Everybody’s individual consciousness is a governing committee of shiftingly dominant and subordinate minds of unstable size and strength,  25-60% of which may be titanically stupid at any given moment.


“Everything good is torn straight down;  everything shit is crowned:  by which sick imperative behind whose clown?”


The minute after you are born you are not so much adding one human body to a pre-existing collection of  billions of human bodies as you are adding one minute of experience to civilization’s pre-existing accumulation of c. 15,000 years: to what extent is this mathematical  imbalance rectified by the time you’ve reached the age of 40? I.e.: are there perhaps fundamental attributes of the World about which you know nothing still …?


Here’s how the Control Mechanism behind Social Engineering (in the Age of Social Media) works:

Via Media/Social Media,  TFIC* flatters (mostly young**) Liberal Women;  saturates them for years with the message that they’re wise, powerful,  noble and good by default. A decade or two of copious Endorphin hits ensue. Liberal Women like that. They trust their flatterers because everyone is like that; everyone flattered for long enough begins to either trust or distrust their flatterers  (the former being a far more common response to flattery than the latter; flattery is the heart of almost all cons). The flatterer flatters Liberal Women and demonizes All Men (although the flatterers are largely men: they are above the fray and cannot be demonized by the demonization). 

After the flatterer has addicted Liberal Women to this flattery and gotten in return total trust in the images and institutions through which the flattery has been delivered, the flatterer  instrumentalizes this cultivated Trust and Addiction, announcing (cyclically):


The Liberal Women do so. Also, Liberal Men who like/need/adore the Liberal Women and who’ve had their self-confidence and independence decimated by a steady diet of women-flattering/men-demonizing content, wanting very much to be liked by the Liberal Women, obediently follow along and so the flatterers (TFIC) control two large (significant, middle-to-upper class) cohorts:  Liberal Women and their subservient men.

The men who aren’t under the suave control of the flatterer… Right/Left Wing Males***… were the target all along.

Because only from the demographic of Right/Left Wing males is any form of violent “revolution” likely to spark. From the standpoint of any Control Apparatus, it’s very important to demonize, isolate and neutralize (except as military mercenaries) this demographic.

I’m not saying I’m pro-Cracker-Gun-Nut, I’m just pointing out that Cracker-Gun-Nuts and their Lefty/Libertarian equivalents are a concern for TFIC and that social engineering is working on marginalizing/ neutralizing both. You know, like how Mao’s “cultural revolution” instrumentalized billions of naturally-reactionary kids to deal with the threat of the “bourgeois intelligentsia”? 

Again, to The Fuckers in Charge: well played.

*TFIC: The Fuckers in Charge

**Quite a few women who aren’t young but who aspire to be young will be caught and enchanted by this flattery, too;  middle-age’s hard-earned wisdom will be eroded in many cases of this collateral media-damage.

*** Many naturally  Left Wing men have their radical impulses tamed out of them during the process of a college education  (which dangles the hologrammatic carrot of a good job while swinging the stick of student debt). The resultant Left-to- Liberal (politically-trans) Men are further kept in line, again, by the need to please Liberal Women, though they may well never recognize the fact that they are now something far from “Left”.

What little dissidence remains is represented by the aforementioned dis-empowered (often racist, sexist) Right Wing White Males…  and a cadre of Left Wing Males greatly reduced in number,  and marginalized, and fractious (not nearly so coherent in outlook as the Right Wing White Males). Plus Right Wing White Females (many of whom leak, aspirationally, toward the Center) +  hyper-marginalized, atypical Left-leaning Females +  Blacks/ Minorities who figure, in the greater calculus of the control-pyramid, as either boogiemen, charity-cases or reassuring tokens hired to make an evil policy seem benign under a brown-faced (as White Liberals are trained to fetishize “minorities”) smile.


We’ve been gulled with impressionistic non-logic into accepting the notion that misogyny (literally meaning: the hatred of, or aversion to, women) encompasses any critique of a specific woman (especially if the critique acknowledges the fact that she is, in fact, a woman). But, in order to be “woman-hating,” the critique of said woman would have to insinuate, at the very least, that the critiqued-woman’s flaws are tied directly to being a woman (as opposed to being a certain kind of woman). Is George Soros a problem because he’s a man… or because he’s a certain kind of man?

The descriptive and analytical powers of the language are destroyed by popular abuse (with political motives). The Media are blunting and blurring and mushing up the tools we actually need to be sharpest to counter the brainwashing. We need to stop worrying about giving “offense” to each other (the Serfs), so much, and use the power of these tools to deter the Ruling Order.

Logic-twisting and definition-creep are big parts of the psychological war being waged against us. Obama (hired as Left/Liberal cover for Bushite policies) couldn’t be criticized without his criticizers being labeled as “racist,” and HRC can’t be criticized without her prosecutors being labeled “misogynists” and Israel can’t be criticized without… etc. You get the picture. Do you see how the language of critique has been masterfully undermined by the quasi-therapeutic culture of logic-leaping sensitivities?

During OWS, when Lennon’s song “Woman is the N—er of the World” (a title/concept he got from Ono), was cancelled as “racist” by earnest sophomores, with IQs of 95, who never ‘cancelled’ a single thing George W. Bush ever said, and who couldn’t possibly get the irony of their error, I thought: yeah, just keep scoring goals against yourselves, kids, and the whole thing will be over quicker than we ever thought possible. Unwitting “Accelerationists” all.

In the end, being “nice” and being “liked” are not worth as much as we are being hypnotized into thinking they are. As I had a character in a novella say, once (relating an invented “old Czech saying”): you can’t make good soup with lukewarm water.

Fight the rot on whatever front we can or must, fight it frankly. Language is primal/ primary and framed heavily by context and obvious intent. Something “sounding” racist and/or sexist is not enough to deputize the plaintiff as an authority on the matter. Whatever the plaintiff feels.


The Internet (like TV before it) is easily subverted: I have always preferred to use it “wrong”.

I read and write long-form pieces with my PC, ignore viral “trends” (I was going to list a few here but suddenly realized that, having always ignored them… I can’t), never “surf” on my phone (in fact, the first thing I do when I get a new phone is disable its internet: I’ve never used Google Maps, nor checked my email in the park, nor downloaded apps nor uploaded pics and geolocational data straight to FB), never read “Yahoo News,” (et al), don’t get desktop notifications for anything, refused to Skype or “Zoom” during the Dehumanizing Popular Global House Arrest Vacation Drill… and so on. I use my PC/ Internet like the non-medical, Tricorder-like gear I always longed for as a geeky kid watching the original Star Trek… I do NOT use these tools to voluntarily lock myself into a psycho-electronic web of interchangeably subservient (and disposable) cogs… despite seductive invitations from the demon called Convenience; if there is a long way around something, or a difficult way in, I usually go for it. These tools are marvelous as long as THEY (not WE) are the tools and as long as WE (not THEY) are the users.

Problem being that people want to “belong”.

Many prefer to do things the “appropriate way”… many people love that gold-star, goody-two-shoes feeling. They like the discounts and coupons and pats on the head one gets by toe-ing the line in the Gulag, even if the Gulag (for now) is still strictly an opt-in affair: the gate (for how long?) is always open.

And, of course, there could be a mammoth essay all its own concerning the Vonnegutishly-named pharmaceuticals (and crypto-pharmaceuticals in the tap-water, tooth paste, salt, Twinkies, Big Macs, Coke, et al) which no doubt render us more receptive to the subtle frequencies on which the appropriate definition of “appropriate” is always broadcast.


Stubbornness is stupidity for smart people.


That time I had tender intercourse with the apparently wounded (rather deeply unhinged)  woman who claimed to be sterile? I was 20 and extremely Smupid ™. Friends warned me about her. We’re all Smupid ™ from time to time.

Let’s all work on that.

Let’s pull out of this.

8 thoughts on “WE, the SMUPID

  1. a)your point #1 reminds me of a passage i quoted in the comments here a couple of years ago


    since then the author has lost his position as head of his ashram due to dishonesty about relationships with women not his wife – so it goes and certainly a disappointment – but it does exemplify the point about the stupidity of certain subminds

    b)back in the 20th century i wasn’t offended by lennon’s song “woman is the n—er of the world”

    c)here in the 21st century i wasn’t offended by jk rowling’s suggestion that a transgender person is not equivalent in every way to a nontransgender person of the “same” gender

    d)this is nice, in my opinion – lily winwood sings a song written by her father – he plays piano and sings backing vocals

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MC!

      Yes, re: A) “the subminds making up the mind-system” can often be The Three Stooges ; some people out there have a Ted Bundy in the mix instead of a Curly (for those of you under 50: sorry, I can’t always worry about cross-generational clarity in my references).

      B) I think that song stands up as a remarkably Adult song; what’s the equivalent “today” (we’ll have to reach back to the ’90s for this one), a monochromatic punk-metal rant by Rage Against the Machine? Though the social conditions have changed somewhat since Lennon wrote it, since we now all live in a quasi-Matriarchy that depends on a chimeric crypto-Patriarchy for authority.

      C) Rowling’s point is more than reasonable and it’s only “controversial” to the extent that the Social Engineering Psyop run by Media wants it to be. Funny thing about all that: walking around the boulevards and shopping centers, it’s obvious that the anti-heterosexual-mating “gender confusion” brainwashing isn’t really catching on: teens are still at it, largely, in the traditional way, though it IS sad that the mating dance has been so PORNified and stripped of poetry/ tenderness. But all those proletariat girlteens aren’t dressing up like Kardashians to attract other girls. Sorry, TFIC! (and good luck trying to make insect-eating “trendy”…)

      D) Not sure if I can wrap my head around the irony that even as Picard reminds us that 70 million have been turned into refugees by the global blitzkrieging adventurism funded by the same forces funding the institutions funding the entertainment Picard is announcing, at least as many people, in “The West,” have been rendered homeless/ destitute/ isolated/ hopeless by the Psycho-Social War they launched against the Serfs, this Spring, by re-labeling The Flu (and old age) as a Pandemic. Why do we keep falling for the tricks of these people, like whipped dogs loyal to their sadistic psychopath? The doggie-treats are laced with chili powder! Why oh why are we still wagging our Smupid tails when the Fucker speaks?

      Which is one of the questions posed by “We, the Smupid” and answered, recursively, with SMUPID.


    2. PS MC! I just realized that that post of mine, of years ago, that you reference, contains a clue or two about the woman who deflowered me (in 1977); I sent Jeff a message recently, because it just dawned on me that he works where she works! Six degrees of separation (or suppuration?)… though to go even less vague about it all would be indelicate.


  2. st aug! with regard to pornification of the mating dance

    a)perhaps you have seen something of the controversy with respect to netflix film ‘cuties’

    Netflix defends ‘Cuties’ as ‘social commentary’ against sexualization of young children

    b)contrariwise, from another place and time, i have never read any of his novels and may or may not do so but i have returned more than once to thomas hardy’s ‘lines to a movement in mozart’s e-flat symphony’


    c) nor have i ever seen a strawberry tree in real life – but as lawrence ‘yogi’ berra could have said, you never know when something surprising might happen – the photos are colourful

    d)i have just increased the chance i might read a thomas hardy novel by ordering a copy of ‘under the greenwood tree’ – a very good used paperback, due to be sent to me for only a shipping fee of under a dollar – as a reward for all the other books i’ve bought from thriftbooks

    e)i have a pile of books – novels and poetry – on a table in the spare bedroom and hope i will read or reread [gulliver’s travels – i read it cover to cover when i was 12 – how will it strike me now? i wonder – i thought the ted danzen dramatization well done when i saw that 20 years ago] a few of them – right now i spend most of my reading time on current events – if i do escape to the great multicultural north i will aim to let life’s rich pageant of misfortunes, errors, and crimes against humanity carry on without having to stand on the sidewalk watching for such long hours each day

    f)there must be higher love


    1. MC!

      I just can’t bring myself to watch these things… but I can well imagine what a having-its-cake-and-eating-it-too “social commentary” show called “Cuties” is like (and who their secret target-demo is).

      Re: Porn: my idea of it is models on the runway in Alexander McQueen; that’s my libidinal aesthetic… and I do not (as the kids put it) “fap” to it but I’m a connoisseur of that particular erotic aesthetic . But I never understood Porn as a form of instruction (the only porn flick I ever watched all the way through… TWICE… was Cafe Flesh; quite something in the early ’80s). I never in my Life indulged in a one-night-stand; never wanted to; never saw the point. I always thought the POINT was a wild and Unrepeatable Journey into the bizarre territory of whatever place is created by the overlapping urges/ dreams/ hungers/ terrors/ prayers/ kinks/ visions two hormone-poisoned people can share when they’re fucking. Well, it takes MONTHS for anything like that to happen… what do you get out of one sad blurry fuck? I’ve been with exactly 33 women in my life and I know the first and last name of each and every one and I’ve turned down way more sex than I’ve shared (though I’ve shared a fair bit). I’m glad I wrote some of those stories down, because fucking my Wife (my favorite obsession) has erased all the other sense-print memories…

      RE: Hardy: read him in high school; afraid the teachers did a first class job of deflavorizing the material (ditto DH Lawrence) for me. Why weren’t they teaching Paul Bowles instead? (rhetorical question)

      Re: Higher Love: it is yours whenever you decide to give it!

      Re: the Ted Danson version of Gulliver: for me the Ur-text is the Fleischer/ Fleischer production of 1939! Which, by an amazing coincidence, I happen to have right here in my pocket…


  3. st aug! thanks for the link to the fleischer film – truly another example of what robert louis stevenson was talking about in his memorable couplet “a happy thought”

    here’s a link to a six-minute interview with the auteure of “cuties” – i got the impression that there is seriousness of purpose here, and an attempt to depict the complexities of growing up as a girl with parents from senegal in 21st century france – the first few commenters at youtube are strongly condemnatory – i haven’t seen the film itself, and i suppose few if any of them have either – i haven’t read the wikipedia article about the film either, but it’s possible i may


    1. MC!

      If nothing else, the Fleischer film is a tribute to the long lost era of Pride in One’s Craft; imagine hand-painting those exquisite cells; imagine the team getting the first half-dozen done (after a week?) and looking ahead to the Herculean task of completing the next thousand or so! That’s the kind of mountain-climbing I respect. The demon of Convenience is a particularly evil culture-toxin and I show it no love.

      Re: that 6-minute clip: I sense a dangerous meta-trap: are we meant to ignore the director’s fantastically (ironically?) sexy appearance and even sexier French accent? I can’t get past that to judge her description of the film on her description’s own possible merits, so I respectfully recuse myself from the panel.

      But I can see how she’s probably culturally tone-deaf (as the French will be) to American sensibilities regarding… all that stuff. For what it’s worth, despite how I tend to pillory, in American culture, what Mencken called “Boobism,” there are lots of dodgy strains of central-European libertinism that didn’t “die off” and go as far underground, as the Yankee equivalent did, in the US, after the late 1970s, as they should have: Serge Gainsbourg is still a culture-hero in Paris, after all. There are Evil games being played with all that, still, and I’ve caught, for example, what is clearly peddy-messages in a popular kid’s book by a “beloved” kid book writer who was, I feel, one of “them”. I wouldn’t condemn those outraged comments, under that film clip, as mere Murrkkan “Boobism” in the face of Art.


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