glitter pill chronicles

“Fuck the red pill, fuck the blue and fuck the black, too: my color of choice, in worldview-altering pills,  is ‘glitter’ !”—Pastor Prime


The old white men running the world have managed a long, effective and cynically-ironic campaign to demonize Logic and Facts as “white” and “male” and to privilege raw emotions as cardinal, female and virtuously  “of color”. Because one thing the old white men running the world hate is how Logic and Facts, if granted enough credibility,  can undermine Propaganda. For Propaganda (the most powerful organs of which are owned by the old white men running the world) relies heavily on the manipulation of raw emotions. See how that works? Pretty clever, eh?

“Yes,” the old white aristocrats in charge hiss,  rubbing their dry hands together with glee, “Do away with intellectual debate and standards of education capable of arming the average citizen with the critical faculties for seeing through and dismantling manipulative appeals to the basest fears and desires of the electorate! Power to the People, Baby! Power to the People… right on!


When I was in college, way back in the ’70s, the overwhelming majority, of the very few Black students there, sat at the same lunch table. I, instead, as a Black individual, sat at the lunch table that was populated by all the people from the floor (2nd), of the dorm that I lived in. Which made sense to me. It was months, after first arriving, knowing no one there, before I wandered into other dorms or living spaces on campus.

One day, the admin in charge of the Black Students Union, a man of roughly 40, came to where I sat at the table of my friends (my neighbors) to invite me to “the Black table”. “Back to the plantation?” I joked. I did not follow him back to the “appropriate” table… at which non-Black students were tacitly unwelcome (and, further, I remember when a White friend, Eric, got a note warning him to stop dating a Black girl, Denise, who sat at that special table). By all means congregate how you like but… barring others by Race? That’s called Racism.

The racists who criticize “Black Only”spaces are not doing it because they want the right to enter such a space, obviously; they’re doing it because they want to get away with “White Only” spaces for themselves; they want such a thing to become a widespread, and eventually accepted, phenomenon. Their point is that you can’t, logically, or with any justice, ban the one and not the other. Their point is that segregation is either okay or it isn’t. If segregation isn’t okay, it shouldn’t be supported, with or without a special-pleading clause. And, despite being racists, the Logic they’re borrowing is correct. If an all-Black space is legally protected from non-Black entry, can a half-White Black person be stopped at the door by police? Would a quarter-White Black person be okay…? And so forth.

We can all (or most of us) agree that toilets being segregated by gender (as opposed to being segregated by race) makes sense for reasons having to do with the fact that Race and Gender are not precisely equivalent distinctions. But there is no legal justification for having a racially-enforced BLACK ONLY space… as opposed to a Black Themed/ Black-Centric space that is, on the other hand, genially open to entrance by Vietnamese, Basque, Nordic (et al) visitors.

Why is the extremist version preferable? Are Whites so powerful/toxic/ magical that Blacks can only enjoy, or BE, themselves with no Whites present? That’s a scary-bizarre notion. But, then, the Institution of American Racism has been so brutal and enduring that I’d be surprised if it hadn’t generated a group-delusion or psychosis or two along the way.

America has not only a severe Segregation problem (maintained by fanatically-supremacist Afrophobic 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st century Whites) but late-phase American Capitalism has a problematic tendency toward bizarro-world Extremism, too: Americans too often try to lose weight by eating and drinking vast quantities of lo-cal stuff, save money by racking up vast quantities of credit card debt on discount items and fight Sexism and Racism by being… Sexist and Racist.

The bigger problem being that, now, “America” means most of the post-War, Media-governed World. Abraham Lincoln was a racial separatist (contra popular misconceptions) all his life, and, if he’d had his way, Blacks would have been kicked out of America entirely. Now that “America” is, increasingly, the planet… where will we (Blacks) go if the “righteous” segregationist/ separatist wave jumps its flimsy current “woke” safety barrier and becomes an accepted Norm and a powerful movement… as reactionary populism so often will in times of uncertainty/ recession/upheaval?

Black and/or Feminist Supremacists/ Segregationists are playing with fire and, in my opinion, walking into a “woke” trap, egged on by faux-allies.

When Alisha McCullough’s asinine epic of racist virtue-wallowing, “The Seven Circles of Whiteness,” was published on Medium, I registered with Medium (and then walked away from the money-hungry, pay-walling twats) just to post my response to it:

As a fully-accredited Black male whose father was a pan-Africanist militant in the 1960s and ’70s, I have to say that some of this appears reasonable and just… and some of it seems like the work of a psychotic on a control-freaking binge (like the mystery neighbor who leaves bullet-pointed print-outs in the recycling room of our building). During this brief window of Black people suddenly finding eager allies to the extent that we often find ourselves humored, without question, as though we’re lunatics in the visiting room of an asylum… I think a few of us are getting drunk on the faux power all this attention implies. Tone it down, brothers and sisters, and let’s just stick to the (damning) facts, okay? It’s not as though there aren’t enough of them…

More to the point, when our tender, open-hearted, generally-fragile White Allies have had enough of being bitch-slapped by delusionally supremacist Black Woketivists who don’t understand that “we,” as an aggregated minority, have no national sovereignty, or Black-owned infrastructure (eg: power grids, nation-wide food distribution, military, et al) worth speaking of and are therefore wholly dependent on the Host Culture (aka Whites)… and when,  you know,  these tender White Allies have had enough and finally say “Oh just Fuck your Black Ass!”… what are our options? What’s the exit plan? Running away from home and joining the circus…?

If you ain’t got a world-class military to call your own, learn Diplomacy, Bitches.


A-And then comes the terrifying realization that no class is more impatient to bring down Capitalism than the Ruling Capitalists themselves. What do they see, over our shoulders, that we can’t and why are they so certain that they’ll prefer it to whatever it is we’ve all been doing for all of our lives?

B- “‘Democracy’ is a euphemism for ‘mob rule’. The necessary alternative is not a better euphemism but a wiser mob.

C-The key to the Nefarious Nature of the Headlock we’re all in is Continuity. There is no great institution of Street Freaks and Poor Poets that stretches back for centuries but there is surely the Right Wing version of that, embodied by long-running institutions (think: Harvard, but older and darker) with game-plans divided into increments of centuries. That’s what too few of us grasp: The World pre-exists us by quite a bit, yet we persist in applying our naive definitions to it. Why? Sheer Ego?


It’s really quite obvious: if you can work from home; if you even still have a job you can work at, from home: you are ‘middle class’. If you worked in (or even owned) a cafe or a local grocery store or any number of the thousands of small businesses that relied on foot traffic, and human social interaction, in order to sell the goods and/or services necessary to such a business, you belong to the working class… the working class that was destroyed by the Martial Law Lite that was declared by The W.H.O., a non-governmental body funded/controlled by the second-richest man in the world.

During the same time that Martial Law Lite put millions of the working poor out of work and gutted what meager savings they had, billionaires saw their wealth increase by c. 700 billion (almost three quarters of a trillion). If you have a billion to spare, this is a great time to buy up ruined assets for pennies on the dollar. If you’re ‘middle class’ and can still work from home and weren’t wiped out by Martial Law Lite, you can afford to trust the Billionaire Class that designed and executed this event… you can afford to believe in the fantastical notion that Martial Law Lite was implemented to save lives and not, as is obvious, to exert near-total control of a kind unseen since Stalin’s heyday and to further an agenda and benefit the Billionaire class immeasurably.

Never once will you feel the need to ask yourselves troublingly logical questions like: “Why was there never a lock-down for Tuberculosis? Even in the US, 5-10% of the populations tests positive for the Tuberculin test every year, and, globally, one quarter of the world’s population is thought to have latent infection with TB. In 2018, there were more than 10 million cases of active TB which resulted in 1.5 million deaths! This makes it the number one cause of death from an infectious disease… yet… no lock-down over TB. Why is there Martial Law Lite over Covid? Is the difference… political? Are the lock-downs opportunistic? Are we being herded toward a cascade of desired outcomes using Fear/ Panic as the prod? Don’t worry about it: you’re the ‘middle class’.

And please never ask yourselves why you trust Media assets, owned by Billionaires, to tell you anything that would run contrary to the goals, dreams, desires, schemes and long-range plans of… Billionaires. Don’t think about it! It’s not your problem. Whatever “death figures” they feed you… merely believe! Why not? Don’t worry about the implications of the fact that even mainstream, fully compliant officials admitted, very early on, that death certificates were stamped with “Covid” very “generously” and without any confirmational rigor at all. What differences does it make? This is a Narrative, not a Science!

Yes, don’t worry over Logic, you’re the ‘middle class’. You don’t have to question things. You can still eat, right? You will continue to have a roof over your heads, right? You can afford to deplore the out-of-work working class as they attempt to fight back against their (and everyone’s… everyone’s but the Billionaire Class’s) oppression. Be proud of your ‘middle class’ education and never wonder to what extent that “education” was indoctrination and to what extent the scant, genuinely factual content you were taught years ago can’t hope to compete with the infinitely more persuasive, emotionally manipulative, Propaganda you consume as “news” and “entertainment” every waking moment of your ‘middle class’ existence.

(Btw: you may be pulling in 200k per annum, and that may well put you in “the 1 %,” but the buzz-word term “the 1%” is a semantic trick. The Billionaire Class is the .00000001%. Got it?)

Remember history class? Remember the terms ‘kapo’… and ‘useful idiots’…? No? You don’t remember? Well, why should you? Just point at the protesting masses of the devastated poor and snicker and spit and await further orders. You’ll make a great Contact Tracing Sector Team Volunteer one day. You’ll probably win a medal.


“the Left/Right metric has become a relic of a past era”

I wholeheartedly disagree with that assessment and believe that this fashionable new theory is ridiculous and dangerous, in that it allows an awful lot of violently Ethnocentric Misogynists to think of themselves as something other than what they are, which is, clearly, Right Wing. Of course, we’re all suffering semantic confusions… when strippers’ poles were re-branded, overnight, as Feminist symbols of a woman’s right to empower herself as a professional Sex Object, Orwell’s ears probably perked up in the grave a little. And, of course, the Political Spectrum that we’ve been trained, with nothing deeper than old slogans and mechanical repetition, to think of as spanning from “Left to Right,” now only really spans the distance between Right and Extreme Right… because the Left (never to be confused with Liberals, who are nothing but Conservatives with a guilty conscience) has dwindled to such small numbers, and little influence, that it can barely make itself seen or heard… as though Michael Parenti has been stranded on a desert island with nothing but a wet flare gun. But Parenti, who is unambiguously Left, exists, and even when he ceases to, and other Elders like him cease to exist as well, the core worldviews and values of the Left will remain valid and utterly comprehensible. They are there for anyone who is, by nature, anti-War… anti-Corporate Governance… anti-Xenophobia… anti-Misogyny… to investigate and educate her/his self more deeply about. There is a History… there are variations… there are options.

90% of our experience of The World is Right Wing in nature, because the Right Wing controls Media, the Right Wing controls the police, the Right Wing controls the Military and can easily bring enough power to bear, in an instant, to de-platform a Left-leaning pundit, or silence a tenured Left-leaning Prof… or assassinate a burgeoning Left-leaning leader or movement. But they don’t have the Power to rewrite all definitions, or muddle your mind… or control your common sense…. if you don’t let them.

Helpful Chart: Bushes/ Clintons/ Obama/ Trump/ Biden/ Eisenhower/ Blair/ Cameron/ Thatcher/ The Queen/ Bill Gates/ Trudeau/ Soros/ Hollywood/ CIA/ FBI/ GOOGLE/ Bezos/ Amazon/  Pentagon/ Monsanto/ Disney/ Zuckerberg/ Jobs/ Twitter/ Instagram Sex Stars/ Leonard Cohen/ Oprah/ Mullahs/ Zionists = THE RIGHT

Michael Parenti/ John Lennon/ Kurt Vonnegut/ Vandana Shiva  = THE LEFT

(consult this chart as often as you need)

“The beginning of wisdom,” said Confucius, “is to call things by their proper name.”


Continuing on the theme of “Vet those links carefully before endorsing the content”: last week someone sent me a link to a year-old video. The video purports to be an interview, hosted by a notorious “Right-wing Whistle-blowing” site, of a supposed ex-Google engineer who took a “principled stand,”  against unethical policies at Google, and decided to send “thousands of documents” to Federal Investigators.

The whistle-blower claims to fear for his life, on camera. What I noted immediately while watching: the video is about a year old, the whistle-blower isn’t dead yet and the video is not only hosted by YouTube (owned by Google) but… lots of the commenters, in the threads under the video, had been brought to the video by the YouTube- recommends-algorithm. Erm… is that logical? Why would YouTube want you to see this video supposedly critical of its parent company Google?

As a credulous commenter wrote:



11 months ago

The miracle of a lifetime: This hasn’t been taken down yet.”


Afraid not. No miracle, no irony, no coincidence nor lucky break for the “freedom fighters”. It’s just a puppet show and a carefully assembled trap. Why is our gullibility gene still so strong…?

The whistle-blower may or may not actually know something about coding, but in this video he’s acting, playing an Edward Snowden knock-off (although where is his pole-dancing girlfriend?), a crypto-Right-wing mini-Snowden who became incensed that Google was filtering search-results in a way that might hurt T-Rump’s re-election chances! Laugh! Yep. Liberals: you’re meant to despise him. T-Rumpers: you’re meant to consider him a hero. See? The “whistle-blowing” is a narrative.

In other words: Google is painting itself as the Team Leader (Iron Man?) of the Resistance, getting down in the trenches to battle T-Rump’s Thanos; that’s one level. It’s a bit like Google is “brag-plaining” by showing us that Google “isn’t playing 100% by the rules”… until it dawns on you (if you’re among the Liberal half of the intended audience for this puppet show) that by cheating just a little, Google is “saving the world”. Clever, no? (If slightly… transparent)

Here is that extremely unlikely video; pop your GM corn and enjoy the act:

But now, to understand the other level of this stage-play and its ultimate goal, you have to read an “article” (aka The Narrative Meta Text), published May 14th, this year, in Vice magazine. The psychological trap has several components (which its architects must have considered rather clever, and though it is intricate, on the level of real people in real space who had to say and do certain things, in public, on a schedule… on paper, as a script, it’s rather flimsy).

Vice is a flagship 21st century hipster platform with subliminal tentacles in the Right and Alt Right. Vice is a rabbit hole of its own and I usually avoid reading it… but it’s an important component of this operation.

The Vice article reveals our “principled whistle-blower” as a conveniently Trump-soaked avatar designed to make Blue State Liberals recoil in disgust… while seriously tainting, by association, the credibility of one of the few voices, speaking out against the dangers of Bottom Line Pharmacology, with a famous and respected name: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

If people think there are apolitical and incorruptible institutions in place to police planet-gripping octopuses like Big Pharma, or Toxic Farmer (Monsanto), and otherwise protect us Serfs from highly profitable poisons, they’re wrong. Thousands, even hundreds of thousands, are sickened or killed by rush-tested medicines, or damaged by environmental pollution, and sometimes there are liability payouts, and often there are not, but a vigilant Health Authority (of some kind; of any kind) would never have allowed the ecosystem to be flooded with Monsanto’s toxins, nor so many children’s bodies to be sickened by poorly tested, substandard jabs in the arm (or crippling sugar cubes). Such children are betrayed before they even know what the word “trust” is, and the majority of them are black and brown and of “little importance” to First Worlders with their ignorantly totalizing-anti-vaxx, or ignorantly totalizing pro-vaxx, arguments. I don’t know about you, but in my world, we don’t run around shouting that all pharmaceutical products are good, or that all pharmaceutical products are evil: case by case scrutiny seems the most rational path. When did the most rational path become the rarest? When Propaganda became the dominant form of education…?

It’s in the Vice “article” that the “whistle-blower” who supposedly “sent documents” about Google to “Federal anti-Trust” agencies (because he’s a T-Rumper) is exposed as a nutty anti-vaxxer who has thrown himself into promoting semi-quack “Dr. Judy Mikovitz” and dedicated his wacky right-wing energy to bringing attention to both Judy and the film “Plandemic”. “Plandemic” might as well have been directed by the wonderfully preposterous Alex Jones, and “Dr. Judy Mikovitz” might as well be Alex Jones’ half-sister. The “whistle-blower” “worked hard” to make “Plandemic” and “Dr. Judy Mikovitz” go viral… well, that must have been a piece of cake, with Google on his (secret) side, eh?

From the Vice article:

“Vorhies (the whistle-blower) also has clear ties to the anti-vaccine world. He’s appeared on The HighWire with Del Bigtree. Bigtree is a former CBS producer who’s pivoted into the anti-vaccine world. In the unlisted YouTube video, he shares video clips that appear to be from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., featuring an interview with Judy Mikovits where she again falsely claims that Anthony Fauci is personally responsible for her downfall. Kennedy and his organization Children’s Health Defense also frequently promote anti-vaccine causes, and Kennedy wrote the foreword to Mikovits’ book, Plague of Corruption, which became Amazon’s top best-seller following the success of Plandemic.”

In the article we see that Robert Kennedy Jr. has unwisely associated with “Dr. Judy Mikovitz,” diluting his authority. So, that was part of the sting, and so was bolstering Google’s Orwelllian image as the Don’t Be Evil guys. Among other goals. But, wait; Google has a new motto, don’t they? “Do the Right Thing”. I mean: come on. Please.  Get the semantic difference? Do you see the wiggle-room they winkingly give themselves with that new motto? Why did they even need a new motto… “Don’t Be Evil” just didn’t work, anymore?

The new motto fits perfectly with this sting as I’ve outlined it, no?

One wonders what the next “new motto” will be.


What is Power?  Power is the ability to do things.  Do what things? To do the things which realize the desires of the Powerful. Who are the Powerful?  Mind your business.


  1. You seem to think that what’s going on here in the U.S. is some kind of joke, i.e., everything is nothing more than a spectacle, that we’re all just deluded noobs in thrall to a benign Punch and Judy show funded by the latest avatar for the Elders of the Protocols of Zion, and that if we just took our heads out of our asses (like you seem to think you did oh so many years ago) we would see that everything really isn’t that bad. Which leads me to believe that from your perch in Europe you’re more deluded than we supposedly are, as you’re basing your opinions not on recent, direct experience, but on second hand knowledge. Maybe it’s YOUR intake of scripted media that needs to be dosed down. You seem to be very comfortable, by the way.


    1. Ah, there you are… the voice of your demographic! You brought the facts, you brought the Logic, you brought the cold torch of analytical insight to… oops, wait, you did no such thing! You’ve merely (yawn; scratch; rub my eyes) slung room-temp ad hominems from the bucket you were issued in middle class high school! Fascinating. You think that’s an ARGUMENT, Sonny? It’s not even a theory. Please try again and do your demographic proud. (The clock is ticking: I give you… one week to come up with something interesting! laugh)

      PS “that we’re all just deluded noobs”: That’s your corny, childish, pop-talk version of what I think you are, sure.


    2. “and that if we just took our heads out of our asses (like you seem to think you did oh so many years ago) we would see that everything really isn’t that bad.”

      Erm… very low marks for reading-comprehension there, Sonny. Things are dire indeed. Wipe your Rage Goggles and try reading again (slowly)… (which is ironic; your reading-comprehension problem, I mean; considering the avatar you posted )

      ADDENDUM: I like this story of yours at McSweeney’s (a site and vibe I tired of a while ago)… the story gets the balance (between the empathetic and the uncanny) right enough that I don’t mind (so much) the fizz-less register of the language:

      But, do you see how carrying Propaganda around in your head (masquerading as your own organically-derived worldview) damages your intellectual equipment? A writer of a decent story should be able to read an opinion, that differs from her/his own, well enough… without borrowed (or inserted) rage botching the transaction… to respond meaningfully. What you responded with was just a lump of pre-fab ire. I don’t mind a savage critique but that missed all possible targets.


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