Famous post-Punk Power to the People “Remember the 5th of November” comedian Stewart Lee has been transformed by the media-virus into a gullible bourgeois cunt, positioning himself on the Totalitarian side of history by drinking the Government’s middle-class-targeting propaganda and finding it delicious. He has posted the following thing, in his newsletter, in which his core-political-conscience appears to struggle with his gullible bourgeois overlay, as evidenced in the queer infelicities of spelling and style the following text reveals:


The gvt may not impose vaccine passporting, as their will be questions about who is responsible if you can’t get into your local pub/club/theatre/brothel.
I would be delighted if, if you are coming to see me, you could do your best to get vaccinated, irrespective of what the gvt or the venue insist upon.
I doubt that my snowflake audience will contain many people who deny the existence of Covid or believe the vaccine is George Soros or Bill Gates trying to put tiny Transformer robots into your blood.
But I and my team will be interacting with over 150 000 people on the next leg of the tour, and I would like to minimise our risk, and the risk to my audience, so meet me half way.
I will be selling and signing stuff as usual, I hope, but I won’t be shaking hands to thank you all this time around, and will probably be positioned behind some kind of screen like William Shatner in Airplane 2. Sad.***

Stewart Lee used to make me laugh by “punching up” at comedians who made more money than he did, while punching sideways at the middle class Smugerati who enjoyed those comedians, primarily, by being able to afford the tickets to their shows, rarely punching down (except to read, onstage, the illiterate letters of his largely working class detractors, in a comedically thick-sounding and halting voice). The “pandemic” has given Stewart a license to punch down, now, with a vengeance. If the Ruling “Elite” don’t decide to use the “pandemic” to do away with Music and Comedy altogether, Stew is probably working up an hilarious ninety minutes based on all the information he doesn’t possess or grasp regarding corrupt Governments and the tricks they play on their Cattle-like Inmates. And, of course, on the Cattle-like Inmates’  Bourgeois Kapos, too. It’s tricks and turtles all the way down.

The Ouroboros of the intellectual life of a Bourgeois Kapo is defined by the fact that the only acceptable information (sic) regarding the propaganda controlling Bourgeois Kapo life is the propaganda itself. If Stewart Lee had the will (or his early youthful skepticism) to read outside the Official Propaganda Feedback loop, he’d have learned by now that “vaccine passporting” is a Trojan Horse for Geofencing. Among other dreadfully sinister things.

Stew, you’ve let yourself go, as the cozy old fan trope has it:  you’ve gone from being a self-effacingly smug, big-bellied unit of Middle Class Credulity to being whatever it is you are now. Infected by that social engineering Media Bug going around and exacerbated by your arrogantly blinkered inertia regarding any class struggles or political exigencies more recent than Thatcher.


PS Re:  Stew’s “tiny Transformer robots” riff : is this how the scientifically illiterate refer to mRNA technology? Or perhaps this is what Stew was attempting to reference in his shamefaced ignorance of not only the technology but the fact that people who didn’t attend Oxford, on a poor boy’s scholarship (as he did), may actually know about things regarding which he knows fuckall? Read about this peer-reviewed paper on “tiny Transformer robots” :

****A biodegradable nanocapsule delivers a Cas9 ribonucleoprotein complex for in vivo genome editing

  • Guojun Chen, 
  • Amr A Abdeen, 
  • Yuyuan Wang, 
  • Pawan K. Shahi, 
  • Samantha Robertson, 
  • Ruosen Xie
  • Masatoshi Suzuki, 
  • Bikash R. Pattnaik, 
  • Krishanu Saha & 
  • Shaoqin Gong 

Nature Nanotechnology volume 14, pages974–980(2019) 


Delivery technologies for the CRISPR-Cas9 (CRISPR, clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) gene editing system often require viral vectors, which pose safety concerns for therapeutic genome editing. Alternatively, cationic liposomal components or polymers can be used to encapsulate multiple CRISPR components into large particles (typically >100 nm diameter); however, such systems are limited by variability in the loading of the cargo. Here, we report the design of customizable synthetic nanoparticles for the delivery of Cas9 nuclease and a single-guide RNA (sgRNA) that enables the controlled stoichiometry of CRISPR components and limits the possible safety concerns in vivo. We describe the synthesis of a thin glutathione (GSH)-cleavable covalently crosslinked polymer coating, called a nanocapsule (NC), around a preassembled ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex between a Cas9 nuclease and an sgRNA. The NC is synthesized by in situ polymerization, has a hydrodynamic diameter of 25 nm and can be customized via facile surface modification. NCs efficiently generate targeted gene edits in vitro without any apparent cytotoxicity. Furthermore, NCs produce robust gene editing in vivo in murine retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) tissue and skeletal muscle after local administration. This customizable NC nanoplatform efficiently delivers CRISPR RNP complexes for in vitro and in vivo somatic gene editing.****

Speaking of the hilariously satirical (one supposes) conjunction of the name “Bill Gates” with the concept of “nanotechnology” (or what Stew likes to call, with a good old snicker,  “tiny transformer robots in your blood”):

***Gates Foundation pumps $10M into NC nanotech company Liquidia

New vaccines incorporating nanotechnology are the goals for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which infused North Carolina-based Liquidia Technologies with a $10 million equity investment.


Mar 4, 2011 at 9:35 AM***

Oh, and here’s something knee-slappingly satirical along the same lines:

***Storing medical information below the skin’s surface

Specialized dye, delivered along with a vaccine, could enable “on-patient” storage of vaccination history.

Anne Trafton | MIT News Office

Publication Date:

December 18, 2019***

(On supposes that any information, that the distributor of the vaccine chooses, could also be stored in the target’s body: “the negative possibilities are endless,” claim non-Oxford-attending conspiracy theorists)



PPS What is it about supposedly class-conscious former punks who establish a comfortable niche in the Neo Liberal Content Gravy Train (like ticks on the arse of an exceptionally filthy giant)  and align with the criminal objectives of Ruling “Elites”? System-lauded “Avant garde” writer Stewart Home is an obedient little “Pandemic” Reactionary, too, as it turns out. Is he under the impression that Bill Gates is this generation’s Joe Strummer?  Or is it just a cognitive problem with people named “Stewart”…?


This wasn’t the first time Stewart “Vichy” Lee shocked and nauseated me with his Class-betraying gullibility and Militant Useful Idiocy; as I commented elsewhere, in February of this year:

****They’ve even got Stewart Lee working for the Relentless Propaganda Support League, going out of his way to mock people for rebelling against HERDTHINK’S HEGEMONY; people rebelling in very much the way, ironically, that seems to bring a nostalgic tear to Lee’s eye, as long as he’s remembering anti-Thatcher punks of a bygone era instead of anti-Gates Free Thinkers of today:

“On Monday, the Oasis pop star Noel Gallagher announced his suspicion of masks: “If I get the virus it’s on me, it’s not on anyone else… it’s a piss-take,” declared the People’s Virologist. “There’s no need for it… They’re pointless.” The previous week, in a punctuation-resistant statement Auto-Tuned into near coherence, former Stone Roses singer Ian Brown declared: “NO LOCKDOWN NO TESTS NO TRACKS NO MASKS NO VAX”, and appeared to imply that billionaire Bill Gates had released the bat virus. Two members of 90s northern indie bands had announced their distrust of Covid realities. I found my Britpop-era Filofax to see if I could track and trace a failure to trust scientific and health data generally among the fading faces of the Madchester generation. Top one!”

Lee mocks “The People’s Virologist” Noel Gallagher but has nothing to say about The Ruling Class’s Computer-Modeler, Neil Ferguson, or the Ruling Class’s Global Health Czar Bill Gates, neither of whom are as qualified to rule Duh Masses by diktat as Gallagher is to leave the issue of masks and hand-san up to his own discretion. Now, I’m a huge fan of Lee as a comedian, but his support of this nonsense makes me think he’s an ideologically mind-locked, boot-licking Vichy jester who happens to be funny… but not suitable for the right-on admiration he once perhaps deserved. This opinion will not be shared by most of his fans, who will have “Stew” in their heads the next time they see an unmasked citizen and react accordingly, smugly presuming that person to be Lower Class in The Only Unacceptable Lefty-Liberal Sense of the Term. And so on for every demographic and its respective “icon”.****

With “working class heroes” like these, who needs fox-hunting Toffs?



Philanthropy’s Original Sin

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    1. Strangely compelling groovelets! Wife spotted him at Lehrter Station two years ago and he was very friendly. He produced the first German artifact I ever laughed at, way back when (besides a pizza with corn and tuna on it, I mean) but I can’t remember if it was “Cats Toilets”. That may well have been the last, too! laugh

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      1. He got me having to angle past his ride cymbal.

        “Tuna’n’ corn, tuna’n’ corn, hol dir mal bei Pizza Björn.”


        1. The thing is, the line dividing the absurd from the commercially available… is so… broken… that I’m not sure which part of that jingle (if any) was invented for this comment! (I’m hearing it, in any case, in that weird strangled and whiskery/ gurgling voice)


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