It’s as though a Realtor sold you on a house infested with termites but because the Realtor was handsome and smooth, you bought it anyway, ignoring the obvious Red Flags. The problem worsened over the years to the extent that anytime you chose to finally face the problem, you’d be facing an Absolute Nightmare. So you chose to ignore it, and pretend the house was structurally sound, and much-improved, every time you put a new coat of paint on it. But you know, deep down, the problem is still there, and getting worse by the minute. Pretending everything is fine not only won’t fix anything but actually helps to make the problem worse. At some point you will have to face The Truth. And when you do face the Truth about The Problem, and confront the Absolute Nightmare in its every horrifying detail, it will be rough but you will get through it. You will get through it and your life, and the life of everyone else living in the house with you, will be better, freer, more truthful and secure… even if that means, in the end, you will have to move.

The coat of paint, in this parable, was the presidential election (all presidential elections). Or maybe it was a piece of cheerful, reality-inverting, propaganda that snagged your fancy? All that and more.

Just never forget: the Billionaires (and Trillionaires), who are the termites in this parable, love you.





If you  call out a “Republican’s” passionately-held and deeply irrational (counterfactual) beliefs, he or she will often denounce you as a “communist” or a “conspiracy theorist”.

If you  call out a “Democrat’s” passionately-held and deeply irrational (counterfactual) beliefs, some of them will, also,  denounce you as a “communist” or a “conspiracy theorist”. But lots of them will just pretend you never said anything. It’s like half of their brain knows you’re right, so their mind crawls into the half that doesn’t, and hides there until you go away.

Whatever works, I guess.




Taking fierce pride in one’s ignorance is a tragically common vice. How many people argue passionately on topics they have no personal experience of, have never taken a course or read a book regarding? Tumblr Gifs, Viral Re-Tweets, campaign soundbites, TikTok dancers and the misattributed sayings of dead celebrities are no remedy for the problem;  that is to say:  they aren’t an education, politically or otherwise, separately or in a bundle. These things are Thinklets at best, propaganda usually, and Styrofoam packing peanuts for your mind. What exactly is the fragile cargo these packing peanuts are protecting? Your unexamined assumptions? Someone else’s… ? Robber Baron Bill Gates’ self-image?


It’s really as though, deep into an undeclared War, the aggressors are putting the finishing touches on a POW camp they’ve been quietly building up, around “The Enemy,” for thirty years. We are that “Enemy” and most of us won’t even notice until the paint is dry on the front gate… and the gate swings shut.





Consider  the faux opposition of  a Rand Paul whose job it is to say the “unsayable” by carefully spinning it so business can go on as usual…  while also providing the illusion that TFIC are tolerant of dissent.

What Rand Paul is doing is supporting INCOMPETENCE THEORY… which is lots more comforting than the whole truth that all of those “fuck-ups” (aka war crimes) in the Middle East were/are highly profitable and very, very deliberately designed by TFIC who are breathtakingly cavalier about death and destruction among us Serfs. What’s a drone-slaughtered wedding party to these people? A shrug? Less.

So, watch Rand say the “unsayable” and listen to his faux passion; he sounds and looks rather like someone self-consciously performing in front of a crowd that knows all too well what the facts are, and what they really mean, and what his script is supposed to be. Listen to him spin not what they did but  why they supposedly did it,  which makes all the difference in the American electorate’s spoonfed aggregate mind. And while Paul is spinning all that in an act of supposedly “speaking truth to power” he’s also (subliminally) confirming every mainstream cliché regarding who the bad guys are: Iran, Qaddafi, Assad… and the Saudis-but-not-Israel. He appears to get pretty tough on the Saudis and the UAE, eh? But definitely not on Israel.

It’s much “nicer” to look at those politicians as “well-meaning bumblers” than as callously venal killers, isn’t it? Callously venal, congenitally upper-class, killers dividing up the Rogue Empire’s relentlessly-flowing spoils. And that’s Rand Paul’s function in the machine: he’s a non-comedic version of Jon Stewart, or John Oliver, put in place to humanize the monsters by blaming their “well-meaning miscalculations” instead of their carefully-calibrated monstrousness. It’s quite a sophisticated con. The Germans weren’t smart enough to try that in the 1930s. Maybe nobody was back then?

Sen. Rand Paul Questions Sec. of State Nominee Blinken on Regime Change – Jan. 19, 2021




(character enters, Stage Right, and cavorts will nilly onstage)

(character is pelted as it cavorts)

(narrator) Four years of the Bumble-Trump have been so damaging because the Bumble-Trump was so powerful that he could have his Twitter account shut down and… uh… wait (can’t really imagine Adolf Hitler having his Twitter account shut down, or letting himself be mocked for four years, now that I think about it) . Maybe the Bumble-Trump wasn’t very powerful or actually running the country at all for those four years…? Maybe whoever was running the country for the past four (or 8, or 20) years will still be running it, from behind and for long after the equally senile and corrupt new figurehead, for the next four (or 8, or 1,000) years?

(narrator scratches head)


(predestined-to-go-viral inaugural poem starts)

Let’s listen to the pretty words now instead of thinking!




It’s not a new trick; Malcolm X nailed it in ’64. Update: Biden = Johnson, Bumble-Trump = Goldwater. Bumble-Trump was our “ghastly alternative” that had even “Liberals” suddenly forgiving and embracing the nitwit war criminal George Dubya Bush and welcoming the senile, corrupt and rapey Biden as the new hood ornament on the Imperial Deathmobile. It wasn’t happenstance. Bumble-Trump was a Goldwater-like render-Biden-tolerable-in-comparison device of special efficacy. It was a trick. It worked. Just like (here comes the twist) Billary Clinton scared everyone into voting for Bumble-Trump in 2016! The irony, right? (no: you don’t even get the irony in all its glory: the full irony is that Hillary was a Goldwater Girl)

PS Unlike LBJ, who rode into his first term on JFK’s far-more-presentable coattails, and Daddy Bush, who tried to remove Reagan the way he helped remove JFK but failed,  Harris probably won’t have to collude in a plan to remove the obstructive lump of Biden violently from her path to first POTUSOCWAV; Biden guy has one foot on a banana peel and the other on the edge of an abyss: if he doesn’t croak, he’ll be declared non compos mentis before the halfway point of his term.





“Following the 2003 war and invasion of the United States (U.S) war on Iraq, the U.S. government appointed diplomat Paul Bremer, as the head of the occupational authority in Iraq. Bremer issued several Orders for a “rebuilding” effort, one of which was Order 81, aimed at reforming Iraq’s seed industry – previously centralized and resulting in a rich seed variety over the pre-war years.

Under the new Order, farmers were prohibited from saving, sharing, or replanting harvested seeds, leading to reliance on major corporations such as Monsanto, Cargill Inc., and Dow Chemical. As a result, since 2005, Iraq has only been able to provide 4% of its seed needs. Hence, with the new regulation, farmers were forced to buy seeds from suppliers, mainly from Monsanto, which without warning, would charge royalties when crops were found to contain their patented genetic material.”




9-THE INFORMATIVE COMMENT (read closely, Comrade)


Jan 26, 2021 7:37 AM

Wow. In my hospital, back in March nobody looked at the strength of the positive pcr finding. Positive was positive. And when patients were pcr negative, they CT scanned these patients (without contrast, as they wanted to look at lung tissue) (a radiologist needs contrast to look at arteries, to see if someone has pulmonary embolism). And if then still negative they were clinically diagnosed as having Covid. I am sure that all hospitals in NL followed the same strategy, and I am also sure that elsewhere the same strategy was followed. It’s all over pubmed that THIS was the science that should be followed for diagnosing Covid during ‘the first wave,

And then doctors found out, weeks later, that most of these patients did not recover from air support, because over 50% had pulmonary embolism (which needs anticoagulant treatment and is a potentially fatal disease when left untreated: blocking lung arteries by clots=pulmonary embolism which leads to damaged/ dead lung tissue after which a patient dies from hypoxia).

Just google ‘covid pulmonary embolism’ and you see how medical negligence works. If you have a strong stomach, then also read the guidelines on Covid and pulmonary embolism. There you can read about the endless stupidity of doctors (written by themselves) who think they found a ‘new disease’ that causes pulmonary embolism in such a high rate as never seen in any other disease.

Or, or, or, maybe they missed a diagnosis at admission? – The heresy!

You haven’t seen the faces of all these doctors, when I told them that they missed a diagnosis. But I have. I received irritation in return. How could I think that doctors are so stupid? Well, because they are maybe?

I tell you what you need to do to discover some truth here. And that is one, just one surviving Covid patient who was admitted to hospital (or relatives of the diseased patient) who asks (maybe through his lawyer) if the doctors at admission did or did not rule out pulmonary embolism. The symptoms (shortness of breath, high temp, dry cough) were there. The risk factors are there (male sex, older age, obesity). And the blood (high d-dimer) is usually there (as this is often routinely taken at time of admission). Their standard protocols say that people with symptoms of pulmonary embolism and high d-dimer should receive a CT scan with contrast to rule out pulmonary. If they did not do that, then you have a case of negligence which is judged in NL according to criminal law, civil law, and disciplinary law. It’s considered as the worst offense in medicine. For a reason!




It’s 1968 all over again; it’s the TUNED-INS  versus the SQUARES all over again. But instead of the War in Vietnam it’s the War on Us and are YOU among the SQUARES, this time? Check yourself.

We are being Gamed; Life is being GAMIFIED; the goal is total surveillance and behavioral control. The pilot programs for these dystopian projects are presented as “viral” amusements. Remember Pokemon Go (in which meatspace and digital space overlapped in the geolocations of human bodies)? Behind Pokemon Go is the company Nyaatech. Funding for Nyaatech comes from In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel is the venture capital arm of the CIA.

Do you see how it works? Viral amusements, memes of “inclusivity,” lots of Happy Talk, grinning celebrities and supposed concerns for the Public Health are being used to lure you into the digital nightmare of the Very Near Future. Fascists have learned a lot since the 1930s; have WE?

We can’t afford to be trusting/ complacent/ gullible. We can’t afford to be ignorant.




CJ HOPKINS wrote: “When Trump actually won in 2016, the global capitalist ruling classes realized they had a serious problem … a “populist” rebellion in the heart of the empire. So they suspended the Global War on Terror and launched the War on Populism”.

This is an astonishingly naive reading of the situation, since it’s obvious that TFIC either orchestrated those four years of The Bumble-Trump… or shrugged when The Bumble-Trump was elected (or “elected”) and rapidly turned it into an incredibly useful (to them) Super Distraction. How do I know that it was one or the other? Because if TFIC were genuinely horrified, or even just miffed about Bumble-Trump on the Panto-Throne, they could have easily removed him and blamed it on a thousand patsies who would have been dying (literally) to take The Bumble-Trump out. Some Liberal Redneck Soccer Mom in Minnesota, with a rifle and extreme TDS? Piece of cake. The same Neo-Nato Liberals who fall for Covid would have just as readily swallowed a “lone gunwoman” narrative. Done. Pence would have snapped right in line, too; he’d be the non non-compos mentis Biden: Yes, boss! No, boss! Why thankya, boss!

Nah, TFIC wanted Bumble-Trump right where he was. It worked like a charm. Everything went according to plan. CJ needs to update his theories. There IS, after all, NEW INFORMATION available. It’s just taking the Academic Boy’s Club of the Skeptic Net a little while to catch up…

“What I am laying out here might sound like science fiction, but it’s not. These efforts are backed by the United Nations in coordination with World Bank’s Human Capital Project. The World Bank has developed “smart” social impact bonds on blockchain, call bond-i. Many of these technologies, including retinal scan payments and digital currency have been developed using refugee communities through development aid channels. All the pieces were there waiting for the right catalyst. That catalyst is Covid. We must recognize this “totalitarian” software-as-a-service is now in play and could end up anywhere in the world in an instant – wherever there is money to be made.”-Alison McDowell…/population-health…/…




Unspoken Preamble: THANK GAWD THE BUMBLE-TRUMP DISTRACTION IS OVER. Um, can we start paying attention to the important (rather dire) things that are really happening? Like, uh… hmmmm. The fact that the bottom 99.9% of the economy has been smashed by DIKTAT? And the trillions stolen for supposed “relief” went straight into the pockets of the Billionaires (and Trillionaires) who smashed that economy…? Or are we just not the kinds of Serfs who notice these things… ?

(curtain rises)

AMERICA (loudly): “All we need are the pretty words; let the dirty deeds take care of themselves!”

(curtain falls and rises again)

POST-AMERICA (softly): “Ooops.”





People tend to point out that Facebook is a “private company” (it was, initially), not a public service, and, as such, has a right to make and apply its own rules, however capricious, concerning content and/or expression. I invite these people to ask themselves why companies like Facebook, which are de facto monopolies, have no public-access, free-speech-protected, equivalents. In a society in which Free Speech were as cardinal a value as “The West” pretends it is, a Free Speech Platform, provided for the self-expression of, and communication between, all citizens (within the reasonable limits suggested by hate speech and pornography laws), would be as natural as having a Federal Postal Service. Any technologically modern national culture that doesn’t provide such a platform does NOT support Free Speech. Setting up Facebook/ Youtube (et al), as the de facto monopolies for public expression, is a clever way of suppressing expression and information without having to take on the unpleasant appearance of a Totalitarian Regime with draconian censors. But the net result (no pun intended) is exactly the same. Totalitarians have certainly learned quite a lot since the 1930s.

Have we?

“Whenever ideas are squashed in this country, literate lovers of the American experiment write careful and intricate explanations of why all ideas must be allowed to live. It is time for them to realize that they are attempting to explain America at its bravest and most optimistic to orangutans.

“From now on, I intend to limit my discourse with dimwitted Savonarolas to this advice:

‘Have somebody read the First Amendment to the United States Constitution out loud to you, you God damned fool!’ ”

—Kurt Vonnegut, March 24 1976




It’s weird, but what I keep encountering is a profound naivety in people who are otherwise fairly clued-in; they realize TFIC are callous killers who think nothing of engineering national famines and genocides, and have deliberately precipitated every bloody war and brutal colonial invasion we know of for centuries … yet can’t grasp that these psychopaths are even bigger Liars than they are Killers, and the World (which is, after all, clearly under their violent-if-imperfect control, and has been since long before we were born) is based overwhelmingly on Deception. That’s about as “Cognitively Dissonant” as it gets!

You just won’t understand that the key point is that what you think you know about the “World” (a construct) has been fed to you (and your parents and teachers) by the “World” (the construct) itself; you entered it knowing nothing and, x-years later, have you bothered to reconsider the reality of what you were told? Yes, a bit, I imagine… but not enough. You draw a timid line. “I’ll question… but only so far.” If you’ve read the history, the “red flags” are many and obvious. Maybe you haven’t read the history and you’re merely indulging in The Internet’s favorite pastime: passionately defending an uneducated opinion.

Why are you so trusting of the information you were given by Liars?




They’ve been trying to de-Humanize early education (to train our children to interact directly with various algorithms’ avatars, avatars our children will not be able to reason with or disobey) for quite some time now… but how to shut down a whole nation (or planet) of classrooms, to achieve the “blank slate” they require, to build the ugly new model, with little resistance? Hmmmm…?

That’s one aspect.

The other:

I went to school, K-8, in one of the most toxic Ghettos in North America (a dumping grown for heavy industry of the Steel and chemical manufacturing kind) called Altgeld Gardens (there’s a German joke in that name). Every kid in my school, when I was in kindergarten, was Black (except one: my Mexican friend Simon, who was a fellow paper plane designer of real talent). Our teachers (except the occasional young Peace Corp volunteer) were Black, but our librarian (Mrs. Hood: a retroactively funny name), and our Principal, Mrs. Weisberg, were White. The classes, for all the years I attended, were fairly well-disciplined. The students were quiet while the teachers taught (in fact, the only “noise” was the sort of running gag of my humming, apparently, while I was taking tests, finishing before anyone else and sitting there… humming… in 6th grade). In 8th grade, Mrs. Whitfield (from Trinidad) had us buying the very nice paperback Folger’s Library editions of the works of Shakespeare; I remember how excited I was when I got these packages in the mail! It was 1972. 1972 in The Ghetto.

This was before one of the covert extensions of COINTELPRO partnered with cadres of the submerged tentacles of the Iran/Contra apparatus killed several birds with one stone by flooding “The Hood” with Crack. And other things (like guns).

What the average American doesn’t understand is the logic and power of Covert Warfare as directed against the Domestic Population. Enormous political energy is derived by frightening the middle, and upper middle, classes with The Boogieman, aka The Urban aka Blacks. But first the “Blacks” have to be made properly frightening. Reagan (and by extension, the real president, Bush) used that political energy and so did Bill and Hillary (Bush protégés) and any number of politicians on both sides of the supposed aisle.

If you think of “Urban Schools” now you think bedlam; purgatory; scenes from Reconstruction cum Hieronymus Bosch. Drugs, family-destroying social programs (aka the ironically-named Welfare) and targeted cultural toxins (you know the guy behind The Ganga Rap— to Mumble Rap— arc is a White executive, right? The “most powerful man in Hip Hop” has never been Black or in it for the music): it only took two or three generations to achieve the desired results. A slo-mo genocide perpetrated against the canaries-in-the-coalmine of North America “culture”. Black people in America have been smashed into a trillion pieces, year in and year out, and glued back together, over and over again, willy nilly, with horseshit. Of course we are, in aggregate, by now, insane. Of course YOU are, in aggregate, insane.

It’s all going according to plan.

The psycho-political dividends are paying off without you even noticing: you’re Liberal, you’re Progressive, you support BLM… but you’re also ready to enable the Pastel Websites and Corporate Happy Talk to “offer a solution”. They make such a reassuring case about “partnerships”.

The high-tech crypto-carceral surveillance state is looking forward to turning the “Hoods” into open-air prisons on the Gaza model: solving a problem that THEY (very patiently and quietly) created. An old Mafia trick. You will fall for it.

Will you notice when the high-tech crypto-carceral state engulfs you, and your grandchildren, and their children, too? The Websites will be so Pastel and the Corporate Happy Talk will be so reassuring that you probably won’t. You’ll have your bi-annual Smart-Shot update (to protect you from strange new computer-human crossover viruses), and you’ll never ever have to wince, flinch, roll your eyes or cry while driving through Hellish scenes of an uncomfortably-nearby “The Hood” again.

The nightmare of “The Hood” is like a forest fire started by a Mafia* Fire Department in order to charge extortionate fees to put the fire out. Even if you know they lit the fire, what can you do? You need them to put the fire out. They know this.

Whatever the solution, the only hope to finding a path toward the solution is… facing the Truth. The Truth is not Pastel. No Happy Corporate talk. But the good news is that the information is available. You can actually (literally) Teach yourself the Truth.

Q: Why isn’t the Truth more powerfully guarded?

A: Because the bastards think you’re too lazy to bother.

Are you?

(PS * “The Mafia” is not a metaphor, “patriotic” foot soldiers of organized crime interfaced with South of the Border cartels to distribute the product to gangs to distribute the product in “The Hood”: they prosecuted a genocide and turned a tidy profit: these people are nothing if not efficient)




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