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generation i


Edgy. Righteous. Game-changing. Silly. Let’s see if they get this one to go viral; I like the uncompromising urgency of the voice-over (I keep hearing it in Michael Palin’s voice, though…). We don’t really see very many hip, slick, targeted-at-youth video campaigns about, for example, bringing some US War Criminals to trial, strangely. No, you just don’t see hip young Instagram devotees getting into virtue-signalling meltdown over the flamboyantly genocidal Madeline Albright, do you? Obviously, gender-disparities in Nipple Display Laws are a tad more pressing

“Adwoa Aboah narrates new film about nipple censorship

‘Nipples’ is the latest in Nowness’ Define Beauty series – a look at the absurdity of online body image policing, directed by Matt Lambert

Why does the internet refuse to acknowledge female nipples? That’s a question Nowness is asking with the release of short film Nipples, directed by Matt Lambert and powerfully narrated by Adwoa Aboah, the latest in the video platform’s Define Beauty series.”












EVEN FUNNIER/DUMBER (somewhat counter-intuitively, the only pictures of womanspreading in the following article would appear to feature standard “hot” models)

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