Let’s talk about the Global Privilege of a Blue-Haired, Self-Obsessed and Trivially-Woke Avatar of the Northern Half of the Western Hemisphere and the Sublime Tragicomedy of “Their” Hobbies & Grievances against the Backdrop of the Labor and Resources Pirated from the Anonymous 4/5ths of Humanity Who Slave & Suffer & Die to Keep “Them” Comfy

Maybe as part of a futuristic Rite of Earned Imperial Citizenship  everyone lucky enough to be born under the Pinnacle-of-Creation Umbrella should have to (upon turning 17) explain to a bone-thin child of “The Third World” why He/She/”They” deserves it…?

Or maybe a few apocalyptic Natural Disasters (eg large meteor strikes, or a pole-polarity-reversal, or Monsanto-induced Foodchain-collapse) and/or clusters of First World Civil Wars, will be sufficient to get these preposterous young airheads fit, wise, useful, humble, focused, resourceful and un-bored enough to become admirable citizens of the planet? Perhaps some sort of Exchange Program could be arranged between the characters (the children of Marx & MacDonald’s) of the top video…

…and the People in the bottom?


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