We live in a bizarrely lopsided Technocracy in which communications (and data-gathering) tech was seen to quite suddenly jump ahead, at least a century, in less than a generation, whereas power stations are still using heat (from nuclear materials) to generate steam, in order to power turbines… a technology only partially beyond Victorian knowledge. The internal combustion engine, powered by oil-derivatives (late-18th century tech: the first gas-powered engine was patented when Thomas Jefferson was 51), still growls and fumes at the heart of the vast majority of horseless carriages on Earth. I can picture-telephone, with almost anyone on Earth, with a handheld device that weighs less than a paperback novel and I can store the literary contents of tens of thousands of novels within the same, commonly-available, handheld device… but I’ll probably never travel casually to and from a hotel in near-Earth orbit; nor will I be taking a holiday at a Lunar Resort before I die: will anyone? Ever? Three-D Printers: Yes. Greatly-Extended Life-Expectancy: No; not any time soon. Ever-faster, cheaper data-processing: Yes. Artificial Intelligence…? Uh…

The following video (linked below) was posted by a member of YouTube’s burgeoning Cassandra Class: “warning” Duh Masses about looming Evils which most of Duh Massses don’t seem to give a crap about.  Everyone with a brain, an Internet connection, a  little knowledge of unvarnished history (and enough thinking-space to run the numbers) knows that the rate of the rate of the Bad Shit getting worse is getting worse, and that the house band of our Titanic gets paid, specifically,  to play on an ever-more radically-tilting stage… but are all the Looming Dangers the same? And are some of the hand-waving Cassandras waving us not away from, but toward, Bad Shit?

The lady who posted the below-linked video has a nice voice; it was a pleasant diversion, listening to her quasi-psychoanalyze the pseudo-androids in the video. Does she think the “androids” are doing anything other than following pre-scripted “conversation” flow-charts, relying heavily on the “recognition” and contextualization of key-words? Does she think they’re capable of thought? They aren’t. The “facial expressions” programmed to accompany the simulated commentary and interaction are meaningless as analogues of, and indices to, the emotional content of speech, but they perform a deeply necessary function: they help to fool human observers into believing (if only subliminally) that the hunks of rubber and metal are thinking. Why would the makers/owners want that result… beyond the possible goal of putting on a good show? Look and listen closely to the video.

What stands out (and what is by now standard in these pseudo-A.I. performances): the “scary/ cute/ funny” jokes about “world domination”. These “scary/ cute/ funny” jokes are quite common in such videos, and they’re always played the same way: it partially appears that the makers/ owners/programmers are winking at “conspiracy theories”… and it partially appears that the “androids” are blithely (in the manner of murderous psychopaths who let the facade slip because they haven’t quite mastered that shit) exposing repressed subconscious desires. Which is, clearly, bullshit: no thoughts = zero subconscious/ zero desire. People eager to believe in the myth of A.I., however, are chilled by these staged “joke/ not joke” moments. Are these kind of “jokes” really the best way to get people to “accept” robots? Or is this a psychologically astute program to scare you? The Cassandra who posted the video is “chilled” and she wants you to be, too. Why? Well…

Elon Musk (another in a long line of entrepreneurs/ robber barons, like Tom Edison and B. Gates and that spooky Jobs character, masquerading as brilliant inventors) is concerned that if something isn’t done soon, our Robot Overlords will be sneering the fuck out of us… The Overlords won’t even be interested in keeping us as pets. Unless! To quote a wide-eyed dupe (or shill):   “In a new interview, Elon Musk has stated his belief that humans will need to develop brain implants to be able to keep up with machine learning AI.” 

Ah. Musk is selling something. It’s called “Neuralink” (sounds like one of those fad-products in which hucksters brainstormed the name first, thought up a product second). It’s just another handle on the larger concept that is trojan-horsing our Technocracy’s desire to Totalize the Feedback/ Control mechanism it started with Facebook and i-Phones and all that. See: they want you wearing more hardware, they want it on your arms and under your skin, they want you to join the much-advertized Internet of Things…  as one of the Things. They only have 80%-92% of your daily data stream: They want it all. Chip it up before the A.I. monster gets you, Chicken Little! But resistance is entirely fucking feasible, friends. Just refrain from buying in.

Cassandra is full of shit this time… witting or unwitting. Who knows which? The woman who posted the video below is probably just an average out-of-work college graduate dreaming of a decent ad revenue income.

A.I. is a pipe dream. When Consciousness is cracked, so will Existence be: the Universe managed (using the famous trillion-monkeys banging on quantum typewriters over a near-infinite time-period method) to come up with a wee spark of  consciousness (Us), in the vastness of Space and Matter, in a few billion years or more, and it will take us more than another couple of centuries to catch up, Human Ego notwithstanding. Take a look out the window: it’s not quite Star Trek out there, folks, and the only Collective Evil Intelligence you will ever have to worry about is, and will always be, Human.

But remember: We are the Robots.



UPDATE: (good joke)

Optimist: AI has achieved human-level performance!
Realist: “AI” is a collection of brittle hacks that, under very specific circumstances, mimic the surface appearance of intelligence.
Pessimist: AI has achieved human-level performance.

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