IN THE NAME of WIFE & DAUGHTER & GRANDDAUGHTER (& a few billion others)

in the name of

Remember how European males “discovered” “America,” despite the fact that it was already populated, and they took the place over, making the continent “theirs”? Well, it’s happening again, only this time what they’re invading is the definition of the genetically-determined gender called “female,” aka (in humans) WOMAN. Genetically-determined males: do whatever you prefer, to decorate or transform your own bodies: this is your right! I support you! But, please: come up with a new word/ concept/ label for what it is that you would like to become, with the help of drugs and surgery (or just make-up, or attitude), because the word WOMAN is taken, already, by WOMEN. You can’t invade the concept. You can’t take over. There are people already there. Please respect that. Your feelings and desires cannot, in this case, come first. It’s time to get creative and be fair.



PS It’s up to us Nobodies to spread the word and defend WOMEN, because everyone’s favorite celebrities have far too much to lose to risk speaking TRUTH to TWITTER

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