same old traps

Celebrity Hero worship is a cornerstone of Modern Propaganda; your bedazzlement in the reflected light of media-elevated figures lowers the gate on your critical intelligence and that’s when all the Day-Glow Bullshit waltzes in. Here (video linked below) we see Russell and Eddie advising you not to believe anything too alarming about our Owners. We can characterize our Owners as Soulless Bureaucrats or even Greedy Bastards but never should you allow yourself to think of them as Murderously Psychopathic Aristocrats with delusions of Godliness; never should you think of them as well-organized recreational Peddies, with a vested interest in targeted Genocide and legislative Eugenics, who use smears, intimidation and assassination, to realize their goals, as casually and commonly as we use cutlery. “The real conspiracies,” says photogenic Eddie Snow, “are the ones They don’t bother to hide from us (my paraphrase)” : as illogical a concept as you are ever likely to hear. Yet he delivers it with such convincingly bored conviction that it isn’t difficult to imagine how disappointed in you he’d be if you called him out on his nonsense. So you don’t.

@7:01 Russell helpfully describes how to discuss your theories in public without embarrassing yourself: merely quite sheepishly agree with the approved consensus on what constitutes the “Empirical,” ie: base it entirely on the “facts” and attitudes you are provided by the Media owned by the Murderously Psychopathic Aristocrat-Conspirators. Any facts you fail to get from an Approved Source are disqualified by default. Neat, no? Tidy. Russell warns against theories which indulge in the three sins as he sees them: being A) reductive B) vivid C) dramatic. “Reductive” as in “being able to be summed up in a simple sentence or two”? Obviously: too straightforward. “Vivid” and “Dramatic” as all political assassinations, elite international peddy rings, plans to drastically reduce and enslave the population, neo-colonial atrocities and war crimes, are… by their very nature? Got it, Russ. All of that “vivid” stuff is a no-go. Famous Vivid You and Famous Boring Ed are the best.

@8:25 Eddie Snow opines that “Conspiracy theory can be seen as a kind of parody (ouch, Eddie!)… conspiracy theory can be seen as a gaming-out where the public’s vulnerabilities are…” and I’m less interested in that garbled statement (who’s doing the “gaming out” and what is “gaming out” when it’s being done?) than I am in Eddie’s super-controlled, FM-DJ vocal tone and ambiguous facial expressions as he delivers the statement. Is that meant to look like compassion on your face, Ed? Concern? Mockery? So many layers! This is a well-polished (yet not thoroughly convincing) spiel from which the genuine and spontaneous have been carefully removed. Do truly effective deal-closers often go “off script”? Never. Watching this is like being in a “high class” jewelry shop and being condescended to by a very smooth salesman who is very subtly shaming you (because you fear he’ll see you as a wretched prole otherwise) into signing a contract you both know you can’t afford. Does he care either way? Not too much. It’s just his job. The words in his sentences are nearly irrelevant. The tone is all.

@8:42 “Is there anything more grand and conspiratorial…?” (than the project to put every human on Earth under surveillance). Indeed there is, Ed. Think, Ed. What is the surveillance for? Perhaps the planetary surveillance conspiracy is in service to a project so vast that the surveillance itself is merely one tool among many in the running of this larger project? Perhaps there is some vivid, dramatic and reductive goal involved that the people you work for don’t want us to embarrass ourselves by discussing in public?

In fact, Russell himself has been discussing these very things lately and to a surprising degree of detail and … ooops, wait… is that why Celebrity Ed has descended from Celebrity Olympus to correct the thought processes of Russell’s audience? Just last week, Russell and his audience were all so heedlessly chattering about reductive, vivid and dramatic shit like Vaccine Passports and their sinister implications! Russell, one assumes, will dial it down a few notches from now on. Or maybe it was always Russell’s job to attract a Fringe audience in order to soften it up and Normalize it? (Like a younger, taller, hairier and more-appealing-to-pretentious-women Joe Rogan…?)

@9:14 Russ pretends to analyze Eddie critically while, conversely, slipping you the suggestion that Eddie is a Christ-like hero who has brought you information that could get him killed (I guess Russell isn’t aware that William Binney tried to “leak” the exact same “information”… aka Damage Control… that Eddie “leaked” long before Eddie leaked it… but William was too old and unstylish to have it stick in the minds of the target audience back in 2002).

If Ed’s “leaks” could have gotten him killed… why didn’t they? Why weren’t any of Ed’s family members killed to silence him? Why wasn’t his pole-dancing girlfriend (now his wife) killed? Why didn’t Ed appear to fear either contingency as a vivid or dramatic (or reductive) outcome? Does Ed not believe that the CIA or NSA have assets in Moscow? Why was his wife allowed to leave the US more than once after Ed’s supposed defection and eventually join him, happily, in Moscow? Are the DIA/ CIA/ NSA going soft on us? Why did David Graeber have to die if Eddie Snow’s pole-dancing wife didn’t? It seems so unfair.

And it’s all so fucking goofy.

@12:06 “Often we talk about conspiracy theories… in order to avoid… talking about proven conspiracies.” Well, Eddie, when you say “proven conspiracies” do you mean conspiracies that were detected and punished by a court of law or do you mean “proven conspiracies” that nobody appears to have the power to stop? And how does addressing either category preclude addressing conspiracies that are made evident by overwhelming circumstantial evidence but that are so horrendous in nature that the mainstream refuses to recognize them as a valid topic for discussion? What distinction are you drawing, here? It appears to be a distinction between the Truly Horrendous (vivid and dramatic) and the So-Banal-We-Can-Still-Perceive-the-Perps-as-Human.

“Focus on the latter” implores the stylish Media Construct with the soothing FM-DJ voice.


Here’s a glimpse of some more of Eddie Snow’s Massive support apparatus, because The State doesn’t mind if you glorify one of its “Enemies” at all, right? Some Dissidents they kill, others they allow hagiographic Hollywood movies and Talk Show Appearances about (and could Oliver Stone get any more obviously shady at this point…?)



Note how similar “ex” CIA guy, below, is to “ex” CIA Eddie Snow in his spiel (above) about how all the real action is in tax capers. For anyone with a little time on their hands tonight: this is another little MASTER CLASS in stealth propaganda. This charismatic Bustamante guy, who looks and talks like a radical priest from the ’70s, is former CIA. The video clickbait title has the word “UFO” in it (I’m quite curious about why the silly “UFO” narrative is getting play again) so the target audience is 90% neckbeard/ incel as a result, right? The clickbait word “UFO” is like porchlight to incel moths…… And while everyone in the comment thread seems to think the guy is recruiting for CIA (yeah, sorry, they recruit privileged Ivy Leaguers, kids, not scrounging neckbeards)… what he’s really doing is evangelizing for Billionaires. It’s quite hilarious; you know, to make sure that the coming generation trusts/admires them? (They don’t give a shit what OUR old asses think about Robber Baron Gates and his ilk). At c. 45:00 Bustamante’s real spiel kicks in. Before that, he displays his cred-securing bona fides by rattling off some well-worn shop talk/ jargon. But when he goes into his spiel at c. 45:00, it’s like the 21st century version of Ned Beatty’s “Arthur Jensen: primal forces of nature” speech in the film NETWORK… much more chill, silky, seductive, hopey-changey. Less literary and lots more effective; Arthur Jensen transforms and inspires but one Howard Beale with his speech… whereas Andrew Bustamante seduces the souls of 30,000 neckbeards per podcast. (And if you want an insight into who/what Andrew Bustamante really is, Googlify his name and check out pictures of him without the mop and beard: THAT’s the real him).

Bustamante’s target audience is, after all, the Couchpotatariat that will produce the coders and snoops who will support The Great Reset of 2030 and they are being trained to LOVE the Plutocrats who think of us all as cattle. Under the cheese is where you find most Esoterica buried, fellow Thinkers and Seekers! Learn to sniff the dumpsters for data. Devote some time to this…


  1. This spook’s delivery should be used to instruct anyone keen to emote for the unforgiving camera. Two huge flaws make his performances not only gobsmackingly awful, they are, I would think, the very definition of tells. Any actor worth his weight in craft service knows the forehead scrunching is an absolute no-no. Combine that with his failure to even once over all these years react with the delivery his line. What a ham.

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    1. Read the comments under that guy’s spiel: most of the neckbeards are ovulating! The feller talks like the fucking Chamber of Commerce, doesn’t he? Talking about tax breaks… ? Notice the institutional psycho-logic: if some target who thought Bustamante was a friend recoils upon discovering the fucker is CIA, he’s “self-destructing”. Huh? How does that follow, unless that means you’re fucking obliged to destroy the target that rebuffs you? “He might go to the police… and get himself killed…” What? Oh, okay, sure, I get it, Loki.


        1. speaking of “high class jewelry shop” i have had the experience of being in one six days a week, for a year and a half, wearing the uniform of a pinkerton guard, which might have given the impression at first glance that i might have been carrying a gun – i was not

          in fact i had experience of two such high class jewelry shops, both in boston, one of which is still in operation – firestone & parson, at that time on the ground floor of the ritz carlton hotel, now on newbury street, as was parenti sisters, where i worked in the spring of 1973

          parenti sisters was a very small shop – the two elderly sisters, a daughter in law who was the bookkeeper, and a young ruling-class-adjacent saleswoman [she’d been to a ‘finishing school’] – it was frankly boring, but i was staying up late memorizing the most comprehensive introductory text in the field which i had decided to go to grad school in, despite only having minored in it as an undergraduate – this strategy worked – i got a high score on the GRE

          they gossiped a bit about me in italian – why was an intelligent young man working at such a low level job – what a shame – che peccato – i did not tell them that i understood some italian, or of my plans for the future

          they closed for the summer – the sisters went to cape cod, where they had a summer shop – so i was reassigned to firestone & parson, a bigger store: two saleswomen – both youngish blondes, three salesmen – all gay, three staff in the basement doing engraving, polishing, repair, shipping – mr firestone, a very leonine man who occasionally would have debilitating headaches – cluster, migraine, something like that – and the bookkeeper, mrs m, a sweet italian old lady – when i say old i mean someone the current age of missus charley – mr parson had been dead for twenty years

          after labor day the parenti sisters re-opened their shop, and they requested me again, so i went there, not without regret – but that afternoon my bosses at pinkerton told me to report to firestone and parson the next day – it turned out that f&p had threatened to cancel their contract unless i was assigned back to them – so pinkerton did so

          le sorelle parenti then switched to another security company – so it could be said i cost pinkerton’s a job site

          it was one of the few times in my life i was fought over

          when i resigned to go to grad school mr firestone gave me a check as a parting gift – i thanked him while being disappointed that it was only seventy-five dollars, not one hundred, which is what i thought would have been a nice round amount

          the staff gave me a silver jefferson cup engraved with “good old dave”

          i shuffled off to buffalo, where the next phase of my life began, full of triumph and tragedy – particularly the latter


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