“I’ve long felt that the greatest handicap the American public has is their inability to correlate information.”

-Preston Guillory, Arresting Officer of Charles Manson


“There is no better model of the way in which the computer screen and the mental screen of our brain are interwoven than Moebius’s topology, with its peculiar contiguity of near and far, inside and outside, object and subject within the same spiral.”

—Jean Baudrillard


“There are no longer bonus points, anywhere in the civilized world,  for citing Baudrillard.”

—Napoleon Fanon



There often comes a point, when reading intellectually radical texts, texts of social critique, texts addressing the bad beasts and noxious humours of Current Conditions, when one detects an intimate whiff (or full-on gust) of authorial nostalgia. Are intellectual social critiques really just fancy cladding typed around a rosy-eyed nostalgia for childhood? Many are, I suspect, and for structural reasons:  the writers of these texts are often academics, or commentators with marketable degrees. Intellectually radical texts of social critique are rarely the raw expression of the congenital underclasses.  Many writers of such texts probably have childhoods worthy of nostalgia and this nostalgia can skew their perceptions of Now and Way Back When.  

Even the etymology of the word “radical” leads us to the word “root” and we can see the conceptual overlap between the notion of a “root” and  the essence of “nostalgia,”  though it’s the Conservatives, not the Radicals, who are typically accused of wanting to roll back the clock; I suppose the radicals frame it as “getting back to the Garden”. Nostalgia appears to skew the perceptions of Radicals and Conservatives alike. Skewed perceptions are not, in and of themselves, a problem: we enjoy skewed perceptions, in texts,  when their subjectivities are rich enough to take us out of ourselves (though not so rich that they offend us). To write philosophically, I’d argue, is to systematize one’s skewed perceptions (by attempting to universalize the personal?); the only way to avoid this is to indulge in scientific polemics of measurement that any reader, with a scale or ruler, can verify, line by line, at home. 

John Steppling, a kind and usually incisive thinker, writes, in his most recent piece:

 “A society that is even relatively healthy is one founded on organic community. I was thinking the other day about how my mother knew the butcher, the local baker and the guy who owned the local Italian deli. They knew what my mom wanted when she walked in the door. They were proud men, all of them. They were skilled and learned in their profession. The butcher was Polish, like my mother, so they would talk every time she went into his shop about the various kinds of kielbasa he made, what was best for Bigos, and then about family, about Poland, and about life. They respected my mother and she respected them. The old Italian man who ran the deli was lovely to me as a little boy. I remember the sawdust on the floor of his shop. I remember the smells. He didn’t give me candy, he gave me a slice of Prosciutto, and talk to me of Culatello and the black pigs from which it is made in the Po Valley. He said he save me a slice if he got his hands on some again. I loved going there. These are the daily aesthetics that construct not just a sense of the world, or our locale, but of ourselves.”

This is a charming and pleasurable paragraph about a lovely childhood.  Steppling was born in 1951, so this autobiographical passage is a tale of the 1950s, set in Hollywood … or so Wikipedia informs me. Wikipedia also informs me that Steppling’s mother was a “former beauty queen,”  which may or may not explain the free Prosciutto. Is John Steppling so charmed by the particularities of his childhood that it skews his perceptions and the conclusions he draws from them?

The first thing we notice about the cited passage is how perfectly refutable its opening argument is:  “A society that is even relatively healthy is one founded on organic community.”  Well,   I’m sure that 1930s Munich was full of “organic community”; what were the White bourgeois enclaves of lynch-happy Mississippi, c. 1920-1960, if not “organic community”?  Was Shogun-governed, Imperial Japan not resplendent with “organic community”? The harsh Chicago ghetto I was raised in (c. 1964 to c. 1973; I was shipwrecked there at the age of 5) was an “organic community” and it was as far from “healthy,” and as far from being part of a healthy society, as I can imagine. I’m not even sure I can think of a single genuine example of a healthy society.  I know I can’t, in fact. Knowing what we know about History (and the age-old prevalence of rape, domestic violence, de facto and/or literal slavery, incest, the social power dynamic, dangerous superstition, racism,  Xenophobia, overall ignorance and Old School Overall Primate behavior), where would we expect to find a healthy society in any historical record? 17th century Polynesia? How healthy was Freud’s Vienna?

Perhaps it’s a mistake to even partially frame our current struggles as a need to return to a mythically “healthy” society or the vintage communities we knew roughly 60 years ago? Let’s lower the bar somewhat and settle for disrupting the long-term plan to turn us into Social-Credit/ UBI-controlled Serfs in a Technofascist, psycho-bio-electrical behavioral experiment.*  

(Community is not a default positive value. Nor is a given community’s vintage. A geographical grouping of humans does not necessary deepen in goodness with time and there’s something of the irrational snobbery of “Daughters of the American Revolution”-style nostalgia in the suggestion that it does. The concept of the “organic community” as anti-Fascist  prophylaxis misses the mark by too wide a margin. I’d suggest that such a faulty premise reflects Nostalgia’s power, to skew the perceptions of the radical-screed-writer, at work.)

The problem of Current Conditions doesn’t hinge on “organic community” vs “inorganic community,”  though what it clearly does hinge on is the substitution of the “organic community” of place/ race/ family/ class…  for the “(in)organic community” of Animal Ideology** posing as Attitude or POV. The substitution is necessary to guarantee greater social control (of Duh Masses) and a more dynamic,  and flexible,  response to the urgent demands  of The Ruling Structure. In other words, TFIC***  can now group you, and move you,  according to how you respond to “Jon Stewart”  (I know I need a more current and relevant Propagandist as an example but I don’t watch TV)… the kind of “community” TFIC want is assembled to cut across most of the traditional lines of affiliation. Easier to move the “community” one way or another… toward Wackzeen Compliance, say…. if everyone’s sense of “belonging” isn’t tied to specific (and immobile)  concepts like family/place/race.  If TFIC can get ten million viewers sneering, sympathetically, with a “Jon Stewart” joke (those sneers are Animal Ideology in action)  about, say, the Wackzeen Hesitant: that’s the kind of “community”  that TFIC prefer.

Vintage communities had to be broken down because  “Community”  springs from the innate Human need to Belong. TFIC want you to derive all your Belonging-endorphins from communities only They design:  communities of terrorist-fearing people,  communities of Trump-hating people,  plague-fearing people, UFO-fearing people (don’t laugh)…  all formed and tweaked at the flick of a metaphorical Media-Octopus-Controlling-Switch. No cult (this includes the Unification Church, the original Christ cults, Scientology, Charles Manson and co, the Army, the Hare Krishnas, Big Pharma-Worshiping Germophobes,  the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh people,  Mao’s Cultural Revolution, EST, the Jim Jones thing, the CIA or the WEF) wants you deriving your Belonging-endorphins from family, friends, neighborhood or some rival cult.

So that’s probably why John Steppling’s organic community, of Old World Butchers and Bakers, of  a shopping district in1950s Hollywood, was half-deliberately dismantled. The bit of that vintage community that wasn’t deliberately dismantled, on the other hand, evaporated organically as former constituents like Steppling himself grew up, went to college, and eschewed the notion of returning to the vintage community as a next-generation Baker/ Butcher/ Plumber et al. Ask the Amish about that. In a sense,  can this “organic community” aspect of Steppling’s essay be seen as Steppling shaking a fist at himself (for growing up a globetrotting academic playwright instead of an old world tradesman with zero geographical mobility)?Possibly.

The important question, as I see it: How to impede/ disrupt these vast new, propaganda-controlled communities of Animal Ideology? How to break up the awful momentum of these mass-coordinated chuckles, sneers, simper-smiles and fright-eyes …?




Esteemed and tireless Anti-Great Reset radical CINDY NILES posted (on Faceboot):


In order for a NEW WORLD EMPIRE based on Cyber Imperialism to rise, the Old Debt Slave model must be demolished in a CONTROLLED fashion.

In order to migrate physical labour and BEING to the digital realm, first you must be removed from the public space and confined to digital interaction.

In order to link your physical body to your digital twin, your DNA code needs to be extracted, registered and catalogued, and receivers and sensors must be inserted into your body to allow two-way transmission of data. Retinal scan photographs will be collected with your passport / driver’s licence renewal.

In order to operate the flow of digital information, real world infrastructure needs to be erected in every street and every house enMESHed. It is essential.

In order to maintain tight junctions between physicality and virtuality, blockCHAINS are installed as well as geoFENCING.

The new DIRECTED electromagnetic frequencies and pulses dance in the space you cannot see.

The new forces now patrol the streets.

The new food supply is underway.

The new digital economy is upon us.

The new workspace is being established.

The new sphere of substitute social interaction has manifested.



(I responded)

RE: “sensors must be inserted into your body to allow two-way transmission of data”…  they can’t even get the Wackzeen numbers they want… no way will any of THAT be happening, on any meaningful scale, by 2030. We have to be careful not to spread their Predictive Programming/ Fait Accompli/ Victory Lap Propaganda Porn FOR them while attempting to warn The Masses (or each other). Most of this stuff is just NOT feasible and THEY know it. What they’re probably trying to do is induce the psychology of pre-defeated compliance. Meanwhile, right now, in the Actual Present, all you have to do, to monkeywrench TFIC Evil Schemes, is get rid of your “smart” phone… THAT’S the actual “cyborg” interface they’re relying on.

⁠Be like me and risk Social Embarrassment by using a 20-dollar dumbphone in public! (laugh) If everyone did that we could stop a lot of this shit NOW. And use a PC running a pre-Windows 10, or Linux, OS. Laptops (with built in cameras) are the next-worse things to “smart” phones. Eschew all these silly “smart” technology products: “smart” pillows, “smart” toilets, “smart” bikes, et al: nobody can FORCE you to buy this crap.  This is probably the first Military Invasion in history that the target-victims can avoid by simply using consumer choice as a defensive weapon: literally and figuratively do NOT buy their bullshit.

Even anti-Tech warnings can be NEOMANIACAL if they advertize (claims of) High Tech Magic without Critical Distance and Disruption. There will certainly be no mass Human Exodus to Mars (and very little chance of substantial ongoing manned exploration thereof; space exploration clearly belongs to robots and for obvious reasons) and there will be no Sleek New Cyborg (D-cup) bodies to step into and TFIC can NOT read your mind… if you stop inputting your personal details on social media.

Embrace the freedom of the Neo-Luddite.****

⁠PS the bottom right image (above) is nearly-impossible Sci Fi, it’s just bait, nobody living today is going to be the recipient of a Sleek New  (immortal, D-cup) Cyborg body. That technology is, at the very least, centuries away, and if/when it ever arrives it will be granted exclusively to the ultra-rich. The gamers/ hackers/ Tik Tok influencers and Incel Sci Fi addicts  being seduced by that fraudulent bait-and-switch promise are the next-gen dupes they will be counting on to push (the core) of this Reset through… in 20 years.  


After the massive anti-Plague Hoax/ lockdown/ Wackzeen demonstration, of June 26, 2021, in London (I’ve read that attendance was a million-plus) I read quite a few comments complaining that “The Media” barely covered it, or downplayed it, or spun the meaning of the demo unfavorably. And this was true: evidence of the massiveness of the demo, and its principal purpose,  was not easy to find on the BBC or CNN or even Reuters and so on. More than once I responded to these complaints with:

Solution: everybody at a large march film 15 minutes of the march and upload to their own account on YouTube/ Facebook/ Instagram…? (using a Selfie-Stick to get as much wide-screen, overhead, numbers context as possible?). Saturate Social Media! Get multiple friends (in other countries) to mirror…?

We have the technology. WE can be “The Media”.  We can be our own Publishers/ Reporters. If everyone at any large event uploads 15 minutes of video, covering the event, to two or three Soc Media platforms, that, in and of itself, is a Demonstration.



*The Meaning of Life, that no esoteric system is required to calculate, is simply that we are willing and able to put up with a certain amount of shittiness in Life as long as the shittiness is balanced with a proportional amount of intermittent beauty and pleasure.  Within the component of “pleasure” there is the notion of a certain amount of Freedom. What looms before us is the obvious trend, toward a catastrophic rejigging of all our carefully-worked-out balances, in which the shittiness will super-dominate… to the pleasure of TFIC.  This is the trend we have to disrupt.

**You don’t think it, you FEEL it

***TFIC = The Fuckers in Charge

****And start stockpiling food supplies



    1. Anyone who writes for “validation” (from whom?) should stick to recycling pre-approved scripts of witless cheerleading. My sense of what a Writer does developed when I was a young reader of offensively-True texts; I found that reading them was thrilling and I find that writing them is as satisfying as finding a tortoise on its back on an obscure country road and setting it on its feet again. It’s a placid practise on the furtive periphery of a planetary shitstorm. Do you write (or repair your bike/ electric can opener/ basement door/ sandals) for “validation”…?


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