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We always knew there was a web of sinister affiliations but did we ever suspect how densely woven, and far-reaching, and old,  this web really is?

(Guest narrator: Rod Serling)


Our Reality is underpinned 24/7/365 by Toe-Curling Conspiracies, but “conspiracy” is a relative term; to the jaded denizens of that sneaky dimension it’s just called Life at the Top. While we have our little ups and downs in Heavily Mediated Fantasy Land (what’s Lady Gaga wearing to Pamplona this year?), The Fuckers in Charge (a mutually-interpenetrating global cluster of organized crime, intelligence agencies, plutocrats old and new, puppet-politicians, Mystery Organizations like the Catholic Church,  Scientology and Disneylandworld,  plus The Ancient Families) are doing whatever they want, regardless of our best interests. They are held in check only by running up against the diverging goals of one another.

We… the Serfs… are not a factor as long as they keep us sweet with TV, movies, pop, drugs, Cartoon Politics and poignant dreams of winning the lottery. We have the numbers (7 billion strong) but we’re credulous, ignorant, deferential to power and perpetually half-asleep. On the other hand, as stupid as it is (in the context of not-super-long lifespans) to follow the interminably nit-witted narratives of team sports, celebrity soap operas or the personality cult of identitarian politics, at least the overwhelming majority of Serfs aren’t so jaded by wealth and power that they can only get off by indulging in horrific acts of Caligulan Evil … like TFIC, right?

I take some comfort in that.

I used to say “I don’t mind being on the losing side but what I hate is being on the losing side with a bunch of fucking retards,” or something to that effect. But now I would put that differently; I would just sigh and say:  At least I’m not on the side of Caligulan Evil. (And no, “Liberals,”  I’m not referring exclusively to Republicans).

Most of you reading this are extremely good people… which may, in fact,  be working against your ability to understand the World. Maybe you need to be a leeetle bit more of an asshole (like I am) to see through this blatant shit. Historical Precedent provides context for these massive, interlinking and transgenerational crimes with the persistence of a broken record in Hell… why are we not paying attention? Why are we forever taking the Perps’ word for it?

Why are we so easy to shove off the trail?

Where are our torches and pitchforks and our righteous, castle-storming, elemental peasant zeal?

A lot of this stuff appeared on The Six O’Clock News as it was happening (one faction of TFIC outing another)… and we just… changed the channel to Dynasty.

“[Craig] Spence later stated that his contacts within the White House, which allowed him and his “call boys” access, were “top level” officials and he specifically singled out George H.W. Bush’s then-National Security Advisor Donald Gregg. Gregg had worked at the CIA since 1951 before he resigned in 1982 to become National Security Advisor to Bush, who was then vice president. Prior to resigning from his post at the CIA, Gregg had worked directly under William Casey and, in the late 1970s, alongside a young William Barr in stonewalling the congressional Pike Committee and Church Committee, which investigated the CIA beginning in 1975. Among the things that they were tasked with investigating were the CIA’s “love traps,” or sexual blackmail operations used to lure foreign diplomats to bugged apartments, complete with recording equipment and two-way mirrors.

Barr would later become Bush’s Attorney General, rising to that post yet again under Trump. Furthermore, Barr’s father worked for the precursor to the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and recruited a young Jeffrey Epstein, then a high school drop-out, to teach at the elite Dalton School, from which Epstein was later fired. A year prior to hiring Epstein, Donald Barr published a science fiction fantasy novel about sex slavery. Notably, the same year Donald Barr hired Epstein, his son was working for the CIA. Bill Barr has refused calls to recuse himself from the Epstein case, even though he worked at the same law firm that has represented Epstein in the past.”


Indeed Spence, just months before his alleged suicide in the Boston Ritz Carlton, had hinted to Washington Times reporters Michael Hedges and Jerry Seper, who had originally broken the story, that they had merely scratched the surface of something much darker:

All this stuff you’ve uncovered [involving call boys, bribery and the White House tours], to be honest with you, is insignificant compared to other things I’ve done. But I’m not going to tell you those things, and somehow the world will carry on.

William “CIA” Casey and Roy “Trump Mentor” Cohn were best friends? Cohn was Steve “Studio 54” Rubell’s lawyer, and very close to Ronald Reagan? J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailed by Cohn? The Craig Spence “call boy” scandal of the Bush-1 Whitehouse was connected to William Barr? Roy Cohn gave Barbara Walters her start and helped bring Rupert Murdoch to power… ?  Walters, Cohn, Casey, Kissinger, Trump and Nancy Reagan all partied together at Studio 54…?

“Of particular importance is the “Iran Contra” network, a group of Reagan officials and associates who played key roles in the Iran Contra scandal. Though it has remained relatively unknown for years, many key figures in that same network, and several fronts for the CIA that were involved in funneling money to the Central American Contra paramilitaries, were also trafficking minors for their sexual exploitation and use in sexual blackmail rings.”

How many VIP Sex Rooms (with hidden cameras) do you think they had in Studio 54?

Which brings us back to Jeff Epstein.

(Speaking of whom: what’s Jeffy doing right now… checking his emails on the gilded shores of some azure body of water? Sporting a goatee? A shaved head? A boob job (this is, after all, the post late-early Aughties)….?

Read about Jeff (and just about every other “A-Lister”  in the known Universe)  HERE and HERE

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