Change The Premise. Things will begin to make sense when we Change The Premise.

Example: The War on Drugs: no progress after decades… how can this be? And why do they concentrate on the bottom of the pyramid, giving small-time dealers and users merciless sentences? We scratch our heads!  It makes no sense! But if we change the premise from “the War on Drugs is a sincere effort to cripple the Drug Economy”…  to…  “The War on Drugs is actually an effort to go through the motions while A) keeping the prices high and B) consolidating a monopoly on the supply and distribution”… it suddenly all makes sense. The “paradox” is solved; Logic is restored.

Another Example: The War on Terror. It seems to make no sense! If we want to stop “terrorist” activities, why do we invade, occupy, kill civilians in the countries we accuse of terror, guaranteeing a steady supply of future generations of “terrorists” seeking revenge? We scratch our heads… until we Change the Premise. If They (those in control) *want* a steady supply of future generations of revenge-inspired “terrorists” in order to A) justify unthinkably Orwellian “security” measures for the Homeland while B) supporting the most lucrative industry on Earth (Perpetual War)… it suddenly all makes sense! The “paradox” is solved; Logic is restored.

In the Real World, a Lie is far more likely than a genuine Paradox… although we’ve been trained to believe in the Paradox… we’ve been trained to go to the Paradox first, in fact. No: the actual explanation is almost always on the other side of a Lie in the accepted Premise.

Change the Premise in order to get to The Truth. This may frighten you, initially, but to the terribly logical among us it will bring a kind of relief.

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