Increasingly, the Serfs bifurcate as though along the tracks of a ten-thousand-mile zipper: Pre-Literate Masses to the Rightvs… (on the Literate Left) Feminized Men and Idiosexual Women. These social changes, which have accelerated with digital urgency since the turn of the century, hurried along by the full-spectrum dominance of Social Engineering Media, and the opportunistic traumas of the 9/11 Wars, are laying the groundwork for a Revolution-proof Reich that could last centuries. Where will the Will to Smash the fortifications of the Ghost-Kings of the i-Corporations come from? From a revolutionary cell of Selfie-Masters in bondage gear they ordered with an Amazon App?

Any thoughtful young intellectual who would have pondered the jokes and whimpers of JLG’s Masculin Féminin’s 103 minutes, in 1966, will, as a thoughtful young intellectual in 2017, stroke her/his/its chin whiskers over Fever Ray’s 4:18 of sinisterly empty pseudo-transgression, To The Moon and Back, in 2017. It’s Pasolini’s SALO as a pop video, with no irony, only carnivals of contempt, self-disgust and a climactic (simulated or not, no matter) golden shower.  The “star” of the video is gladly imprisoned, pissed on, and tossed in the back of a truck. Empowerment?

Fans of this video in 2017 would have been fans of Patti Smith’s coherently anti-Hegemony HORSES, in 1975, but Smith’s friend, Robert Mapplethorpe, ironically, with his narcissistic fetish-pics of power and exploitation, proved to be more of an influence (the old WORD vs IMAGE battle) on the New Reality than Smith, who’s reduced to being a living totem in a world that can  no longer read her in the original. As it says in the Hip, “relevant”, youth-targeting magazine, DAZED:

“Consistent with her [the video’s star] love for bizarre costumes and mysterious masks the boundary-breaking musician pairs her electronic pop sound with twisted visuals for her comeback. Directed by Martin Falck, the video shows a cryogenically frozen Fever Ray waking up to attend a fucked up costumed BDSM tea party while singing “I want to run my fingers up your pussy”. After being force-fed and possibly pissed on, she is then kidnapped because why not?”



DAZED also recommends a video of pure Narcissism, elevated to toxic levels of post-Pierre et Gilles kitsch, by SOPHIE:

Compared to her hard candy-coated previous work, like “Bipp” and “Lemonade”, “It’s Okay To Cry” is soft and bubbly, with a stunning climactic high, bursting into thunder and lightning. The video, directed by SOPHIE, sees her sing against a background of pastel skies and shimmering galaxies.


If your children are sensitive, intelligent, creative and not on a trust fund of 20K a monthSOPHIE and FEVER RAY are the direction in which they are being pushed.

If you’re under 40, aren’t White or Middle-to-Upper Class and are incapable of reading anything more challenging than a string of emojis, the SOC ENG wing of The State’s Propaganda Factory urges you gently upon this path…

Are we “Westers” speeding toward a Socially Engineered Fauxtopia of Artisanal Genders in which the only Het Males will be Right-wingers… while we’re being seduced by Tech into thinking of the speed as a Triumph, the trip as Progress, the goal as Justice, all in the name of Hip?

In which case: Fuck Hip.


I’ll leave the last word to Hip Style Zine PURPLE, with this image from a recent pictorial…

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