Hats off to Denis Rancourt: They’ve Ground him into the Gravel for Years but He is STILL. AT. IT. (UPDATED 6/28/2020)


Is this why people prefer suave, efficient,  high-functioning Psychopaths to the bumbling/ obvious one currently in office…?

After you pick up the Nobel Peace Prize (sic), look the man in the eyes, shake his hand, and give him a warm smile, before you murder him and virtually all his extended family (target their residential compound directly), and watch him be killed on your satellite TV screen, visibly celebrating for the USA media cameras with the self-identifying “feminist” Hillary Clinton (I will never forget her gleeful laughter). Nice work. Now Libya has no civil infrastructure and open slave markets, your greatest legacy. How can the world not love your generous country?—- DENIS RANCOURT


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ADDENDUM (June 2020):


Sadly, after years of Denis being  a Lefty Voice in the Wilderness, I’ve detected in his social media, of late, a tinge of pandering to the Trumpist Right, deceptively labelled the “Alt Right,” which has cleverly hijacked many of the platforms of the dissident Left… but with the same old Right Wing goals in mind. Denis’ late-stage pandering to the Right is his apparent strategy to unify the spectrum of dissident forces, which never works… the (Alt) Right-leaning forces will exploit the numbers to get its leaders some visibility,  form viable political structures, form coalitions with the Ruling Class and further weaken/ marginalize the Genuine Left (defined broadly as: anti-War, anti-Racism, anti-Misogyny, anti-Corporate Greed and Control). As I’ve posted elsewhere:


And here’s a correction to another Strategic Misapprehension: we don’t need strict “Unity” to oppose TFIC*… the Alt Right can resist TFIC and The Vestigial Left can resist TFIC and even Vegan Figure Models can perfectly resist TFIC in their own idiosyncratic ways (while using separate facilities)… what counts is No One Going Along with Normative Bullshit.  The US, UK and the Soviet Union didn’t “unify” to defeat Hitler (well, in the interest of accuracy:  the Soviet Union largely did that on its own). I don’t need to “unify” with other bystanders to stop an act of child abuse, on the street, if we all just intervene in any way we can. I refuse to “unify” with Nazis and neither do we need to. We can all resist while hating each others’ guts if need be… just as long as we oppose Them more than we hate each other. So please do forget all this phony Kumbaya (sp?) nonsense. “Divide and Conquer” is a deliberately inaccurate myth; it may be symbolically true but it isn’t the main trick. The primary mechanism is Hypnotize and Rule.

*The Fuckers in Charge


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