You have two old friends, Ollie and Zeke.
Ollie appears to be rather well off (fancy car and clothes) but he has swindled you many times in the past. Being an amiable sort, you largely forget these swindles soon after each one happens  (call these past swindles “WMD,” “Ebola,” “Sars,” “Gulf of Tonkin,” “Red Scare,” “Mad Cow,” “Bird Flu,””Heterosexual HIV,” “9/11,” “Libya,”  “Central Park Wildings,” “Lone Gunmen of Various Vintages,” “Peak Oil,” “Ozone Holes,” “Zika,” “Soon to be Submerged Coastal Cities,” “FBI sting-operations against Improbable Jihadis,” et al). Zeke, on the other hand, is the friend who always warns you about Ollie’s swindles as Ollie is trying a new one out on you. Zeke is usually dressed rather shabbily, is not terribly charismatic and has a voice so soft it is difficult to hear (versus Ollie’s deep, persuasively authoritative and booming declarations). The only thing Zeke has going for him is that he’s been right every single time he warned you (in vain) about Ollie’s swindles.
Well, now, one day Ollie comes running up to your front door and bangs on it, shouting that you have to drop whatever you’re doing and get the hell out of your house, ASAP, don’t even put your clothes on if you’re taking a shower, because a new kind of snake has infested your basement… an invisible, silent snake whose bite you can’t even feel but whose bite is sure to kill you within days of its invisible and intangible fangs puncturing your ankle (and by the way, these fangs can penetrate steel, so don’t bother thinking you can deal with this problem by putting on thigh-high hard rubber boots and wading into the basement with a flamethrower). Oh, and btw, shouts Ollie: just in case I need to make special emergency moves while dealing with these snakes FOR you (I and only I have discovered a way to temporarily kill them), please leave your car keys and also leave your cash-card code on a piece of paper for me! Now hurry and vacate! Time is of the essence! Oh and plus the snakes have laser eyes, probably, too! And I’ll bet they can fly!
Meanwhile, Zeke has phoned you, in the middle of Ollie’s terrifying spiel,  with his same old droning message, in his weak little voice, to tell you that Ollie is full of shit. He says that even if there are snakes in the basement, and even if they prove to be poisonous,  the snakes can be dealt with in the traditional way; there’s certainly no need to run screaming naked from your house leaving Ollie with your cash-code and the car keys.
What do you do?
Q: who has the most to gain by convincing you of the Truth of his version?
Q: who has the worst track record?
Q: using Occam’s Razor and applying it to A) Ollie’s claim that a new kind of snake exists and only he can kill it and to B) Zeke’s claim that Ollie is lying, and there’s no need to panic, which claim would Willy of Occam conclude is more probable?
Q: how does Ollie even know about these snakes? How has he tested for them and how did the results of the tests appear so quickly (don’t such tests require weeks of double-blind trials…?)
(Note: Remember to factor Historical Precedent… eg Ollie’s track record… into ALL of your calculations… before dozing off)




12 years ago or so, after BHO was elected POTUSOC, I quipped to a friend, “When they put a brown face on it, you know they’re planning to get away with some wicked shit!” I  was only half-joking at the time. 

I was thinking back on Colin Powell, trusted by all in 2004 for some reason, when I made that quip, and I was thinking about Condoleeza Rice,  who was seen as some kind of progressive step up (brown! vagina!),  from the nasty old standard old white male Sec’y of State warmongering Imperialist type,  by many liberals. So when BHO swooped down, with blatant implausibility, out of nowhere,  as if lowered on strings, onto the apparent throne of the Deathstar, I made the above-cited quip to my friend that they (THEY) must be up to something that they (THEY) needed special cover for. And, Lo,  my quip had predictive power. They (THEY) used (and will continue to use) BHO’s genial brown face to lend a healing,  funky, world-beat vibe to all manner of bone-white,  Bushite acts of remorseless Evil.

I’m not sure why Liberals are reassured by the mere presence of a smiling brown political kisser (do they assume we Darkies are too unsophisticated; too nobly savage; to dissemble?) … when they are, at the same time, likely to experience palpitations if one of us should end up alone in an elevator with them… but when I saw who They’d appointed as the Director General of the WHO… 


….and when I saw the guy they had slipped into the slot as the 20th Surgeon General….


… I just sort of KNEW something was up and I shit my pants a little.

[Please note: It’s okay, kids, I’m not racist, I’m Black, though, obviously, the two are not necessarily mutually-exclusive states. I’m Black and I know, therefore,  that people-of-color have no unique and essentialist attributes, good or bad, for we are just people, believe it or not, who are no more different from you, if you’re White, than your tall Aunt or tiny-footed cousin or any other phenotypically-slightly-dissimilar family member is: our souls are standard equipment]

Both Reassuring Brown Faces were put in place in 2017. I had no idea I’d have to wait nearly three long years for the punchline (not that I’m discounting the horrendous shit that the WHO oversaw in, e.g.,  Africa and India during that interval) but when it came, it was everything I had feared and more. Amazing.

As ever: I had no idea what I was seeing when first I was seeing it, for it merely resembled standard anti-Chinese YouTube propaganda: People dropping dead, right in the middle of the street, of a Mystery Ailment (and certainly not from the incredibly bad air of Wuhan interacting with their various underlying health conditions and definitely not possibly faked, right?)! 

Remember those vids?

Those vids were the scary part that hooked us despite the clamor and distraction of all the other carefully-engineered fear-hooks of that long ago (early 2020) era. You see people falling dead on the street, you take notice. And now it already seems like years ago that we bit that hook.

Hey: remember when you could shop in whatever store you wanted to,  buying whatever you wanted that you could afford to, or hang out with as  many friends as you wanted, and hug and/or kiss or fuck or punch them in public, if you wanted, and visit people in their homes and crazy pre-post-post-postmodern stuff like that? Remember when you could go dancing?

(Our new normal is so horrendous that, after spending decades presenting rational arguments against the absurd, and ulterior-motive,  campaign against C02 (aka plant air), THIS didn’t even make me whoop and cackle)

Remember the first time you saw a “WESTERNER” just drop dead, in the middle of the street, from this ubiquitous and unstoppable virus? 


Well, it’s a real biggie anyway, the situation we have been hooked into.

Maybe not so much for (physically actual) epidemiological reasons but for reasons having to do with Human Rights and the troubling  fundamentality of Social Media to Social Engineering and War by Deception and crap like that. Though I’m being led to understand that there are those of simple minds and trusting souls, among us,  who still don’t Grok that putting most of the planet under fucking house-arrest, over the flimsiest pretext imaginable (a vaguely-described virus that is either The Flu or something rather less lethal than…  The Flu**) is far beyond what even Der Nzties managed, since they didn’t come close to locking down the planet.

No, this is way beyond The Nzties because it’s a solid gold,  1960s-Spy-Flick-Super-Villain move of the most jaw-droppingist order. I mean, please, obviously: SMERSH SPECTRE KAOS WHO:  it all flows together in our weak-walled, and increasingly cheezy,  Reality. 

But the Reassuring Brown Faces noted above are mere minions; they aren’t this idiotic narrative’s Dr. Evil, although there clearly is one. There is a Dr. Evil in our ridiculous Reality and the Reassuring Brown Faces were put in place to facilitate His Evil Scheme and… 

No, seriously, I shit you not:  the second-richest guy on the planet, in this story,  is  a Eugenics enthusiast who has publicly announced that there are waaaayyyy too many people in the World who are nothing like him and so Dr. Evil wants to do something about that problem with…. vaccines, right?  (Stop laughing). And he has been experimenting (it’s not funny! I mean, it is and it isn’t) with mass-vaccination programs on defenseless populations in India and Africa… right

Well, just let him try that in The West… on white people, right?


Speaking of Right…

Right-Leaning White People in this weird, weak-walled Reality of ours, have started doing the job once expected of The Radical Left. Right Wingers and even Christians (jesusfuckingchrist) are suddenly the SDS and Weathermen and Yippies and Black Panthers of our skewed, bent and bizarro era, and they are speaking up and acting out and kicking up a fuss, as otherwise-ignorant as many of them probably are, demanding to know exactly what kind of live viruses, animal organ impurities, rna-chunklets and toxic metal adjuvants are being pumped through needles into our,  and our babies’,  bodies…  for a profit.  My personal view is that the “anti-vaxxers” meme is based on a serious question regarding Product Safety/ Consumer Protection, like we used to have when Nader had teeth and Us Cattle could pretend that Us Gov was concerned with our Dignity, Safety and Human Rights. I think Vaccine Tech = the meeting of hypothetically sound science and dodgy marketing and horrendous manufacturing standards though Big Pharma would prefer to tar anyone, with a skeptical eye towards their business practices, as a mouth-breathing Flat Earther. 

When you have enough experience on this planet, you will understand that a certain percentage of the population is born sociopathic, and a certain percentage is sociopath-adjacent, and, that, unfortunately, sociopathology confers upon those “gifted” with it the ideal interpersonal skill-set for rising to a position of power, all things being equal. If sociopaths are born into power/privilege, three conditions are likely to follow, to varying degrees:  A) bad shit  B) generational sociopath-centric power-structures and C) bad shit on a much larger scale. And each generational sociopath-centric power-structure, of course,  would like very much to rule the world. Some such structures, coordinating with others, already rule large chunks of the world, and some have a better chance to end up ruling it ALL (as a probable federation of sociopath-centric power-structures)  than others.

Cut to: the suitably campy, theatrically-psychotic, laughter of our preposterous Reality’s  Dr. Evil, the most powerful unelected, unofficial official in existence.

We’re living in a Bond Flick with no (good) James Bond in sight.

Anything good on Netflix tonight… ?




(pretend that Ferguson hasn’t been disgraced, this month, in a sex scandal which saw Ferguson breaking his own “lock-down” rules to fuck a colleague; I’m sure, however, they were wearing face masks), excerpted from THIS


Ferguson is acting director of the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium (VIMC), which is based at Imperial College in London. According to Ferguson’s biography on the website, “much of [his] work is applied, informing disease control policy-making by public and global health institutions.”

The professor who derailed Johnson’s semblance of “herd immunity” strategy is no stranger to controversy and is described as having a “patchy” record of modelling pandemics by one of his academic peers, Professor Michael Thrusfield of Edinburgh University, an expert in animal diseases.

Ferguson was instrumental in the modelling of the British Government’s response to Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in 2001, which Thrusfield describes as “not fit for purpose” (2006) and “seriously flawed” (2012). Thrusfield has highlighted the limitations of Ferguson’s mathematical modelling methods, and applied the doubts he expressed over FMD to the current Covid–19 “crisis” response.

An estimated twelve million animals were slaughtered as a result of Ferguson’s 2001 initiative. The farming community was devastated by suicides and bankruptcies that irretrievably altered the landscape of British agriculture — forcing healthy smallholdings into agri-corporate mergers and empowering the EU central governance in the agricultural sector.

Insight: Slaughtered on Suspicion, a documentary made by UK Column in 2015, provides a shocking insight into the suffering precipitated by Ferguson’s model and the “new normal” imposed upon Britain’s farming community. The following is a statement made by one of the contributors to the programme:

12,000,000 animals [Meat & Livestock Commission statistic] were slaughtered but that did not include lambs at foot, aborted lambs, calves or piglets. Further, tens of thousands of chickens were slaughtered in the early months — on welfare grounds, apparently. 88% of all animals slaughtered had not contracted FMD [source: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs].

Great Orton airfield was used to slaughter sheep under the “voluntary” cull: that was anything but voluntary, and farmers not participating were ruthlessly threatened. There was only one mild case of FMD recorded from the thousands of blood tests done at Great Orton [source: DEFRA].

There was a travelator that ran from the slaughter tent at Great Orton to the graves. This ran 16 hours a day, transporting “dead” young lambs. Slaughtermen working there told me that many of the lambs were buried alive.

The man that advised Blair during this fiasco was, as many will know, Prof. Ferguson of Imperial College. He was [reportedly] sacked by DEFRA late on during the epidemic, but the damage had been done! Prof Ferguson was awarded an OBE in 2002 for his work during FMD 2001.” [Emphasis added]

In 2002, Ferguson predicted that up to 50,000 people would die from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, better known as “mad cow disease”, increasing to 150,000 if the epidemic expanded to include sheep. The reality is: “Since 1990, 178 people in the United Kingdom have died from vCJD, according to the National CJD Research & Surveillance Unit at the University of Edinburgh.” (2017)

In 2005, Ferguson claimed that up to 200 million people would be killed by bird-flu or H5N1. By early 2006, the WHO had only linked 78 deaths to the virus, out of 147 reported cases.

In 2009, Ferguson and his team at Imperial College advised the government that swine flu or H1N1 would probably kill 65,000 people in the UK. In the end, swine flu claimed the lives of 457 people in the UK.

Now, in 2020, Ferguson and Imperial College have released a report which claims that half a million Britons and 2.2 million Americans may be killed by Covid–19. The report has still not been peer-reviewed; despite this and Ferguson’s glaring record of mathematical sensationalism, the British Government has adopted the devastating socio-economic lockdown that Ferguson has proposed.

Why is the British Government so quick to follow Ferguson’s plan?

1. GAVI and Imperial College

The VIMC is hosted by the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College. VIMC is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and by “GAVI, the vaccine alliance” (GAVI’s own title for itself). Bill and Melinda Gates began funding Imperial College in 2006, four years before the Gates Foundation launched the Global Health Leaders Launch Decade of Vaccines Collaboration (GHLLDVC) and one year after Ferguson had demonstrated his penchant for overblown projections on mortality numbers from H5N1.

Up to the end of 2018, the Gates Foundation has sponsored Imperial College with a whopping $185 million. That makes Gates the second largest sponsor, beaten to the top spot on the podium by the Wellcome Trust, a British research charity which began funding Imperial College prior to Ferguson’s FMD débâcle and which, by the end of 2018, had already provided Imperial with over $400 million in funding.

[and so on]





3: WHY WE ARE PROBABLY (barring a meteor strike) DOOMED or



A brave and intelligent (and professionally qualified) Activist is doing his best to counter this “Plague” theater with Science and Logic on Facebook and with several blogs, Twitter, and so forth. Like a lot of Radical Activists, he’s come to the conclusion that Unifying the Serfs is the only way to counter Techno-Bureaucratic Evil, pitting The Many against The Few. With which I wholeheartedly agree.. to an extent.  But what I’ve noticed this sincere and intelligent Activist doing is referencing Right Wing sources for some of the information he uses to counter Hegemony’s Propaganda; he seems to be attempting to reach a broader base… including the altRight. Admittedly, the altRight are well organized, it would seem, and they’ve got some impressive (ie terrifying) numbers but… erm… huh? When Academic Progressives attempt to form coalitions with altRighters, which contingent would you suppose ends up debased, anathematized by kindred demographics,  co-opted and/or exploited like the Useful Idiots they would most manifestly be? The Nazis or the Lennon-Lovers?

The Activist posted a link to a YouTube-alternative video-hosting site recently, with the intro:


To which I responded:

“Uh… I understand the need to form a wider coalition against our Fascist Overlords but the first 6 pages of videos I just waded through, on this channel, were overwhelmingly “White Pride” (David Duke) and quite a few featured explicitly anti-Black hooks. Don’t really get the advantage in fighting Big Fascism by forming a coalition with Tiny Fascists.

Here’s a screenshot (attached as a jpeg) from c. 20 pages into the content on the altCensored media platform; this isn’t cherry-picking, because most of the 20 pages preceding this consisted of white supremacist content as well. And what do we see in it? Quite a few videos attacking “the promotion of race-mixing”.


Are we REALLY arguing for the usefulness of this platform? If you want to turn-off future possible conscripts to the anti-globalist cause, go right ahead, I suppose.The numbers we “gain” by forming a faux coalition with racists will be neatly balanced by the non-racists we lose.”

yep: racist as fuck

To which someone responded:

“L—- T—-  however, a shared media platform isn’t a coalition. everyone living in the same apartment building isn’t family.”

(Editor says: What a perfectly meaningless analogy. If you share a video-hosting platform with Nazis, guess what: you have, by default, formed a coalition with Nazis. When was the last time you saw a Nugentite, bow-hunters, raw meat enthusiast website sharing space with material from Vegans…? Jesus, the naïveté of these people!)

LT also wrote:

“L—  T—— what is taking place, though, is a real drive to lump anyone concerned about state overreach with white power. that seems to be mainstream media thing now; result: it marginalizes & demonizes any concern about state overreach. let’s try not to buy into that.”

(to which I responded, by quoting her)

Steven Augustine @L—-T—– “what is taking place, though, is a real drive to lump anyone concerned about state overreach with white power”…

By using a white-supremacist media platform, wouldn’t we appear to *confirm* that propaganda by voluntarily “lumping ourselves in” with “white power”?


What I wanted to write was BITCH ARE YOU INSANE OR RETARDED? and that’s what I’d ask The Left, in general, these days. The Left and The Liberals: WTF are you up to? I know what The Right are doing (ruling the world), but what the fuck is up with the people who are supposed to be against The Right? Why are they suddenly so inept and/or compromised?

Another commenter wrote:

“U— M— @ Steven Augustine That is ridiculous. The site apparently contains ALL censored videos and channels.

I have enough respect for the people I “send” to this site, to leave them to view whatever it is they want to view and reach their own conclusions.

Isn’t this what opposing censorship is about?”

Hide or report this


A response I was going to leave before I realized it was pointless:


The mission, rationally speaking, should not be one of fighting against “Censorship,” as an absolute, in the abstract, because:  A) are you for the showing of child porn? Rape flicks? Snuff flicks? Are you for the showing of torture porn on social media platforms accessed by children? (if you answer  “no” to  any of these questions, obviously, you are NOT absolutely against all forms of “Censorship”). And,  B) taking on such a vast and age-old philosophical debate is a great way to diffuse your focus and waste you resources with only, at best, a questionable result as the ultimate goal (ie, you open up more venues for torture porn, snuff films, et al).

What needs to happen is that the fence-sitting millions, who aren’t Racists and/or Sexists,  need to be persuaded to see the *Covid Reichstag Fire*  for what it is. We have mountains of evidence to support our POV  (more evidence, in fact, than the Lying Elite have to counter it): all we need is a way to deliver it.  Surely, using a pre-existing media platform that was quite clearly developed by Nouveau Nazis  (let’s not be naive), and which is tainted with hundreds of racist videos,  is not the way?

I mean, what: you have a little bit of ice cream… just a spoonful…  and you want more… so you add some dogshit to it until you have a whole cup?

And why is it necessary to do so? Tactically speaking: what’s the advantage? “Strength in numbers” sounds good as a phrase but what does it mean? Who does this “strength” in an aggregated, but balkanized, mass default to? It goes to the largest, or most vociferous, sub-group in the aggregated mass. That’s how the “Useful Idiots” principle works. The Enemy of our Enemy is not our friend, in this case. This Enemy of our Enemy is actually a disenfranchized ideological offshoot of our Enemy, suing for power: do we want to help them acquire some?

Why not let Nouveau Nazis fight “The Man” in their own way… while WE fight in ours? Why can’t we have our own platforms where Racist/ Sexist thought is not tolerated… while also fighting against MSM/GOV’s attempt to inaugurate a concern-trolling Fourth Reich? Patronizing a Tiny Fascist Platform in the fight against Giant Fascists strikes me as self-defeating at best. And loony.

I know many MANY gullible Liberals who are well-meaning anti-Racists / anti-Sexists and who trust, with bright eyes and wagging tails,  in MSM/GOV because, being good people, they can’t conceive of Liars as slick as the Liars we’re up against. If I sent them anti-Liars material from a media platform hosting hundreds of Nouveau Nazi videos, that would only appear to confirm the MSM/GOV message about Covid-Skeptics and effectively inoculate these Liberals against further attempts to get them to WAKE UP.

I can’t believe that more of us don’t understand that.



On Facebook (it’s worse on Facebook these days than it was in the fall of 2016), I just happened upon on an old friend’s (an Ex’s) post in which she shared some carefully-crafted bullshit that the hideous George Dubya Bush’s PR flacks put together for him. Maybe it’s a video of Dubya making watercolors of eviscerated Iraqi toddlers while emitting homespun homilies about The Covid Reichstag Fire? The cover-image on this Dubya PR bullshit is a carefully-crafted photo of a manly cowboy and his compliant cowgirl framed as epic, back-lit, foregrounded silhouettes, a mountain range in the majestic background, and this Dubya PR release that my Liberal Ex approves of has been released on MSN with the title “FORMER PRES GEORGE W. BUSH releases COVID-19 video”. I mean, in a just (non-bonkers) world, this is a guy who would’ve been sentenced, at the very least, to life in prison for War Crimes (along with the aforementioned storefront-brownies Rice and Powell, along with colorless Nixon-era-hangers-on Dick and Don, and Dubya’s Daddy, too). And my Liberal Ex has commented on this shared Propaganda with a bright-eyed, tail-wagging, idiotically ahistorical and nausea-inducing:


“Back when republicans were normal humans.”



Q:  So how does an over-medicated, relentlessly-brainwashed, willfully ignorant and self-servingly naive beneficiary,  of all the hideous depredations of a Techno-Fascist Empire ( afloat on the blood of the planet’s voiceless super-Poor) currently involved in amping itself up to Fourth Reich status,  define “normal”?

A: George Fucking Dubya Bush.


And, well, jeez, you know, folks…


Maybe she’s right?





*I addressing this curious merging HERE

** Is THIS how they’re getting their numbers up in NY?





Click to access AntibodyTestingForCOVID.pdf








“The Gates Foundation gives grants in the hundreds of thousands and often millions to such media organizations as NBCUniversal, Al Jazeera, BBC, Viacom (CBS) and Participant Media (the producer of pro-charter school documentary Waiting for Superman). Both Gates and the Gates Foundation are sizable shareholders in Comcast, which is the primary investor in Buzzfeed and Vox, as well the parent corporation of MSNBC and NBC News—the latter of which teamed up with Gates and other noted education experts like Exxon and University of Phoenix Online for the week-long charter school commercial ‘Education Week’.”

“In 2009, the New York Times reported that the Gates Foundation was partnering with media companies to write and shape stories to ‘embed’ messages in primetime dramas:”

“’It [the Gates Foundation] is less well known as a behind-the-scenes influencer of public attitudes toward these issues by helping to shape story lines and insert messages into popular entertainment like the television shows ER, Law & Order: SVU and Private Practice. The foundation’s messages on HIV prevention, surgical safety AND THE SPREAD OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES have found their way into these shows.” [CAPS are mine]

“His enormous wealth and the reach of media parent corporations seem to exempt Gates from routine disclosure requirements. He was offered up as an education expert in the pro-charter Waiting for Superman, without any mention of the fact that he donated at least $2 million to the film and had a media partnership with its distributor, Viacom. He is given softball interviews in Comcast-backed Vox without disclosure that he’s a major Comcast investor. Because his stake in media companies is laundered enough times, it’s assumed not to merit mention.”

“In the case of the Guardian, Gates effectively owns an entire vertical, so when one of his investments is written up, one doesn’t notice the conflict of interest—like a fish doesn’t notice water. Because his influence is everywhere, it appears to be nowhere.”








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