(Even-Handedly Smarty-Thinky Stuff about) KANYE’S NIGHTMARE



To be frank: how many “average” Jews could the West Formerly Known as Kanye actually know?

The Jews that Kanye generally knows have a contractual relationship with him, or they know him via Jews who do, and the power dynamic, in most of these relationships, confound Kanye in a way that has confounded many Pop/ Rock/ R&B Stars before him.  Prince complained about these things and so did Michael Jackson. Talented musicians are rarely gifted negotiators. As I’ve said elsewhere: if you can’t read Postmodern Literature, you can’t read a contract. To be under contract is not the same proposition, necessarily, as merely having a contract. “Under contract” implies a power dynamic that flows decidedly down from the designer of the contract to the person naive enough to have signed it. There usually comes a point when a musician who has become world famous,  after (or because of) signing such a contract,  grapples with the vexing disconnect of being the World Famous X who is also little more than the hireling of Conglomerate Y. I’m sure it’s a jarring moment. I’ll never know. I don’t go around signing show biz contracts (though I did once: close call!).

The problem with Popular Culture being that it is not structured (by design) to react to spectacles with deep analytical zeal. Popular Culture does not hunker down on the premises of a fresh spectacle and patiently investigate that spectacle’s details and emanations. It doesn’t do the spectacle with an archaeologist’s brushes and forensic analysis and  months of digging. Popular Culture is a very large but monocellular blob that feeds on bright lights and loud noises and it hurries from one such event to the next, stupidly hungry for flash bulbs, spotlights, invective and ruckus. If Popular Culture were a more evolved blob it might be able to separate bullshit from justice. It might be capable of holding on to the component of Kanye’s wounded out-lashings which actually make sense… long enough to digest and metabolize them. Long enough to understand. Long enough to bring the thing to some sort of interesting moment of Enlightenment for all involved, including the audience.


Kanye is the Talent but all these people (regarding whom his rants bristle) seem to have some degree of power over him. The mechanism driving Kanye to lash out is not mysterious. The increasingly bizarre (or merely OTT) nature of these lashings-out strikes me as being less about “mental illness” than understandable anger multiplied by bad information. The questions become  (A) why is Kanye angry and (B) where is he getting his information? Neither question is unsolvable nor restricted to the halls of the sinister study of aberrant psychology.

Why is Kanye angry (beyond the matter of his stunningly misbegotten relationship with a Kardashian and serial decisions to mint celebrity children with same)? Well, not least because: Kanye had begun to think of himself as a “billionaire”  (the very symbol of highest achievement , in Popular Culture, especially for the lower-middle reaches of that culture) for so long that it shocked and offended him that he wasn’t accorded the respect, by his contract-designers, he presumed a billionaire deserved. So he spoke out and then he lashed out and then his “billionaire” status was summarily revoked- It turned out he had only ever been a “billionaire” on paper (and in headlines). Causing him to lash out harder and with increasingly iffy rhetorical barbs.

So there’s that. I mean, if you had been in the habit of assuming that you were “at the top of the social pyramid” as a  “billionaire” and had that rug snatched, in public, overnight, and Twitter existed, and people stuck mics in your face, after your de-rugging,  what would you say? Whatever you said might very well feature pejorative ethnic descriptions of the people you felt had robbed you of status. You can’t assuredly say what you would say; how you would react;  in such circumstances, though, can you? That would be like making big claims about how cool you’d behave in a nuclear explosion.

You can’t know. Only certain people know the answers to such questions appended to such a thought experiment about living through a nuclear explosion and some of them actually still walk among us, such survivors,  but you rarely ask them for input, right?  You don’t super care. Firsthand experience is nothing compared to your internally-nurtured hypotheticals of wondrous self-description. Fine…  but that doesn’t change your status as someone who couldn’t possibly know how it actually feels , or how actually feeling that way would make you behave. How does TWFKAK  feel? My guess: somewhere on a spectrum between “shitty” and “unhinged”.

TWFKAK actually has some firsthand experience,  to relate,  which is nearly unfathomable to the majority of Earth’s inhabitants. He is angry. He is saying mean stuff. He is getting precisely zero gulags built. 

So cut Kanye some slack on his rantings and assume that he’s being fed misinformation by The Internet. This information is being loaded into his angry quiver of what-he-thinks-as-being mic drops. Old hands at similar flame wars (fought on far less world-stagey battlefields) know they aren’t. TWFKAK sounds to me like a N00B to the parapolitical debate game. One doesn’t lead the charge with luridly unverifiable bullshit, whether or not one suspects an iota of Truth is nestled therein. A certain amount of circumspection is required.

Like too many musicians (especially famous ones), Kanye was not lavished with the heavy, tool-making machinery of a world class education before he became a household word. This hampers his ability to build information-vetting systems for the “data” he comes by via The Internet (or via some shadowy confidante who is an habitué of the Internet’s most lurid 8-bit precincts). For example: Are “Blacks the real Jews”? Well, which “Blacks”? Which “Jews”? The claim is too broad/ fuzzy to even be controversial. It’s clearly, I think,  a red herring. It’s a little too déclassé, this theory, for my particular taste. I find it embarrassing at best, like those “celebrity clones” theories people were circulating c. 2017  (and which were actually “celebrity clone and rapid-maturation tech” theories but most people who circulated them weren’t bright enough to… etc).

This embarrassing  “Blacks are The Real Jews” theory may… please hear me out… in fact,  be deliberately seeded to make newly-energized parapolitical researchers (of Color) look stupid when they adopt and spout it (like “Flat Earth” and “Mandela Effect” makes many Whites look perfectly batshit, despite how correct they are about The Vote(s) being rigged). Kanye is still worth a few hundred million (I assume) but although he can afford to track down and purchase rare books and pore over them by candle light, he is, like most citizens of Now, self-imposedly Time Poor. He doesn’t have the voluntary time or temperament to read widely and deeply for a couple of years. It’s easier to access the 8-bit precincts where Dumbfuck Arcana is hawked in easy bites beside Free Energy Devices and Vitamin Supplements and vintage ’50s racism / misogyny. He has fallen for that trap or he is being fed gobbledygook by a confrere who has and, to be fair, the gobbledygook is not much worse than things lots of “Normies” are walking around believing and even saying casually in public… in crowds of two or three.  Ie: who cares?

If you’re nobody, nobody cares.

Also, and very importantly: Jews and Blacks suffer from the same socio-philosophical problem:  you can’t co-sign the positive stereotypical generalizations (Blacks have Soul and Big Dicks / Jews have High IQs) while refuting the negative generalizations as “generalizations”. It’s one or the other, High Profile Minorities! You can’t have it both ways. Give up the presumption of Big Dicks or High IQs and we can begin to dismantle the “hardwired Black criminality” or “parasitic world-dominating Jew cabal” memes. It’s a necessary compromise without which no progress is possible. Accept it: you’re all, on average… average.

I was a word-mad, bookish, scientifically-literate Black kid who grew up in the 1970s. Many of my pals (at my all-boy, college prep High School) were Jewish. The woman to whom I lost my “cherry” was half-Jewish and she teaches at Georgetown today. All of these chums were just ordinary Jewish kids who were bookish and under pressure to go to law school or study medicine and otherwise distinguish themselves … for socio-psychological reasons too complex to go into here. They were all bright (that’s why we were chums and attending that school), bright enough to apply themselves to their mandated respective career-arcs (while I was bright enough to diverge and prosper anyway)  but not a one was a genius or even what I would call brilliant.  Diligent and stressed: sure. I didn’t consider them to be especially gifted. They were average kids.  They were my pals. They were/ are certainly not members of cabals. My slender deflowerer’s parents were just about the loveliest people I ever met and I miss them all these years later. I wished I’d been mature enough to tell them I loved them. 

Having said that: I believe it’s patently obvious that the people to whom The West Formerly Known as Kanye once naively (ignorantly) signed over so much of his “power” (such as it was) are probably Control Freaks who will tolerate ZERO back-talkBut, listen: Kanye deliberately sought out and signed unbalanced contracts with blatant cabal-members… if they hadn’t been cabal-members, what would have been the advantage of signing with them?… and now he  (A) regrets this and (B) average people who wouldn’t know a cabal if it signed them to a John Fogerty contract snicker and eye-roll and think he’s making it all up and (C) he’s lashing out with futile barbs of erratically-varying accuracy.

Too bad the IQs on every side of this fleetingly sensational kerfuffle aren’t quite up to making sense of it, eh?  America really isn’t in the business of high IQs, it’s in the business of power and money. Know this well before you get yourself under contract, kids!




*Belated Disclaimer: I can’t take Kanye’s name change any more seriously than I take your self-proclaimed pronouns.  Because I identify as someone living in the 1990s.

SPECIAL CLAUSE IN YOUR READERLY CONTRACT WITH ME: Even if TWFKAK has a psychotic break sometime soon, or becomes “The Late…”,  my points will not necessarily have been rendered invalid. 









19 thoughts on “(Even-Handedly Smarty-Thinky Stuff about) KANYE’S NIGHTMARE

  1. It can’t have helped that central to pop culture is unfettered access to promo people groomed to think their opinions matter in and of themselves, and whose influence is in inverse relationship to their being able to stop themselves lining up with everyone else to declare the undersigned’s genius undeniable. So undeniable is this genius that it’s a guaranteed preface to every subsequent criticism, the more severe, the more undeniable the genius. Funny that this would never occur to a genius.

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      1. A piece of work that inevitably emerged from the kind of reactionary rigor required to quantify intelligence for convenience shoppers. Since my aversion to writing out the full title is like yours In re. the matter of teh pronounz!, let’s just say it’s a sciency reference to the shape of a certain graph.

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  2. What he actually said was pretty tame and fairly accurate based on his assessment of his situation. I’ll call him Ye if that’s what he wants. He’s the boss of his persona. I grew up with Jews, too. They were just “average” kids. I wrote a play in high school that had a kid be “shunned” by the other kids because he was new to the group…a normal, natural occurrence. The teacher made me change it because the kid in question was Jewish. What the fuck, was my reaction, but I had to go along with the change. It was the late fifties. The war and the Holocaust had only been over for ten years. it. I didn’t know about any war or any Holocaust or that there was any problem with Jews. The kid in question was just a kid. I didn’t know he was even Jewish. But according to the teacher I had to “accommodate” him. What the fuck is still my reaction.

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    1. “What he actually said was pretty tame and fairly accurate based on his assessment of his situation.”

      I wouldn’t call TWFKAK’s pronouncements “tame,” but I wouldn’t call them actionable or terrifying or demented, either. I’ve been reading Official (national and local) editorials on “Blacks,” “Black Culture” and “The Black Problem” (the latter I remember from the Sunday edition of a genteel Philadelphia newspaper in c. ’77) for all of my reading life. A literal encyclopedia’s worth of explicit commentary (of a critical nature) on an “entire people”. No one involved (in what seems like America’s favorite pre-Obama editorial activity) had their billions rescinded. So that’s the first bit: fuck this double-standard.

      The second bit: the parts of TWFKAK’s rants that DON’T make sense are being conveniently blended together with the bits that DO make sense. My impulse is to put TWFKAK’s oeuvre of “commentary on his relationship with Jews” into a centrifuge, separate the bullshit chaff from the teachable wheat and deal with it.

      “The West” is an Empire built on deeply unethical (if not straight up murderous) business practises and this “controversy” will lead back to that if the threads are unravelled far enough.

      I think it would be a pity if the lurid pop culture aspect diverted us from that possibility. “WE” are not the “good guys”.


  3. I was always the good guy. Now I’m not. Motherfuckers. Do your centrifuge. Let the results lead back to “that.” But it’s an endless loop. “That” started it and “that” is eventually going to end it. There’s slaves, overseers and owners. It goes back to before there were Pharaohs. What doesn’t make sense about my boy Ye’s rants, i.e., what’s not tame? Maybe I missed the juicy parts.


  4. Hitler put the microphone to good use (for his purposes), and he made an extraordinarily good highway system (also for his purposes). As for “invented,” probably not, and if Ye said that he’s wrong. Big whoop. Lots of people in Germany genuinely liked Hitler…but you can’t even SAY that anymore. Facts is facts. Reddit or no Reddit, we like to get to the bottom of things and you’re an exquisite person with whom to do that. So am I. Now, what specifically did Ye say to cause things to come crashing down around his ears and what was not tame about it?


    1. Well, we know that whatTWFKAK said that actually got him in trouble was stuff that exposed a control mechanism the average pop fan/ voter shouldn’t be aware of: “Celebrity World” is a Wholly Fabricated Propaganda Vector which is manipulated with intent and precision to move the pop fan/ voters this way and that.

      What he said to obfuscate the revelations buried in his diatribe was bullshit he (or a chum… or a sinister “advisor”) got off The Internet.

      Anyway, Hitler was just a psychotically charismatic puppet on Meth and his popularity among Joimans back then is not exactly proof of anything nifty in his soul or his dreams… they (THEY) like using psychotically charismatic puppets on Meth to sway Duh Masses this way and that. Ever see that clip of Addy tweaking at the ’36 Olympics? Goodness it is delightful!

      He had one ball, he indulged in water sports with his niece, his niece ended up dead, and lots of people (let’s not go into figures or possible figures, here: I don’t want the comment thread to obfuscate the post) died who shouldn’t have. Yeah, Addy and his people were pretty decidely racist and were into DOING shit about it. “Seeing the good” in Hitler in the spirit of “objectivity” is fucked-up (jejune at best)… it’s like “seeing the good in Nixon” times whatever power of ten. It’s not either/ or: one can denounce Izzyreel as an Apartheid State and also say “fuck you, Hitler” and not be wrong.

      I mean, Kanye has a legitimate grievance… but he’s also not the BEST person to bring this grievance to Duh Masses. He’s about 40% less articulate/ coherent than he needs to be in order to be the champion he thinks he is. It’s the nature of The System that you can’t even get ACCESS to these platforms if you are capable of doing serious damage when you get there. He got signed because he isn’t as brilliant as he thinks. Nothing new there.

      And that Christian bullshit is a non-starter: THAT is a major tool in the enslavement of many of Duh Masses to this day. It certainly worked on the plantation. Sometimes you’d have DOZENS ofwell-muscled ditch-digging field slaves per overseer… and this was long before the invention of the automatic rifle. How was order maintained? The magic eye of JEEZIZ, keeping the plantations under control! Amen! Snort.


      1. I still think what he said was tame but when you own the apple cart it’s not a good idea to let someone who’s going to upset the apple cart anywhere near the apple cart…and what truthful statement Ye made is, I guess, why. It’s been going on for a long time and it’s getting worse by the minute. If people can get so bent out of shape over a few tame remarks imagine what would happen if someone who got let on the apple cart did or said something really bad. In addition to the magic eye of Jesus keeping slaves in line they also had the shit kicked out of them if they ever gave anyone any guff. We’re enacting LAWS to punish speech (which post war Germany did long ago). Antisemitism is making the media a bundle. Ye should get a cut. “I like Hitler. I like Jews.” That’s what he said. There are good things about bad people or there would be no literature.


        1. “In addition to the magic eye of Jesus keeping slaves in line they also had the shit kicked out of them if they ever gave anyone any guff.” That’s my point: often times, slaves had the shit kicked out of them, by overseers (or other slaves), when there were more fit Black male slaves on the plantation than there were fit White males (logic tells us so, unless the plantation owner was merely a hobby-plantation-owner): why? How? The answer is pertinent still: mind control. Why are more Black kids killing other Black kids than the White cops can? Mind control.

          Ye said “I like Hitler. I like Jews.” and the remark is both idiotic and meaningless. Ye would have been worked to death in a camp, like the future head of NASA worked ’em at Peenemünde.

          Also: nobody should get a license to comment on Hitler-related things if they haven’t lived in Berlin at least half as long as I have. The fucker was hideous, the savage mob spirit he connected with was worse than hideous and traces of it linger on in the crypto-fascist stone-faces of certain bureaucrats to this day, only now they call themselves “Green”. What’s with all this Hitler apologia? It’s provincial! He was a sick fuck… and this place was Hell on Earth, for anyone who wasn’t a sick fuck, while he was the hood ornament on the Deathbarge. Does Ye like Sophie Scholl, the anti-Hitler schoolgirl (my Daughter’s age) the Nazis hanged for leafletting, too? Ye is fucking ignorant and he should stick to the topic regarding which he knows something: his specific personal/ financial grievances. He’s a semi-literate pop star. He isn’t a font of wisdom.

          “There are good things about bad people or there would be no literature.”

          Well I’m sure Jeff Dahmer was nice to some little or lady once or twice but I’d kick him backwards, down the fire pit, anyway. I don’t “love everybody”… not even close. Mostly I want to leave everyone alone. But I’d make exceptions for Hitler, Stalin, Dahmer, John Wayne (laugh), Robbe-Grillet, Kissinger, whoever really killed Sam Cooke, King Leopold, Schwab ‘n Harari, Leopold and Loeb, WC Fields, Mao, Churchill, Mishima, Gilles De Rais, Dr. George Hodel, The Stern Gang, Man Ray, Mengele, Wittgenstein (for beating a student to death), Maddy Albright, Bushes, that “Bibi” fuck, whoever really shot Lennon, Reagan, Popes, Mullahs, Iranian hangmen, the Italian Mengele who presided over AIDs/ C*V*D… I could spend all day kicking those types backwards down the firepit and film it as a workout tape called Righteous Thighs of Steel.

          “There are good things about bad people or there would be no literature.”

          I would edit that to say:

          “There are as many good things as bad things in Life and also we have Literature.”


          1. I laughed out loud more than seven times during this “nectar-sweet” prose diatribe. Thanks. And, again, I agree with everything you said. There are several people I’d add to the list. Ye’s not one of them. He’s all the things you said he was and more but, stupid as he may be, what he said has sparked a conversation that needs to be had. The repression of free speech has spawned the generation of crypto fascists you’re ragging on. I didn’t have to live in Germany to know what a sick fuck Hitler was. I didn’t have to live on a plantation to know the obscenity of slavery. When you’re done with the guy who killed Sam Cooke, I’d like some time with his dead body. If nobody knows what fuckers these guys are it’s because you can’t TALK about them, or, rather, you can’t be heard when you talk about them. I get accused of antisemitism all the time when, in fact, I’m exactly the opposite of an antisemite. Bibi’s way more antisemitic than me. I know my own mind, for fuck’s sake. I’d like to be able to say what’s on it without getting censored and censured. So would you. I’d like to be heard, too. So would you. Fat chance of that ever happening. On my website I say, ” No one will know how good your stuff is because nobody will ever get to read any of it but so what? You’ll know how good it is.”


            1. “I’d like to be able to say what’s on it without getting censored and censured.”

              We’re kinda doing that here. I tend to say what we have isn’t “Free Speech,” it’s CHEAP SPEECH.

              “what he said has sparked a conversation that needs to be had.”

              See, now I think that too much of what TWFKAK said allows most people to write off ALL of it as delusional twaddle. Like too many people in a position to communicate to vast chunks of the pop, he put a premium on Self Expression rather than on Vital Communication. He blew it and he blew it badly, IMO. Now it’s just a tragicomic sideshow.


  5. PS Feel free to say all this stuff, obviously, but I’m just not going to meet you half-way on the “Hitler” riffs, Nunc… laugh. But I also don’t want to excrete another kilometer of nectar-sweet prose explaining my position, which is what it is and thoroughly clarified and embodied in the million words of this blog.


    1. Hitler was an asshole and a bad, bad man. Why did Germans in the thirties and forties like him so much? I wasn’t there. Neither were you. I would’ve ended up in Dachau if I’d been there. So would you. For trying to tell our fellow Germans what an asshole Hitler was…and our fellow Germans would have been glad we were in Dachau. That’s where we would belong if we called the Fuhrer an asshole.


      1. “Why did Germans in the thirties and forties like him so much?”

        Ha ha! They were ASSHOLES, Nunc. They got their heads filled up with MASTER RACE cartoons and they drank the UBERMENSCH Kool-Aid because it FLATTERED the fuck out of them. Also, I’ve been here since 1990… do you really think that self-serving psychosis has vanished without a trace?

        I remember being at a party where a bunch of Uni kids were having a (German version of a) party: all the lights on, music at a low level. They were actually watching 2001: A Space Odyssey with the sound off while playing pretentious electronic music. Some were probably tripping. There was a comely chick named Gezine I was hovering around. At some point they turned off the electronic music and Strauss, from the OST, was playing and she said, “I belierve this is John Williams… his scores are very good.” I thought: okay, fine. She’s still pretty cute…

        THEN somebody put on CNN and we watched bodies bobbing and flowing along a muddy river in Rwanda. Gezine shook her head in disgust: “At least the National Socialists were *SCIENTIFIC* about it! This is just SAVAGERY!”

        Ha ha. That went too far.

        Remember all the support that Dubya was getting after 9/11? Most of that country was an asshole, too.


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