The problem isn’t “MEN (eye-roll™)”… the problem always was and always will be that powerful people, men and women, often end up doing monstrous things. What was worse: Weinstein selling fame to starlets in exchange for hideous sex, or Madeline Albright (and the Clintons/ Bushes, et al) conspiring to starve 500,000 Iraqi children to death in order to send a message to former business partner Saddam? If we seriously think that hundreds of starlets, being forced to see/touch Weistein’s penis,  is on the same level as the war crime of deliberately killing 500,000 kids,  we’re all sick. Yet we’ve had wall-to-wall hand-wringing Weinstein/Cosby/ Louis CK discussions for years, now; who even mentions Iraq but cranks like me?




“It’s not for the black person to be more open-minded. It’s for the white person to be less racist.”–Marlon James, prize-winning writer and twat

As a Black Guy I am compelled to say: bullshit. This improvised exemption doesn’t do Black people any good. What you and so many Liberals (I’m a Lefty: anti-War, anti-Greed, anti-Exceptionalist, anti-Faceborg) seem to forget is that Racism and Close-Mindedness hurt/diminish/degrade their Hosts as well as their Targets. Being close-minded, Racist, Sexist and Pseudo-Entitled is a deadly trap too many Black kids are pushed into by Media poisons and Condescending Liberals. Racist Black kids are crucified on the horns of a twisted irony… they may not be able to keep White kids trapped in the margins by exercising their Racism, but they keep themselves so trapped. They may not be in a position to snub or oppress other Points of View with close-mindedness, but they limit their access to the richness and variety of the World that way.

“And what about diversity’s side effects, like cultural appropriation, which some people still look upon as a positive thing?”

I’ll “culturally appropriate” all the interesting or beautiful things I want to and so should everyone else because that’s one of the advantages of a Pluralistic (versus a balkanized, gulaged, dog-patrolled) Virtual Space, with all of its near-infinite cross-cultural winds. If I “appropriate” clumsily or crassly: let the laughter begin (of course I’ll ignore it, and keep on performing Swan Lake, in White Face, in my sombrero, regardless). Otherwise, keep your nose out of it, please, Kommandant. None of your business what I choose to do with the various building blocks of The Human Story. As long as I don’t poke anybody’s eye out.

On the whole, the Actual Issue is far from complex (it’s the professional essayists, paid by word-count, who thrive on murky complication, I think): Do Unto Others… and so forth.

All you Racist Black, White, Jewish, Samoan, Celtic, Asian, Italian, Magyar, Mixed-Race, Iranian, Native American people (et al) out there: knock it off. Ditto with the Sexists, the Lookists, the Classists and the Heightists.

Fuck off.




“Most white planters avoided the unhealthy Lowcountry plantation environment, leaving large slave populations under the supervision of a small group of white overseers.”

“most planters employed an overseer when the total number of working field hands approached thirty.”

How many slaves were there to every overseer? How did the overseers control so many slaves before the invention of the machine gun?

Why is it so hard to find an answer to that question? Why are  the obvious mind control aspects of Christianity, on the plantation, not generally discussed? Why is the phrase “pie in the sky” so rarely used these days? 

Is this discussion more relevant than we would like to think?




The “Space Race” was a major (if not the primary)  gladiatorial arena of the Cold War. At stake was material World Domination as well as the psychological proprietorship  of the “hearts and minds” of all the peoples of that World.  The American regime could spend tens of billions and still risk very-highly probable utter defeat and humiliation attempting a feat that is largely  beyond the limits of even early 21st century technology (let alone primitive 1969 tech), or it could fake an impossible-to-disprove victory for a fraction of the cost and pocket the difference (diverting funds to an enormous “black budget”). Logic… and Realpolitik… lean heavily toward the one and away from the other. The Soviets, of course, were probably in on the hoax, willing to play a faux Global Number Two to the faux Global Number One of the US. In fact: how much of Nixon’s vaunted “Detente” was, in fact, a quidquo-pro for Soviet complicity?

in fact, my YouTube comment along these lines:

The simple fact is that the Moon’s 1/6th gravity does not require a special thought experiment in order to model: one would merely weigh one sixth of what one weighs on Earth; Newtonian mechanics (until values are pushed to Relativistic limits) would still hold.

Therefore, quite a bit of the “lunar” footage shown has been simulated and/or doctored. One would fall more slowly on the Moon but one’s limbs would actually move more quickly, which leads us to deduce that the footage of the supposedly “lunar” excursions has been slowed in order to simulate lunar gravity.

Similarly, the footage of astronauts being able to recover their balance, from very low positions, with unnatural centers of gravity and no natural counter-force, indicates they are sometimes supported by wires while hopping/skipping. I’m very pro-science and was excited by recent successes of Space-X… the sophisticated (precision, synchronized) guidance of those re-usable rockets indicates that one of the three major hurdles, impeding our progress to manned round-trips to the Moon, has finally been overcome. So: our guidance system tech is finally there… now we need to conquer problems of fuel efficiency and shielding. *I firmly believe we will reach the Moon (and return, in a manned flight) in the next twenty to thirty years.*  But the myth that we did all that, already, with 1969 tech, is absurd. It’s just a Cold War fairy tale for the easily duped. I find the tall tale insulting and look forward to the day they treat us like rational, educated adults. On the other hand, I understand the pressures of the Cold War… the immense incentive for impressing The World and “defeating” Communism. So many people on Earth have so little education, so I can see why the temptation to dupe was so compelling.

And, yes (btw), the ISS is quite real. It’s in low Earth orbit (400 km)… easily done with current tech. I have as little patience for people who dismiss the ISS as “fake” (and the Earth as “flat”) as I do for the people who swallow the Apollo nonsense.


A Life-long fan of Science/ Logic/ Truth.






“In 1975, when Thatcher became the leader of the opposition in British Parliament, she was invited to that year’s Bilderberg conference. A Financial Times article that year by C. Gordon Tether noted that Thatcher and other British participants “were engaging – in company with a handful of British banking and industrial chiefs – in ‘completely private talks on world problems’ with the top-most brass of the international business community – the super-capitalists.” The article noted that “if Bilderberg is not a conspiracy, it is conducted in such a way as to give a remarkably good imitation of one.” Jon Ronson interviewed the member of Bilderberg (who remained anonymous) that had invited Thatcher to the meeting. The former Bilderberg member recalled that Thatcher had sat in silence for the first two days of the meeting, leading to some participants “grumbling” about this lady who “hasn’t said a word.” So the Bilderberg member spoke with Thatcher, and then, “the next day she suddenly stood up and launched into a three-minute Thatcher special… The room was stunned. Here’s something for your conspiracy theorists. As a result of that speech, David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger and the other Americans fell in love with her. They brought her over to America, took her around in limousines, and introduced her to everyone.” Four years later, Thatcher was Prime Minister, and her reign left a legacy of privatizations, neoliberalism and profit for the powerful. But Thatcher is not the only politician who reached great heights after attending a Bilderberg meeting. Bill Clinton was invited to a 1991 meeting in Germany when he was the Governor of Arkansas. Two years later he would be the U.S. president. Clinton was invited by his friend and Bilderberg Steering Committee member Vernon E. Jordan Jr., a major corporate figure in America who later became known as President Clinton’s “closest confidant.”

My comment:

The cornerstone of Institutional Power is continuity (over decades or centuries)… which is why discontinuity is the most recognizable feature of Serfy life. Enjoy your NeoMania.




A novel is a kind of magical filter or lens that takes a hypothetical section of one-quintillionth of the world and inflates it to the size of everything; this is true of all Art and is exactly why Art, in its basic forms, lends itself so well to propaganda.  Really effective propaganda is the lie of omission that depends on the tiniest tincture of Truth  for its potency. All lovers and makers of propaganda love screaming “but it’s true!” while leaving out the overwhelming proportion of counter-Truth that renders the tiniest tincture of Truth meaningless.




It’s obvious that Natural Selection is the process by which living systems are tweaked, in their particular attributes, by environmental pressures… the animals who can see best in the dark or run the fastest, and so forth, live long enough (and compete well enough for mates) to pass on their genetic particulars.

But there’s no way to use the same mechanism to explain fundamental engineering marvels like, for example, the spider web… about which, you’d have to admit, even if the independent, pre-functional evolution of the interdependent components of the web-making organ could be rationally explained (it can’t), that still leaves the jaw-dropping mystery of the evolution of the spider’s skill in using the web. “Instinct!” they love to shout… while never explaining what “instinct” really is or how it’s possible.

Now, I don’t believe in an anthropomorphic god (aka, a Bearded, Vaguely-Levantine, Anus-Free Sky Giant)… the obvious explanation for the existence of a notion of such a thing is a combination of cursed frailty and blessed imagination. The tribes who came up with those god-stories had no idea about the actual scale of existence; the anthropomorphic god is, after all, rooted firmly in an error of scale: the visible universe extends a trillion light years in every direction, yet it’s a recent life-form on this nano-speck of a planet, in a milky smudge of an outer-rim galaxy, on which The Lord of All decides to stage his Space Opera? No.

On the other hand…

We are all colluding in a massive delusion, the delusion that we know, that we have a clue as to the process by which eyeballs, spider webs, bombardier beetles and consciousness itself came to be. Darwin’s explanations come into usefulness far, far down the slope of causality… the summit of which is obviously beyond our ability to conceptualize. We collude in this massive delusion and tell each other fairy-stories about knowing. And the bits that just don’t make sense we ignore.

Ah, but (and here’s the crux) worse than that: Darwin plagiarized his famous theory from Patrick Matthew.

Nothing is but what is not, according to Kit “they call me Shakespeare” Marlowe.




“In the class-based English society of the time, Faraday was not considered a gentleman. When Davy set out on a long tour of the continent in 1813–15, his valet did not wish to go, so instead, Faraday went as Davy’s scientific assistant and was asked to act as Davy’s valet until a replacement could be found in Paris. Faraday was forced to fill the role of valet as well as assistant throughout the trip. Davy’s wife, Jane Apreece, refused to treat Faraday as an equal (making him travel outside the coach, eat with the servants, etc.), and made Faraday so miserable that he contemplated returning to England alone and giving up science altogether. The trip did, however, give him access to the scientific elite of Europe and exposed him to a host of stimulating ideas.[1]”




“There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship
should ever be overthrown.”—A Huxley




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