The ability to Think is not fashionable; it is fashionable instead to recycle prefabricated slogans and attitudes which are disseminated and policed by Social Media. Even (or especially) online opinionators who present themselves as authoritatively rational steer straight for the “likes” by indulging in the appropriate Herdthink of their respective demographics. Nothing to say about endemic Queer Racism, or the third-world-resource-plundering that feeds Woke Obesity, or the psycho-social plague of Urban Black Auto-Genocide,  because it’s safer to shame “the male gaze” or celebrate the infantilizing victim status of a Universal Brand of  “WOMAN” that seems to be borrowed from a quaint notion of Native Americans (Natural/ Nurturing/ Gentle/ Cosmic/ Wise) that was popular in the 1970s (before Indian Casino-Gaming took off)?

The Binary-Bias of The West reduces everything to a football game. For Fans B, Team A are evil, and for Fans A, Team B are evil…profiting only the Owners of both Teams (and the Owners of the Stadium). If you aren’t an Owner, you don’t have any dogs in the fight… you are the dogs. Wise up.

If you think foul Trump is the first psycho/ rapist/ retard/ fuckface/ liar/ killer creep in the Offal Orifice (which POTUS wasn’t one or all of the above? Maybe Jimmy Carter… maybe) , you’re ignorant and gullible at best. If you focus on Trump’s depredations and ignore the Clintons’ or Bushes’ or Obama’s or LBJ’s or JFK’s, (et al),   you’re ignorant and gullible at best. If you think POTUS isn’t just the grinning hood ornament on the blood-drenched rape-van of The West: ditto. When PepsiCo gets a new President, do they start bottling milk or orange juice instead of brown death? It’s still Pepsi, right? 

When Poll Results regarding The State of The World vary radically depending on whether those polled are A)-White Liberals, B)-Black Americans or C)-citizens of “The Arab Street,” is it because, possibly, members of A)- aren’t as likely to be gunned down like dogs or incinerated while attending grammar school or a wedding? But does that also mean that members of all three groups aren’t steeped in superstitions and self-serving prejudices and awful outcomes of both?

What kind of adolescent (wearing ideological blinders) can’t condemn the decades of barbaric ZIO/NATO invasion-rapes of “The Middle East” while also recognizing the Muslim religious worldview to be every bit as illogical, toxic, oppressive and retrograde as its Judeo/Christian equivalent, its collateral sexual politics no less abhorrent, while also acknowledging that the West’s supposedly shining “MeToo” moment was largely a front for internecine score-settling and power-grabbing that quickly devolved, at street level,  into a mindless witch hunt which conveniently left quite a few sacred cows unscathed and the ongoing Consumer-Sex-Bot-ification of its stripper-poled females uninterrupted; The West’s supposed sudden development of an LGBTQ consciousness being nothing but A) a way to burnish corporate brands and B)  a disingenuous  “color revolution”  Twitter-cudgel to beat Beijing and Moscow and Tehran with, bearing in mind, also, that the Trans movement is in many ways yet another attack on, and devaluation of, Biological Women by entitled males cynically claiming superior victim status?

It’s not Either/ Or.

We are each comprised of many minds of varying degrees of intelligence on a rotating schedule of running the show. Many otherwise brilliant engineers, for example, have adolescent taste in films; many wise mothers are idiotic drivers; many great poets were self-destructive, mouth-breathing morons in Love. Many, many otherwise sane, wise, witty, learned, cultured and sophisticated people fall for Nigerian Phishing scams… and also buy all the reeking horseshit TV sells them about Murrkka, War, Race, Gender, Russia, The Climate, Vaccinations (it’s not a matter of questioning the Science, kids, it’s a Naderian question of Product Safety: the FDA needs to start thinking of enforcing some bottom-line-threatening standards and toss many psychopathic Big Pharma Execs in prison)…  Reality itself.

What I argue for is Responsible Cognition. What I argue for is Childhood’s End. Stop being a passive receptacle for Utter Fucking Nonsense.





Now let’s all enjoy a video clip of… um…. The Postmodern Civil Rights Struggle in Action?








  1. i was thinking about pepsi earlier this morning – actually it was coke, no pepsi – while driving home from taking missus charley to the metro i passed a large coca-cola truck – and thought back to the refillable glass contour bottle containing 6.5 ounces which was sold in my childhood

    was/is this stuff “brown death”? it is the size of the dose that makes a substance a poison, as paracelsus pointed out – while doing FORTRAN programming as a high school student in a summer science program held at VPI in the early 1960s sometimes one would drink 3 of these bottles a night – overdoing it, i realize now – but william blake may have been right when he wrote ‘The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom…You never know what is enough until you know what is more than enough.’

    in the late 1960s my first real girlfriend told me of how she had spent some time in the andean highlands, trying to help the very poor people there [she was, when i knew her, in her last semester of being a classmate of hillary rodham] – to honor her, and express the ultimate hospitality of which they were capable, the villagers had served her a coca cola at a meal to which she had been invited – she was the only one drinking it, as they could not afford it for the other attendees – this encounter with the lot of the masses started her on the path to being a lifelong trotskyist who ran for lieutenant governor of michigan


    one could regard the indigenous inhabitants of south america as among the many victims of the white devils – see this from a commenter at the daily mail, identified as “jupiter stone, coburg germany, 18 hours ago” – in response to an article about how susan sontag maybe wrote much/most/almost all of her husband’s first book

    >>Susan Sontag Partisan Review Winter 1967: ‘The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballets, et al., don’t redeem what this particular civilisation has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.'<>historically, white people had a technological advantage in exploiting people from the other continents – but there’s plenty of nastiness committed by nonwhites, now and in the past – so i think sontag is taking a too eurocentric view about how horrible whites are, just as others say whites are so great – the world’s problems are due to how PEOPLE behave, not just how WHITE PEOPLE behave<<


    1. MC!

      I would remind Paracelsus that some poisons (like lead) are cumulative in their effect; ask the Mad Hatters (re: mercury); I have believed, for years, that Pepsi is what led to my mother’s Dementia. She neither drank alcohol nor smoked but had at least one Pepsi, every day of her adult life, for well over 50 years. The concentrated sugar (and/or high fructose corn syrup) in that fizzing sludge is only something you can metabolize when young and active, I think. Guzzling it at 70+ (she lived to 81) while sedentary, single (too headstrong to find a mate of her sexist generation after she divorced my father in the late 1960s) and not exactly eating a farmer’s diet to balance the Pepsi (that is, crypto-sugars on top of all the sugars)… I blame The Brown Death (her mother lived lucidly into her 90s) and the lax reporting about the real dangers of America’s Industrial Food Culture! In fact, my theory is that quite a lot of the reported “mental health issues” of the very young and very old are crypto-Diabetic (I developed this theory after reading Mark Vonnegut’s Eden Express and later observing two cases of 20-something-onset Schizophrenia that seemed to parallel terrible diets) but if that connection were investigated, a trillion-dollar industry might collapse. Cancer/ Dementia/ Heart Disease, et al… I think it’s all down to diet/environment, though some may be more vulnerable, genetically, than others. My Daughter doesn’t do Junk Food… I let her do it when she was young enough to get the urge out of her system safely; by the time she was 11 she was off of it without any prompting (she doesn’t long for it because I never forbid it). A victory!

      Re: Sontag’s Eurocentric Bragplaining: yeah. The foundations for all that knowledge were formed as a global effort of trade-route-connected cultures until the highly specific conditions supporting the Industrial Revolutions shot Europe forward. Competitive corporations play out the asymptotic curve of success-breeding-success all the time… it doesn’t mean that the losing corporations/ products were the work of morons. Neither does it mean that any of the (eg) early software companies, had they reached (Gov-supported) Microsoft levels, would have been benign where Microsoft is predatory. Somewhat similarly to what Paracelsus said about poison: it’s all about Scale, baby! Scale and Sontag’s own 10/10/80 rule. It’s that evil 10 in the middle (no matter what color/ language) you have to watch out for…


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