Duh Masses don’t understand the actual forms and uses of Propaganda (they expect it to look and function like Nazi or Soviet work from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s) but Intellectuals do. It takes years of schooling to evaluate, semi-objectively, powerful subliminal appeals to the most primal emotions (fear, hate, greed) and Intellectuals have this schooling. “Schooling” is a matter of conditioning the mind and one couldn’t expect the unconditioned mind of a child to recognize, for example,  sexual flirtation as a means for career advancement  any more than one would expect the un-schooled to recognize or understand propaganda and its function (which is, in part, to provide a cover for the hidden machinations of corporate/political power). Intellectuals are trained to recognize and understand this (and that the double-function of propaganda is to demonize the Other while normalizing the Fatherland). But they rarely expose and explain contemporary propaganda… the smiley-faced stuff we live and breathe… to Duh Masses. Why is this?

I abhor the American public’s widespread anti-intellectualism but I understand it. Deliberately substandard mass-“education” is a large part of it (because no ruling class wants to deal with Enlightened Serfs) but there’s more to it: Duh Masses know, explicitly or intuitively, that both public (showbiz) and boiler-room (policy-influencing) intellectuals are the Judas Goats who sell us all out, historically, with their own careers in mind. Dramatizing the false paradigm of government’s “Left” and “Right” dichotomy is the childish puppet theater of a compassionate “Left” protecting us from the hard-hearted “Right”… the real difference being the soft, slick, succouring words the “Left” will whisper into the ears of the cattle stampeding down that chute toward slaughter vs the tight-lipped nods of approval displayed by their colleagues on the “Right”… the efforts of the “Left” to pad the walls of the chute, install “green” light bulbs in the slaughterhouse, fine any of the slaughterhouse staff for “disrespecting” the animals as they cut the animals’ throats. Doing anything to impede or even shut down production is not on the table… only the body parts of the cows (us) are on the table… because who goes through decades of school, taking on massive debt, and finally cocksucks his/her way to a toe-hold in a psychopathically-competitive System … in order to shut the System down and preclude the possibility of the prayed-for pay-off?


Every plan for an economic system/ social structure projected for the supposed benefit of Duh Masses is merely a control mechanism for the pyramid’s unruly bottom. No thinker/ revolutionary ever came up with a “new” plan for a Society that wouldn’t, coincidentally, place the plan’s author at the Top.

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