Whereas Science is the Logical Method for extracting reliable rules/ explanations for observed or deduced phenomena, Psyinz is the deliberate repackaging of fresh hot catshit by wrapping fresh hot catshit in Science’s aura of objective truth and social authority. Science is the shy giant behind the gregarious wizard of Engineering and the two are responsible for everything from the Internet to genome mapping to frozen pizzas and indoor plumbing, so it’s the gratitude and sheer awe we feel, consciously or not, for Science/ Engineering’s enormous victories that Psyinz hijacks for the sinister purposes of those who deploy it.

Psyinz, for example, “proves” that members of a certain Race (a race to which I legally belong, incidentally), have an average “IQ” hovering around 85 (where 100 is considered standard, by definition); Science, on the other hand, needs a Scientific definition, and stable (quantifiable) values, for both “IQ” and “Race,” (there are none) before it jumps to any such conclusions.  People who take IQ tests are tested for their ability to take IQ tests but the link between such test results and a given mind’s problem-solving ability, creative potential, computational speed, functionality under pressure and deftness with conceptualizing and processing abstracts, and its hardwired balance of these compartments of cognition, etc,  is fuzzy at best. In a hierarchical society, the “IQ test” convention serves a hierarchy-enforcing purpose,   Scientific Truth (or accuracy) be damned.

Science is a disinterested methodology… it has no (and cannot have) dogs in the fight… but Psyinz is a self-serving propaganda device. Can the average member (IQ 100)  of Duh Masses tell the difference between the two? I don’t know, as there aren’t any trustworthy studies to consult on the matter. Considering the ubiquity of Psyinz, however, one might jump to uncomfortable conclusions about all that. If Propaganda doesn’t work, why is it the DNA of our Cultural Lives?

The Media, which are not there to inform (they are owned and operated to spin, deceive and actively brainwash the target audiences, just as assuredly as McDonald’s is not about physical fitness), rely heavily on Psyinz.

Here is my favorite Psyinz Headline of today:

Female Dragonflies Play Dead to Escape Stalking Males

“Female dragonflies say no to sex by faking their deaths, new research has found.  Once a female dragonfly has mated, all she is interested in doing is laying eggs and getting on with her life,”

…says this new (and very popular, as featured on Facebook) steaming chunklet of propagandistic Psyinz.  Mygod, Men are such Trash! Not just Human Men… it’s a cross-species problem!  Those noble Womanflies just want to “get on with their lives” (you know, watching Netflix, writing poetry, travelling, redecorating their lairs, going back to college, learning French)… and those awful Manflies just want to fuck all the time! Forget the fact that both Male and Female dragonflies are hardwired by Evolution (and other as-yet-misunderstood mechanisms) to do whatever it is that Dragonflies do. Forget the fact that our Dragonfly-Mind-Reading technology is woefully inadequate to the task of interpreting the wants, needs and schemes of an anthropomorphized insect… the important takeaway is to “confirm” the anti-Male bias The West has been drenched in since Hillary Clinton began her run for the White House in the early 1970s.

I think I’m already ready to start reading and re-Tweeting Psyinzy viral posts about a near-future discovery that female Bombardier Beetles are increasingly turning to Lesbianism in disgust with the explosive behinds of  #MaleBombardierBeetlesAreTrash!

My theory regarding the hysterical (ignore the etymology of that word), and totally acceptable, anti-Male Sexism, that kids are now given with their baby bottles is:

A) Da Massas have been “worried” about “overpopulation,” publicly, since the lurid paperback scaremongering bestsellers of the 1960s and 1970s (it’s not about ZPG, kids, it’s just Eugenics wearing a pretty green mask). Sabotaging the natural (ie hardwired) inclination (of the majority of the population) toward heterosexual intercourse will probably cut down on births… in the targeted groups. Interestingly, the targeted groups are not who you’d expect: they’re “middle class”/ collegiate. “Traditional” cultures, and the Functioning Proletariat of the West, are not about to stop doing The Mating Dance because gluten-intolerant Zoey and Tallulah share a #MenAreTrash post. I guess that means that the real Useless Eaters of the 21st century are the Snowflakes who aren’t very good at scrubbing toilets or working in sweatshops for pennies per hour and that “Traditional” cultures, a rich source of the world’s cheapest workforce, are welcome to crank out as many hotel maids, gardeners, shoe-shine boys and privatized centurions as the Neo Aristocracy will require to keep their domed fiefdoms running smoothly.

B) By demonizing Men-in-the-Abstract (why not just stick to prosecuting actual Rapists, eg Bill Clinton ?) and using that anti-energy to put otherwise-iffy (aka just-as-unqualified-and-pathological-as-male-politicians) Women into positions of ceremonial power, they provide what’s called “Left” or “Progressive” cover for the right wing policies dictated by the patriarchal hidden hands of The Old Boys who are still, after centuries, pulling all the fucking strings. That’s what all the pro-Hillary hysteria was about: Hillary had an amazing track record of getting away with direct and indirect literal murder;  bumbling-cartoon-of-grossness Trump couldn’t and won’t get away with half as much… so TFIC wanted Hil. I guess the Pseudo-Progressive Superstar, Obama, being a “soft” (mulatto) Black, reads as a symbolic Woman in the eyes of Duh Masses: how much horrific stuff did The Old Boys get away with under Obama? LOTS. Far more than they managed under Bill and W combined. They slaughtered millions, around the world, and pirated resources, around the world, and bum-rushed the bottom nine/tenths of the Murkkan pyramid toward Neo Medieval Serfdom under BHO… and the gullible target audience still just loves those down-home, middlebrow,  funky-Machiavellian Buppie Obamas! Rational? Never. Which explains the enduring efficacy of Psyinz: it’s not with Reason nor with Facts that Duh Masses are conned the best. Flashing lights and loud bangs usually do the trick.

Welcome to the paradox-riddled Virtual Matriarchy owned and controlled by the Same Old Patriarchy.

The Men in charge of Everything cannot be demoralized by the Evil-Assed Viral Campaign of #MenAreTrash but among Serfs, the results will be catastrophic. Rather than actually countering the anti-Female biases Society is already rotten with (“women can’t drive, do math, design space ships, repair medical equipment, direct films, run recording studios or do anything else of use but they can out-emote those Trashy Men”), Society is telling the targeted little boys that “You are evil, you are scum, you are a predator… all you’re good for is designing space ships, directing movies, driving buses, writing code, shooting rifles, building sky scrapers, building highways, designing automobiles, repairing medical equipment and inventing useful new iterations of all of the above… so do your job, watch your disgusting porn, relieve yourself with your lonely hand and don’t even LOOK at women, who we until very recently promote as only really good for hetero-sex & mothering, though now we don’t even want them doing that… so…. just leave Womanflies alone, Manflies,  while Womanflies form their nurturing social groups and emote like crazy and cheeringly support our Trojan Horse candidates and … get on with their lives …”

I mean, please note: most of the “positive images” of Women, these days, are either absurd (impossible) intergalactic punch-up Super Heroine fantasies or… merely trivial. Beyoncé is a Grrl Power (Vegas-sexualized mogul’s wife) Role Model?  And so are one or two Kardashians at any given moment? Really? A politician wearing a headscarf (as patriarchy-oppressed as any nun) is a symbol of Political Power/ Liberation? Obese Pop Singers are figures of “positivity” (is McDonald’s behind that one? Why not Hair Positivity and Fitness Positivity instead? Why not #McDonaldsIsTrash)? They’ve updated and remade just about every mainstream Disney Film or Comic Book ever enjoyed by bubblegum-chewing acne-vectors of the 1950s and 1960s, but where’s the Hollywood Update of the Madame Curie story? Where’s the Lise Meitner biopic? Where’s the Rosalind Franklin biopic? Did you know Zoe Lund wrote the entire script for Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant? Did you know that Delia Derbyrshire invented Trip Hop in 1969?  Did you know that my Daughter could name all the (9!) planets by sight when she was five? Are They really interested in “building up” Serfy women or just in tearing down Serfy men…  and putting the two groups in useful conflict?

Genuine Equality (Every Human is acknowledged as Human and must be accorded the same Fundamental respect/ privileges at birth until he/she violates some Fundamental Tenet of the Social Contract)  would not have achieved the Desired Effect, you see. Over the Top Gender Bias Miseducation is simply the way to go if one wants to pull a culture-wide fast one. Divide and Conquer, Subdivide and Charge Rent. Psyinz  is a useful tool in service to the long term gameplan of The Grand Bamboozlement .

But let’s get back to the strange case of our “stalking,” creepy, sex-obsessed  Manflies and our plucky Womanfly heroines and the gullibles who swallow this cartoon: all attempts to read Dragonfly Minds aside: the word-choice, in the cited Psyinz article, is Classic Propaganda. One could teach a uni class, (for or against) Propaganda, using such wonderfully blatant examples (I guess Men are the Jews of the Fourth Reich… we need to see more eye-catching posters of horned silhouettes… lurking in alleyways, libraries,  grocery stores, book stores, co-ops, pet shops, cemeteries, elevators, airports and restaurants… with pointy erections)…


* “when stalked by an unwelcome lover (or two)”

*”All of the females that kept on flying instead were grabbed by the males midflight”

*”Feigning death as a strategy for evading predators

*”females use the same approach to avoid sexual conflict with males. Mating with one male can fertilize all of the eggs of a female dragonfly and any subsequent mating with males that tend to be aggressive can harm the female”

Are they talking about insects or the cast of a downscale Reality Show in Miami? (Oooh and I “like” how they sneakily define the male mating instinct as a function within a system of predation;  that headcase Shulamith Firestone must be twerking in her grave).

Is it at all logical, possibly, possibly,  to assume that a somehow-selected-for behavior, among Lady Dragonflies, to avoid sex while already carrying fertilized eggs… is a natural adaptation to avoid the wasting of semen? You know: that disgusting goop co-responsible for the existence of the overwhelming majority of all animals on the planet for the past hundred million years or so, the manipulated attitudes of recent goofy cattle-like decades notwithstanding?

Nature is so Rapey!

(Wait: is She really a He, after all?)

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