN IT! SIGN IT NOW! SIGN IT OR THE MONSTERS WILL EAT YOUR CHILDREN!”…. what do you do?

The first step is asking yourself a question…


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