1. SsingSsing reminds me again of the wisdom in Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Happy Thought” – part of his collection “A Child’s Garden of Verses”, published when my grandfather was a child –

    The world is so full of a number of things,
    I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.


    1. Funnily enough, SsingSsing reminds me of Berlin, where I’ve had three poetic encounters with DragKings in full battle drag; once in the club I then worked at (I was an ersatz bartender/ WC patrol/ ashtray-changer) ; I’d passed too close to the spotlight on a stockingfooted 6-foot four inch performer who was, in his additional heel height…. no pun intended… big at the time… and he reached out and pulled me into the spotlight and crooned to me a tune that may or may not have been Dietrich’s big number from Der blaue Engel… to much applause as I wiggled free, bowed and scuttled off (I must have been 30). Years later I was walking through Nollendorfplatz at the crack of dawn when a bevy of DKs asked me about the time… this was so long ago that I was wearing a wrist watch! I did what Berliners do and instead of looking at the watch and reporting the hour, I showed them my watch, whereupon the lead DK took my arm and mimed licking it. But the best was my first night in the club I mentioned at the top of this comment; a waitress there, a beautiful, petite Black girl with a slightly big head and a razor sharp bob asked if I wanted anything… drinks on her. Not being a drinker I asked for a Coke which I nursed as she hovered near my table exuding unambiguous rays of interest which I was happy to reciprocate… up until a certain point. If only she’d had a Natural Vagina! (send all hate mail to… etc).


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